Client Testimonials 

“Rob, your detailed feedback and REAL guidance is absolute GOLD for me.”

Abhik S. // Nano Products Client

Zero sales to “…$3,007 revenue…”

I’ve gone from never having run a business or making an online sale before to bringing in my initial group of clients and $3,007 revenue, on my first attempt. Rob’s coaching is truly outstanding, he’s guided me every step of the way, and my knowledge and confidence have soared which is a fantastic feeling. Trying to figure out everything on your own is a false economy, but getting help can cut years off your learning curve, as it has for me. Don’t hesitate… call Rob and see if he can help you!”

Tabatha Burrell // Coaching Client

This chap knows his trade! Excellent course, achievable. Over delivers with essential resources. I’m in.

Paul H. // Nano Products Member

“…over $100K in sales….”

Reaching out to work with Rob is one of the best business decisions I’ve made. The return on investment has been immense – over $100k in sales in the first few months working together. I’ve also gained a newfound level of clarity, serenity and happiness which makes such a difference day-to-day. Rob’s the real deal and if you get the opportunity, I highly recommend working with him.”

Lloyd B. // Coaching Client

“…Rob Cornish’s Course and Training is THE BEST…”

“It’s simple, Rob Cornish’s Course and Training is THE BEST of any Internet Marketer out there. The Video Training is totally comprehensive. If you can’t make it with Rob’s course you can only blame yourself!

Steve Taylor // Nano Products Member

“Wouldn’t have done it without you and the course! I have retired from the day job…”

I wanted to thank you for all your help and encouragement on the development of my book. It is selling on Amazon in digital and paperback and I have now launched the audiobook. This week I am running an online workshop on the subject, so it’s all coming together. Wouldn’t have done it without you and the course! I have retired from the day job so have a lot more time now. Your authenticity and integrity shine through, it’s incredibly reassuring after having paid for so many courses that raise hopes but ultimately feel like a money grab with no real interest in helping the purchaser actually succeed.”

Dave Wedge // Nano Products Course Member

“…NEVER been disappointed!”

“I purchased your copywriting course and is really good, thanks for creating this it is of great value to me. I have purchased a few of your products before and have NEVER been disappointed!

Barry H. // Classic Copy Secrets

“…brought in around $15,000…”

I engaged Rob and he guided me with understanding and skill – at the end of our time together my product went live and to date it has brought in around $15,000. Rob took the time to personally respond to every email I sent him, answering all my (probably) inane questions with patience. I cannot recommend Rob highly enough. He is extremely knowledgeable and a person of great integrity.”

Cris Jones // Coaching Client

I would be delighted to recommend you to anyone else who asks about the course. You can give them my email address.”

Des F. // Nano Products Course Member

“…clear, grounded and practical…”

Rob’s advice is clear, grounded and practical. I trust his opinion on everything and very much appreciate the depth and detail of content he produces. Thanks Rob!”

Laura Thomas // Coaching Client

The amount of personal attention that you give your students is unlike anything I have ever experienced in any other course.”

Ryan Harnett // Nano Products Course Member

“…open, honest, congruent style…”

The clarity and precision of your uncomplicated advice Rob is amazing and I really do appreciate your open, honest, congruent style and business approach. I would definitely say to anyone, if you ever get the chance to work with Rob, please seriously don’t hesitate!”

Peter M // Elevate Member

Robs’ produced a brilliant hold your hand, step by step course to becoming a successful internet product creator. As far as I can see the only step required from us to be successful is…Just do it.”

Jerry Hogg // Nano Products Course Member

“…so much money in a short amount of time…”

I’ve made so much money in a short amount of time with Rob’s advice. Elevate has already helped me sign up new clients, refine my current offers and develop a new offer which I expect to bring in mid 5-figures in revenue next month. Rob is great to work with and I cannot believe Rob supplies so much in one program – it’s truly amazing.”

Sue Dunlevie // Elevate Member

I’ve come to know Rob as an honest and ethical marketer and can highly recommend his products. If you do the work and follow the steps, you will earn money.

