Shifting From Business Opportunity Seeker To EntrepreneurI’ve talked to a lot of people and received many emails from subscribers here at Gain Higher Ground who say things like, “I’ve been looking at starting my own business for a while but haven’t found the right idea yet.”

I can totally relate to this situation as I was in exactly this position myself in early 2010.

I subscribed to lots of different websites that talked about startups, new emerging business trends and different ways to make money. My aim was to try and seek out that one idea which was best suited for me.

Basically, I was in “business opportunity seeker” mode.

There is nothing wrong with this and in fact – looking back I think it actually did me a lot of good. However it’s crucial not to stay in this state for too long!

And guess what, some people stay in it for years!

The truth is that there are loads of GREAT ideas that make money and there isn’t a perfect one for you. It’s just important to pick one and stick with it (rather than give up after 3 weeks as unfortunately so many people do).

But which idea do you choose?

My recommendation to you is exactly what I chose to do myself: Focus on selling information products (e.g., eBooks, video courses, audios etc) online.



1. The start up costs are EXTREMELY low

No 6 month lease on business premises, no employee costs, no loans required to invest in stock. Just a few dollars for a domain, hosting and (if you can) ONE high quality training course to show you the correct roadmap.

2. You’ve got a global audience from day one

To expand your empire you don’t need to open new stores or factories in different parts of the World. Anyone can purchase products from you regardless of where they are located.

3. Lifestyle

This is the thing I value the most. I don’t have to turn up every morning to open the shop and serve the customers. Instead I can travel, make my own hours and I don’t have to ask anyone’s permission (except my own!) for time off. Although this business does take work (contrary to some of the promotions you see around the internet), I’ve still generated thousands of dollars while sleeping, taking holidays and spending time with friends and family.

4. BIG Profit Margins!

By selling digital information products rather than physical products the profit margins are extremely high. It costs you nothing (or very little) to sell an extra eBook for example and you don’t need to order it from a supplier or ship it via snail mail.

If you feel that you’ve been in business opportunity seeker mode for too long then don’t feel bad, we’ve all been there (me included like I said).

However, it is time to take action and concentrate on ONE model of doing business.

This is what shifting from opportunity seeker to entrepreneur is all about.

The road ahead can seem daunting at times but again if you break it down into small chunks (a little like we talked about in this recent training) then you really CAN DO IT!

Can you relate to the “business opportunity seeker” mindset? Please leave a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts and we can start discussing… 🙂