Thrive Suite Price Increase + New Site Restrictions On Feb 16th 2022

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Price Increase & New Site Restrictions

Thrive Suite/Architect

Thrive Suite Price Increase + New Site Restrictions On Feb 16th 2022

In case you haven't seen, Thrive Themes are putting up their prices.

This is long overdue in my opinion…

They have continually developed new features and products on a ridiculously low price, for a long time.

Pricing Increase & Site Restriction Details

The current price for Thrive Suite - see below - is rising from $228/year to $299/year - 31% increase for new customers.

(consider Clickfunnels at $297 per month and it’s amazing value).

But also - the number of sites you’re allowed is dropping from 25 to just 5.

So now is the perfect chance to lock in Thrive Suite for just $0.62 per day (46p a day here in the UK) – so you never pay more.

You may know that I use Thrive Architect (page builder) for ALL of my sales pages, opt-in pages and others, including the one you're reading now.

Really, I could use anything… I'm not too fussed about the price for my business.

Still, I choose Thrive Architect – it’s that good.

Thrive Suite doesn’t just give you access to Thrive Architect, you also get all of their other products included too:

Thrive Leads - Opt-in forms for your website
Thrive Apprentice - Deliver courses & products to customers
Thrive Theme Builder - Build you own Wordpress Theme!
Thrive Quiz Builder - Run quizzes for feedback and lead generation
Thrive Comments - Increase engagement with smart comments
Thrive Ultimatum - Deploy countdowns and scarcity
Thrive Ovation - collect testimonials on auto-pilot
Thrive Optimize - A/B split tests
Thrive Automator - Advanced automations in Wordpress

I do not use all of these myself – but I do have access to them and only pay $228/year for the privilege.

So when a new project comes up you have all the tools you need already.

It’s really excellent value and their support has been great over the years too.

That’s my take -- I just wanted to ensure you know about the forthcoming price increase (and number of sites reduction).

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