Bernie Martin // Nano Products Member

“…amazed by how much you give…”

I continue to be amazed by how much you give to your customers and clients. In the last 12 months I have invested in two other training sites that were offering the moon in return for a price tag significantly higher than yours. One has delivered some good teaching stuff (but not in your league) and the other was downright disappointing. So you can imagine how impressed I am with what you produce. If you ever decide to create a Mastermind Group then count me in!!”

Graham Bray // Elevate Member

“I read your book from cover to cover and it’s so well written. Tremendously inspiring.”

“I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say how much I enjoyed Wednesday’s webinar. There is so much insincere rubbish out there, flooding my inbox and I can’t unsubscribe quick enough. You have, in the years I’ve known you, been a tremendous encouragement and straight as a die, so thanks again. I read your book from cover to cover and it’s so well written. Tremendously inspiring.

Gary Cochrane // EPI Book Owner & Elevate Member

“…thank you for giving me the inspiration to help people.”

“Rob, thank you for inspiring me to create a Nano Product having done your course, I wrote a book which I now have on Amazon. The daft thing is ….I don’t even like writing or consider myself a writer!!! I just want to thank you for giving me the inspiration to help people. Thanks again Rob.”

Frank M. // Nano Products Course Member

“He gives solid and extremely honest advice and I cannot say enough what a relief that is. Thanks Rob!”

“I had a 1 to 1 call with Rob and found him to be extremely down to earth, he really listened to what I had to say and understood where I was in my journey and what I would need to do to move forward. I was feeling stuck after having had a bad experience with an online coaching company, however, Rob helped me to gain clarity and confidence about what to do next. He gives solid and extremely honest advice and I cannot say enough what a relief that is. Thanks Rob!”

Maddy Lawrence

“First paying client…”

“I have my first paying local business client and have also started a new niche affiliate website with opt in and I also got 20 subscribers for my other niche, which was the 1st time I had done this. Thanks Rob for your help!”

Maxine B

“…almost 400% increase in profit”

“I took just ONE of the Pattern Interrupt tactics inside interrupt-2-PROFIT and added it to my fiverr gig listing which resulted in an almost 400% increase in profit! Even better it only took me 90 seconds to implement – nice one Rob!”​

Paul Hollins // interrupt2PROFIT Customer

“…solid quality with no fluff or BS…”

I’ve bought several of your training products over the years and can say they are always solid quality with no fluff or BS and clearly delivered.”

David Webster

“I have floundered for years looking for the right way and was about to give up. Thankfully I have now found it in Rob’s training… thank you Rob.”

Michael E. // Nano Products Course Member

“…really brilliant, BRILLIANT course…”

I’ve just finished your Altitude course, going at my own pace, and I must say it is a really brilliant, BRILLIANT course – thank you so much for creating it. It’s clear to see how much hard work you have put into it. I could see from the outset that it was well worth the money, as it will save me YEARS of trial and error – and even then I doubt I would have been able to put together the systems you have shown us. Although I’ve done quite a few online business courses, this is the first time I honestly feel that I can make a success of it and actually get my own functioning business off the ground. Thanks again for creating a top-quality course.”

Fiona H. // Altitude Member

“…I am now getting regular sales…”

Hi Rob, I am now getting regular sales and I thought that you may be interested to know that I have just published my 300th Book on Amazon. I am now working on the next stage, which will be a series of useful ‘How to..’ short books, what you call ‘Nano’ Books. I am very grateful to you for your teachings in this respect …. thank you again for your inspiration and valuable online teaching.

Philip L. // 7-Hour Profitable Projects Member

“I’ve done numerous courses …. but this is the best by miles.”

“I’ve done numerous courses on internet marketing (one costing far more) but this is the best by miles. Absolutely nothing has been left out. There is no hype and your honesty in explaining the methods that you use is refreshing. After this I have no excuses not to make money online. Well done Rob!

Winston W. // Nano Products Course Member

“After 6 years without success, investing in Rob’s coaching has enabled me to smash my first $1,000 milestone in online revenue – currently $2,685.00 as I type this!”

