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Is Your Funnel Leaking Money and Underserving Your Customers?

Supercharge Your Email Optin & Sales Funnels, Boost Profit & Serve Customers With Exciting, Proven-to-Convert Order Customizations - Whatever Your Market Niche

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Selling Your First Digital Product Or A Seasoned Funnel-Pro? 

Here's Exactly Why You Need Ultimate Upsells...

From: Rob Cornish

Location: Cornwall, UK

Re: Profitable Offers For Your Sales Funnels

It's never been easier to build online funnels for email optins and sales.

Page builders like Clickfunnels, Thrive Architect and others make the process as close to a breeze as possible.

It's also pretty straightforward to create your free lead magnet or paid product:

  • PDF report, book or “cheat sheet”
  • Online course or webinar series
  • Membership subscription

The chances are you already have at least one funnel in your business or, if you’re launching, preparing to build one.

The Frustration For Most Coaches, Consultants & Digital Marketers

While creating content and web pages is fairly straightforward, optimizing your funnel is a completely different story.

First, let’s be crystal clear - we wish to optimize our funnel in two ways:

1. Maximize revenue/profit.

2. Serve customers and clients to the best of our ability.

Let’s see why these two points are so crucial...

If You Buy Paid Ads Does Your Funnel Make a Profit?

If you’re answer is “no” then you’re not alone … the simple reality is that the vast majority of online funnels are not viable for paid traffic.

In other words, if you use, say, Facebook or Google ads to advertise your free lead magnet or paid product you will almost certainly lose money.

Which leads to these problems:

  • Your ad spend is unsustainable
  • Fewer email leads, paid customers & clients
  • You can’t spread your message or help as many people as you’d wish

The temptation is to be drawn to “micro-adjustments” like tweaking the landing page, enhancing the copy even split testing button colors…

But in truth, these small adjustments are very unlikely to turn a poor performing funnel into one which is truly viable for paid advertising.

To “move the needle” we need something much more potent.

And this is where upsells and order customizations come in.

By introducing additional buying options you can transform the economics of your funnel.

Order customization using bump offers and upsells is one of the most important methods for making paid traffic work for you.

Does Your Funnel Serve Customers & Clients to the Best of Your Ability?

To be blunt, I think it’s fair to say we’ve all had very poor experiences with upsells.

Be in no doubt - done badly, upsells can annoy customers and destroy goodwill.

But there’s an old phrase which goes, “People hate being sold to, but love to buy.”

This is why it’s crucial to create the best buying experience possible - especially for new customers so they feel comfortable, happy and excited interacting with your business for the first time.

This is what maximizes profit and creates long-term customer loyalty.

Take a look at some of Amazon’s upsells…

  • Delivery options - Standard, Next Day, etc
  • Upsells & Cross sells - “Frequently bought together… Add all three to Basket”
  • Subscription - Prime Membership

Rarely do these annoy Amazon customers because they are:

  • Transparent - you know exactly what they are
  • Purely complementary - they help you get more out of the main product
  • Perceived as helpful - they are relevant to the main product

And this is exactly what you can do in your business too :-)

"Hate to be Sold, Love to Buy"

Once your customer has taken their first action, either opting in for your free lead magnet or buying your offer you can offer them one or more additional complementary options to add to their order.

Sure, some will only want the main product, but many others will be eager to learn more ways in which you can help them:

  • Save time and hassle
  • Speed up implementation and results
  • Improve their knowledge in related areas

So far, so good…

But Here’s The Frustration...

Think of your main funnel - or the one that you intend to create.

What can you offer as upsell options?

Sure, you might be able to think of a couple of ideas.

But will they convert?

Are they really a good fit for your front end offer?

Removing the Bottleneck: The Ultimate Upsell Book & Bump Offer Swipe File

Coming up with great upsell and bump ideas proved a real bottleneck in my business so I decided to create a swipe file of upsells, cross-sells and bump offers.

Now I’ve boiled this down into a concise 28-page guide and swipe file that I’m now making available. 

Here’s what you’ll discover inside:

The Book

The Bump Offer Swipe File

Here’s what you’ll discover inside:

  • The 3 reasons why you should use upsells in your business
  • My 4-step system for generating high converting upsell ideas
  • Many upsell examples across different niches
  • How to create upsells in a leveraged way that maximizes your productivity
  • Evergreen Funnel Ideas - Use now and for years to come (keep it safe & handy!)
  • Proven Profits - Remove the guesswork, focus on what really converts
  • Zero Upfront Work Offers - Upsells that need no work at all prior to the sale
  • Front End Offer Inspiration - Many ideas can be cycled back into new exciting offers in your business
  • Upsell-to-Offer Matching - discover which upsells work for which front end offers to avoid mismatches or non-complementary offers 

Here's What To Do Now...

Remember your copy of Ultimate Upsells and the Bump Offer Swipe file is just $37 $17 today.

Here's how to take action:

Step 1: Go to the next page to place your order.

Step 2: Refresh your email inbox and look for your order receipt containing your links for immediate download in PDF format.

Step 3: Enjoy getting stuck in and keep your downloads safe as you can use them time and again in the future.

And that's it! Just go here to take action.

Questions & Answers

Q: When will I receive Ultimate Upsells and the Bump Offer Swipe file?

Immediately you place your order.

Look out for the download link after checkout which will also be sent to you via email along with your order receipt.

Q: Will this work for my industry / market niche?

If you're a coach, course creator or publisher of information products then yes!

As you’ll discover inside, the funnel insights are drawn from a wide variety of market niches including relationships, business, hobbies, self-improvement and more. In additional, the vast majority of bump and upsell offers can be applied in all of these areas and more.

Q: I have a service business, will this help?

Yes. We cover services in the guide and you also have the option of adding information products alongside your service offerings.

Q: Will this work for e-commerce?

This is primarily for coaching, consulting and digital products (e.g., books, reports, online courses, memberships etc), so it’s not perfectly suited for e-commerce.

Q: Is there a guarantee?

Yes - if for any reason you don't love this, simply send an email to support@gainhigherground.com within 30 days of purchase and you’ll get a full refund no questions asked. 

Q: Why such a big discount?

There are 3 reasons for the low price...

1. New Customers & Clients
We know it's natural to be cautious when dealing with a business for the very first time.

So along with the 30 day guarantee, the low price allows anyone to take advantage without risk.

2. "Action Takers Only!"
Life is short and we only have time to help dedicated entrepreneurs.

Success in any field requires energy and action - to be blunt, some people have that and some don't.

So charging a price, however low, helps weed out the "tire-kickers" and others who we can't (and won't) help.

3. Over-delivery
Part of the ethos of Gain Higher Ground is to over-deliver to the best of our ability in ALL our products and services.

First, we believe this is just the right thing to do but second, we've shown over 10 years in business that it leads to long term relationships, creating a win-win for us and clients.

If you have a question that isn't covered above please do feel free to email support@gainhigherground.com and we'll be glad to help you.

Never Be Short Of Funnel Ideas Again...

Supercharge your email optin and sales funnels, boost profit and serve your customer better - whatever your market niche.

  • Transform underperforming funnels into ones which are profitable with paid ads
  • Serve your customers better with additional order customizations
  • Many upsell examples across different niches
  • Evergreen resources: use now and for years to come (keep this safe & handy!)
  • Includes upsells & bumps that require zero product creation or upfront work
  • Avoid non-complementary offers and discover which upsells fit best with which front-end offers 

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Rob Cornish

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