It doesn’t happen often but sometimes you see something that you like so much for just feel compelled to share it.

I was sat on my sofa watching TV (Dara O’Brien’s Science Club – probably only known to UK audiences) and they mentioned this website:

Instructions for use are self explanatory really: Just use your left and right keyboard buttons to go smaller or larger and also click on the various objects for more information.

I guess you could say this REALLY puts things into perspective!

Q: Er…Rob, How exactly is this connected with online marketing?

Well yes, um… good question!

The honest truth is I love it so much I couldn’t help but share it with you.

And that’s the exact marketing lesson to be learned here.

If you create something that is relevant, useful, interesting or just basically highly valued then people will want to share it with their audiences.

The posh term for this is Content Syndication or in more plain English, “Creating content and getting it put in front of other people’s audiences”

So what’s happened here is:

1) Someone built a website about the scale of the universe
2) A top rated BBC prime time science show that goes out to millions of viewers featured it
3) Some of the viewers go to the site (like me)
4) Some of the site visitors like it (also like me!) and share it with their audiences

This is viral marketing in action – I wonder what would have happened if they had put a Facebook Like button on the page?

Q: How can you use Content Syndication to get traffic?

Of course, you don’t need to put in the kind of time that it would take to create something as great as this.

To use Content Syndication as a free traffic method you just need to create a small piece of high quality content for you niche. Stuff like:

  • An article
  • A video
  • An audio interview with an expert
  • A little software app (A good idea plus a couple of hundred dollars spent on a oDesk/Elance developer can product amazing results)
  • Ever other people’s content that you haven’t created (Er… maybe like the website in this post?!)

Then get this content out there so it is seen by other people’s audiences in your niche. For example, myself and my clients have generated a lot of traffic from all of the following:

  • Ask large Facebook groups to share it with their followers (surprisingly effective this one)
  • Get it published on high traffic blogs (a.k.a Guest Posting)
  • Suggest to other marketers that they can use it as a bonus/upsell for their products
  • Explain the information yourself by being interviewed on a podcast/interview show
  • Help A Reporter Out (HARO) by offering to contribute a quote or content to an article/column
  • Get it featured in a membership site
  • Speak about it or hand it out (with permission!) at a live event or local

Of course, the trick is you always have a link back to your site (blog or squeeze page) when doing this – that’s how you get the traffic.

Even though I love joint ventures, affiliates, paid traffic, product library websites, I still use Content Syndication as a traffic method because:

a) It just works
b) It’s “free” (well at least it only costs you time rather than money)
c) It’s evergreen (It’s been around for decades, well before the internet and will never stop working in the future)

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts. And hey, if you liked this and feel like generating a little viral marketing yourself please do feel free to Tweet/Like this 😉 Drop a comment below… Cheers, Rob