“I can honestly say investing in Rob’s training programmes has been the best business decision I have ever made. His training and coaching are peerless, no one comes close to what Rob offers and in my opinion ever will.

His courses are very clearly presented and evidence based. He shows you in detail what has worked for him and how you can replicate the steps involved. He always over delivers in terms of quality and content.

Rob genuinely wants his students to succeed. If I email him a question I receive a fully considered detailed reply or a video walk through. I’ve never come across anyone who offers this level of coaching and support to clients.

On a personal level Rob is friendly, approachable and without doubt the most ethical and trustworthy guy you could meet, a real role model and consummate professional. After 6 years without success, investing in Rob’s coaching has enabled me to smash my first $1,000 milestone in online revenue – currently $2,685.00 as I type this! I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Rob.”

Craig Bowles // Coaching Client

“I just finished reading your book that you sent to me. It was very good, a real eye opener. It was well put together and set out very well. The content was excellent, and the tips and tricks very useful. Not everyone can write, but you can.”

Jo O’Connor // EPI Book Owner

You are an outstanding role model…”

“I really admire you as a person, and the manner in which you approach your business as a coach and mentor. You are an outstanding role model and certainly not one to “ram information down one’s throat”, so as to speak, nor do you bombard your email contacts with affiliate offers etc. But rather, present yourself as an educationalist to assist those who choose to interact with you to gain knowledge in pursuit of fulfilling their dreams and aspirations. And that is why I relate with you…”

Roy G. // 7-Hour Profitable Projects Member

“…first rate…”

“I would still be staring at a blinking cursor if it wasn’t for the clear honest guidance and feedback from Rob. The course content is first rate and has motivated me throughout!”

John Cox // Nano Products Course Member

“…absolutely amazing…”

“Rob’s friendly professionalism and immense experience is absolutely amazing – he really is the real deal! His Elevate program is second to none. I have at last found an in-depth roadmap that really works for me and Rob has that brilliant knack of taking daunting concepts and breaking them down into easy, bite sized chunks that I can implement and see my online business build step by step. Rob goes the extra mile to help me so I never feel like I am doing this on my own.”

Sean Debney // Elevate Member

If you are looking to start internet marketing, or if you have tried and failed give this course a go. Great value for money and full of knowledge, information and ideas.”

Colin S. // Nano Products Members

“…a superbly intuitive approach… second to none!”

“Just reporting in having completed the 15 steps… what an awesome feeling of accomplishment in such a short space of time! The last time I felt like this was passing my driving test 23 years ago… now the learning really begins, this time behind the wheel of my online business. I sincerely hope all you guys and girls working through the steps are finding the process as powerful as I did 🙂 Rob, you’ve done a fantastic job with this training… a superbly intuitive approach… second to none!”

David John, UK

“…I am IN LOVE with this tool!”

I had to come back and tell you how much I am IN LOVE with this tool! I seriously use it at least once a day & have uncovered some of the coolest WordPress plugins & themes I had no idea even existed. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!”

Tammy Lee // SpyBar User

“The best tuition I’ve ever invested in…”

“The best tuition I’ve ever invested in – terrific value for money – providing skills that will last a lifetime!”

Jan J.

“Rob has a genuine interest in helping you become successful…”

“I have never seen such detailed training from anyone before. Rob has a genuine interest in helping you become successful with your own products.”

Tim C // Nano Products Course Member

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with Viral Payments. This is the perfect solution and Viral Payments is now embedded within all of my sales funnels. This product was exactly what I was looking for…and it offers so much more! One of my few must-have products.”

Chris Todd // WP Viral Payments User

“The support is truly phenomenal!!”

“Everything that you need to know in order to start and/or develop an online business is presented on the site in a clear and systematic way! ‘Information Overload’ is avoided!!

I have found the training provided by regular webinars and the recorded interviews with successful internet marketers invaluable!

What has struck me most of all is Rob’s genuine interest in my progress and his immediate response, by e-mail, to any problems or queries that I might have! The support is truly phenomenal!!”

Peter Sykes

“I am so pleased that I have finally found a ‘normal’ person…”

“I have been looking online for quite some time for various different businesses and have suffered from ‘information overload’, which is quite difficult to escape from.

