Split TestingA really important thing to do in your business AND life is to test.

When it comes to building your web-business usually people think of split testing.

If you don’t know, split testing works like this:

1. Set up a web page (say a squeeze page which asks for an email address in return for delivery of a free report)

2. Duplicate that web page and make a small change. For example, try a different headline or the image.

3. Send traffic from any source you like (here are ones that I use). The traffic must be “split” – hence the name of this process – between the two pages.

4. See which page converts the best (e.g., which page produced the most sign ups?)

5. Get rid of the worst converting page, keep the other one, produce a new variation of it and repeat this process from step 3.

The steps above are called “AB Split Testing” as you are testing two version of the same page; version A and version B.

Now, split testing is something that people talk about a lot but most are guilty of not really doing it enough. And this includes me!

However, it’s EXTREMELY powerful. Quite often you can double your conversions on a particular page which, other things being equal, means a doubling of your profit.

When you consider that it really doesn’t take a lot of work to do this (see below for the tools I use) then you’ll see why I highly recommend you start testing if you are not already.

Even better, split testing is a lot of FUN!

Split Testing Examples

1. Squeeze Page Split Test 

Here’s an example which you might have seen from me a short time ago.

I sent an email to my IM lists to see if people were interested in being coached by me on a 1-on-1 basis. Those people got sent to 1 of 2 pages:

Split Test Squeeze Page Results

Click The Image Above To Enlarge

You can see that I almost doubled my conversions, all from changing the background.

I’d like to point out here that the text on both pages is identical. Not only that but I was deliberately trying to filter the people who were serious by using the words “hard workers ONLY” and “will not be cheap”. But still, the background image had a huge effect.

Images have a massive effect on all of us in everyday life not just on the internet. So if you aren’t sure what to test to begin with then I would suggest changing your images.

Let’s look at another example…

2. Facebook Ad Split Test

Here’s another little example for another niche I’ve been testing in:

Facebook Ad Split Test

Here I’m using Facebook ads to drive the traffic. When you create a Facebook ad you can choose the text and the image to use.

Again, you’ll see the text is identical only the image is different. But look at the difference in click through rates: 0.17% for the one on the left and 0.323% for the winner on the right. Generally speaking, a click through rate of 0.3% or better is consider very good in Facebook advertising.

But the main point here is that this again is almost a doubling in conversions!

Also, with FB ads testing is crucial because the higher the click through rate, the lower the cost per click. So not only do you get more traffic but that traffic is cheaper as well.

In fact in the example above I paid on average $0.31 per visitor for the ad on the left compared with only $0.13 per click for the ad on the right. A MASSIVE difference! 🙂

You never know until you test.

Split Testing Software

You might be wondering how to actually set up your test. Well you need some software.

  • In Facebook you can duplicate ads with a single click and then FB will test automatically.
  • To test pages in the amazing OptimizePress (my affiliate link – I really can’t recommend this software enough!) you can use the Google Website Optimizer which is free.
  • I use Hybrid Connect (my affiliate link) to test the optins on this blog (you will notice different forms at the bottom of posts, sidebars etc) and another niche site I have set up. Like OptimizePress, it’s amazing value for money.
  • In Aweber (my affiliate link) you have built in functionality for testing email subject lines and body test

There are a lot more services out there but this is more than enough to get started.

Finally, A Cool Resource For You…

If you would like to learn more about testing and get some really great ideas then check out WhichTestWon.

You can sign up for free and you’ll get a weekly email with some real life split tests that have been run along with their results. I’m not affiliated to them in any way, I just always look forward to receiving their emails so I thought I’d share this with you.

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