I am so pleased that I have finally found a ‘normal’ person to show me how to be successful online. I know that I will still need to put a lot of effort in and I am sure that there is a steep learning curve, but I know that this will work. I can’t wait to look back at see just how far I have come.”

Sharon Duggan

I have been around the Internet Marketing game for a couple of years and it’s refreshing to find someone who is genuinely offering value. In particular, the matrix format is really helpful, making it easy to quickly drop into the training that you need. The training doesn’t disappoint, you clearly have vast knowledge on the subject and I’m left with the impression that nothing has been left out here…indeed I have picked up some really great tips.”

Keith Avis // Traffic Matrix Member

“Feeling pretty darn chuffed…”

“Feeling pretty darn chuffed with what’s been achieved so far and really looking forward to what lies ahead. I’m actually buzzing with thoughts, the course really has set me free from the procrastination that used to bog me down. Every little thing used to be a hardship and real labour. Really needed this hand-holding, going through the steps as we have.”

Rudi H.

“A short note to say how good the course is.”

A short note to say how good the course is. I feel fired up and with the knowledge shared my confidence is rocketing.”

David M.

Really loving Traffic Matrix! Learning to be a traffic master is key to growing your business. In the Traffic Matrix Rob has put together a collection of traffic strategies that you can select just a few, use today and bring in visitors. Simple as that. The mystery traffic source #3 is a missing piece in my marketing and was worth the amount I invested already. Then there is the ‘Traffic Escalator’ which is so key to everything you do. Knowing what I know having bought Traffic Matrix, it is a no brainer to recommend this product. Thanks Rob”

Rob Wilson // Traffic Matrix Member

“Best I’ve seen…”

“Another very satisfied customer here.

I’ve bought a few internet training courses in my time and most of them just haven’t cut it, so I know what I’m talking about when I say Internet Income Funnels is definitely the best I’ve seen.

It’s not just the content, which is excellent, it’s also the way you build from the bottom up and create the momentum we all need to ‘stay in the game’. I know we all have to take responsibility for our action (or inaction) from this point forward and your course and, hopefully, the community you’re helping to create has helped greatly and will continue to help in this respect.

A big thank you from me.”

John A.

“Thank you for the simplified training and bite-sized chunks.”

“Last night I realised for the first time that it is possible for me to have an online business – largely due to way you break down and demystify things. It’s not the tech stuff (I’m a software engineer and been working in websites for the past 15 years), but the business/marketing/setup side of things. Thank you for the simplified training and bite-sized chunks.

Richard B.

Rob does NOT subscribe to the “Get Rich Quick” mentality, in the midst of the new gold rush, he does not make his money by selling shovels, but by being the elusive nugget!

Rob displays a great business acumen, and a great set of values, I trust him completely, and would not hesitate to recommend him.

One of the most innovative, thorough and helpful professionals in the industry. Highly recommended.”

Rob Wilson // Traffic Matrix Member

“…an excellent course…”

“Thanks so much Rob for an excellent course which makes the online business world understandable, and which also has given me the confidence to move forward.

Joseph William Stasaitis

“…the most comprehensive set of instructions ever!”

“I just joined your programme today. WOW! To say that I’m impressed with your videos would be the understatement of the year!!

This is the most comprehensive set of instructions ever! I am a complete technophobe so will need you to take me by the hand and guide me, so to speak. Well done Rob!”

Natwar C.

SpyBar is one of the most used tools in my arsenal for spying on my competition. It has saved me hundreds of dollars in theme and plugin purchases by seeing what others are using. Wow! Who would have thought for such a simple tool at the cost of a good meal it would have saved me so much time & money. I use SpyBar dozens of times a day.”

Art Di Segna // SpyBar User

“I wanted to say that I am loving the course…”

“I wanted to say that I am loving the course, you have put a huge amount of effort into it and I wanted to let you know that I think it’s great.”

Karyn Jackson

Rob’s 3 Day Product Creation bonus is THE blueprint to follow for all your content creation needs. You are fully briefed on how to research, structure, market and sell any digital product you wish to create. Rob’s empathy is magnified as he honestly explains, in his friendly fireside chat manner, the details of his blueprint. Your biggest fears are removed when he gifts a technique for copywriting your sales pages. His only insistence throughout the entire course is that you “Get the product online – so you can make sales!”

Tony G. // 3 Day Product Creation Bonus

“Nothing to fear…”

“I would still be faffing around from product to product had i not found your course and it has made me realise that I have nothing to fear with internet marketing.”

Paul P.

“…exactly what I’ve been looking for!”

“I have to say I’m so impressed with your site and it really is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Finally someone has cut out all of the hype and b/s and just laid it all out in an easy to follow format that actually works! Honestly I can’t praise your teaching style or website highly enough!”

Sam Atkinson

“I read your new book over the weekend and loved it. Again, your ability to bring order to chaos is fantastic so thank you.”

Jon Imondi

Rob knows how to get you over the rough spots, by looking at it from different angles, and using different approaches. And, he knows how to simplify something, that would otherwise be complicated.”

Sam R.

“…it’s only while putting it into action I realised how good the course really is.”

“I thought it was good and easy to follow at the time, it’s only while putting it into action I realised how good the course really is. Absolutely everything is there for you to review and learn even more from.”

Tony C. // Nano Products Course Member

“I’m so glad I invested…”

“I’m so glad I invested in this course, it’s very clearly presented, down-to-earth, actionable, and Rob makes you feel as if you are capable of success, with very quick and personal email support. ”

Sarah Loughridge // Nano Products Course Member

Such a simple idea presented very clearly, I loved it. It has succeeded in motivating me to get my first Nano product published.”

Philip J. // Nano Products Course Member

“Rob is a ‘good guy’ in this crazy business…”

Rob is one of the few Internet marketing teachers I have learned from and still learn from now. His lessons are from the direction of ‘what works’ and not theory. The training isn’t only for the ‘beginners’ online. While I’m relatively advanced (skill-wise online), I needed Rob’s training to get me back on track, getting in the correct direction, and – if I do the work – the success at the end of the road. His training is thorough and easy to learn from. Rob is a ‘good guy’ in this crazy business, and I recommend his training.”

Bryan Toder // Internet Marketer & Product Creator

“…an absolute jewel.”

Rob’s knowledge combined with his obvious integrity is an absolute jewel. All you need is the motivation, Rob provides everything else to help you succeed.”

Dave W. // Nano Products Course Member

“…such a great teacher…”

You have been such a great teacher and I have learned a huge amount from you about mindset, psychology, product creation, landing pages, email, and advertising. I would like to reciprocate and say to you in return – If I can help you with anything Rob, I will be very happy to do so and I mean that sincerely.”

Greig Martin // Elevate Member

“This has been one of the best investments ever made.”

I had been battling for months finding more to learn each time moving forward. Rob being one of the few has managed to include just about everything needed. This has been one of the best investments ever made.”

David Moran. // Nano Products Course Member

“…hands down the finest you’ll ever find!”

This is the best and by far the most helpful Internet Marketing course I’ve ever taken and the customer support that Rob provides is hands down the finest you’ll ever find! Rob’s training gets my highest recommendation.”

Robert W. // Nano Products Course Member

“…nothing I’ve done has come anywhere close to your coaching here.”

“I can honestly say that nothing I’ve done has come anywhere close to your coaching here. The session tonight is worth it’s weight in gold – really. Please don’t think I write this sort of praise lightly, in fact I rarely write any sort of praise to anyone, mostly because they don’t deserve it in my opinion. I am so happy that I decided to take the opportunity to join you on this coaching program.”

Trevor Greenfield // Nano Products Course Member

“…head and shoulders above the rest…”

Sometimes in life you just need a helping hand! I decided to ask Rob for help by joining his Elevate coaching program. I had been on Rob’s list for some time and always liked his non-pushy and matter of fact approach, saying how it really is in the online world. The quality of his program is head and shoulders above the rest and he is always there for you when you need help to get through those inevitable barriers along the way. From ways of working, inspirational ideas, motivational methods, product development, cost-effective funnels, membership sites and online courses, to running a converting webinar, it’s all there inside Elevate. So what are you waiting for, come and join Rob and the Elevate community now!”

Martin Walker // Elevate Member

“Mind blowing…”

“I have never had something that could be so mind blowing be explained in such an easy way…like sitting in the pub talking to your best mate.”

Bill M

“Rob shines a light on the path to online entrepreneurship like I’ve never seen before.”

Sean Dinkins

“Impressive is putting it mildly.”

Hey Rob, recently picked up interrupt2PROFIT and your Best of the Best upgrade. Impressive is putting it mildly. Really. Freaking. Impressive. I’m a copywriter and actually partner with Norma Rickman, who contributed a nugget to your product I noticed. Rare that I see something so refreshing that will have an immediate positive impact on my business.

Mark Tandan // Interrupt2PROFIT Client

“…nothing comes close to the value I get in Gain Higher Ground Members Area, brilliant Rob!”

“I have been a member of Gain Higher Ground for nearly a year now and still to this day no matter what product I come across about how to make money online nothing comes close to the value I get in Gain Higher Ground Members Area, brilliant Rob!”

Chris S, Australia

Thanks so much Rob, I found our coaching conversation to be really good value. I now have an actionable plan. I know I can take it forward and really make my business successful. How exciting!”

Kellie Edwards // Coaching Client

“I have learnt more from Rob than any other avenue I’ve tried.”

“I have learnt more from Rob and his training than any other avenue I’ve tried. His course is extremely easy to understand, logical, cutting edge, and above all fun to learn! Rob is also very helpful when it comes to queries, and I highly recommend his service.”

Chris Davidson

“…I really appreciate the value of the emails you send out.”

“Hope you are doing well and I just want to add that I really appreciate the value of the emails you send out. The vast majority of repeat sales/marketing/customer connection emails I get sent, I end up unsubscribing, so you’re doing something right and it’s a good lesson to learn from :)”

Marcus J.

Just purchased your Traffic Matrix program and spent the last hour or so browsing some of the content (I’ve stopped now for fear of overwhelm) but have to say what I’ve read so far is by far the most detailed content I have experienced and is absolutely second to none, if I can’t succeed with this info then there is absolutely no way I will achieve what I want. Thank you so much.”

Bob Leach // Coaching Client

“Best course I’ve been on, ever.”

“I went through the Bonus 6 week like a flash today and now that I have finished the course I can say that it’s the best course I’ve been on, ever.

The sort of paint by numbers style and the pre-made templates for everything were brilliant, the best I have ever seen!”

Joe P.

As soon as I heard about Rob’s WPViralPayment wordpress plugin I knew I had to use it. I’ve made a many thousand times Return-On-Investment already and Rob should really be charging much more for this awesome plugin. It’s also obviously adding to my social traffic (which helps with organic SEO rankings), as to secure the discount, people are sharing my products on Facebook. Highly recommended.” 

Nicola Cairncross // Viral Payments User

“…a league of it’s own…”

“Rob’s course put’s everything else to complete shame. In a league of it’s own – Fantastic!”

Paul V. Smith // Nano Products Course Member

“…quality over quantity…”

“Rob always goes for quality over quantity, so when he brings a new product to market you would be wise to snap it up pronto. He is one of the most tuned in, solution orientated, innovative and helpful people in the industry. Highly recommended.”

Neil Long

I find SpyBar incredibly useful, people want me to help them make a site like one they have seen etc. I even use it on my own sites as a quick reminder when working on another one! All this for a purchase I made years ago. Once again, many, many thanks!”

Christina Bonnett // SpyBar User

“Rob has a genuine interest in his members’ progress.”

Rob has a genuine interest in his members’ progress. He answers emails quickly and holds regular webinars.

The membership website is a marvellous mixture of interviews, videos, training and extras. In the forum, members at all levels are encouraged to share problems and solutions.

Rob’s training style is relaxed and easy with loads of encouragement and ideas for members at all levels.

This is a model membership site with a highly effective training style. Congratulations, Rob!”

Colin Dwelly

I cannot remember the last day that I did not use Spybar, it’s use has become automatic. The insight it gives me on other sites is truly mind shifting at times. Brilliant! Thank you.”

David Webley // SpyBar User

“Don’t be on the fence!”

“The course is brilliant, it’s concise, step-by-step. Rob shows you everything you need to do. Don’t be on the fence!”

Rob Williams

“I can’t recommend this course highly enough.”

“Rob is an excellent teacher and communicator de-mystifying product creation via excellent video tutorial and PDF downloads. Its like he’s in the same room as you, watching over your shoulder, holding your hand all the way as you progress to success. I can’t recommend this course highly enough.”

Philip W. // Nano Product Course Member

I just got done reading your book on pattern interrupts and great info! Thanks for putting together such a cool product. It gives me some ideas of my own I can start implementing to grab people’s attention.”

Weston Brown // interrupt2PROFIT Customer

“…never seen anything like it before…”

“I am really enjoying the course Rob, never seen anything like it before. You have certainly done your homework.”

Tom V.

“I’ve done a lot more in these 3 weeks than I have ever done with other online marketing courses.”

“I am really enjoying this course and I’ve done a lot more in these 3 weeks than I have ever done with other online marketing courses.”

Tony S.

The Nano products training course is without doubt the most comprehensive but still easy to understand course I have ever seen. Rob’s training is engaging and encourages you to take action at every step. Rob’s fantastic support means that you always have help when needed. The Nano products course is without doubt the very best investment I’ve ever made in myself. Thanks Rob!”

David Lightbody // Nano Product Course Member

“…so glad that this course was brought to my attention.”

“I am so glad that this course was brought to my attention, being very much a newbie at all of this even I can understand it, everything is so precise and clear, there are no frustrations here for me which is great. What a brilliant job you have done.”

Frances C.

“…I would highly recommend EVERYONE to join up with Rob…”

“Having been recommended Rob’s site by a friend, I had no idea how on earth to make a website let alone promote it. After following the 15 steps to success I have now made my own website with a variety of promotions on it, his explanation of each step was extremely easy to follow and I would highly recommend EVERYONE to join up with Rob and enjoy learning from his professional and efficient expertise.”

Kate Hudson-Hall

Thanks for granting access to your Thrive Architect Workshop. I‘ve had lots of ‘Aha moments’ throughout! And I thought I was reasonably au fait with Thrive and site building. Clearly, I am out of practice! More importantly you have provided crystal clear demonstrations of many of the features. Those at Thrive are so quick and slick when they demonstrate their product that I sometimes feel as if I am watching a slight-of-hand hard trick, expertly executed. You have unpacked the card trick step by step so that I, and I suspect many others, can understand it and duplicate it for our own use. I thank you again for that.

Chris Betts

“Rob Cornish is an excellent trainer.”

“Rob Cornish is an excellent trainer. I’ve proved the product works. I have no hesitation in recommending it.”

Robert Dowey

“I will remember you as the person that sparked my journey!!”

“Hi Rob, I haven’t tried any other products or services to do with Internet Marketing so I am no expert but I am truly thankful that I came across you! I used to wish that I can meet someone genuine that will teach me how to create sites, blogs and develop my beliefs in Internet Marketing and Rob you have done that.

You made it so simple, step by step process and people say provide “value” and you did that, well done Rob you definitely have a great business and will achieve great success. I will do it and I am looking forward to working with you to help you so that we can add more value, help people and achieve great businesses. Thanks Rob not if but when I make it I will remember you as the person that sparked my journey!!

Changing peoples lives and giving them hope has more value than money…. See you soon mate. Oh and yes use this as a testimonial if you would like too… p.s. If I can help in anyway please let me know I am willing to volunteer for seminars or events that you maybe doing.”

Imran Araf

“I think this course is top notch. Rob presents and explains in a very clear and easily understandable manner. The course is logically constructed and you get a step by step blueprint. Many practical examples are used, and Rob tells what works and how to achieve success. I recommend anyone who is serious about starting an online business to take this course.”

Vidar Myhrer // Nano Products Course Member

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