Yesterday was the hottest day of the year here in the UK (32C / 89F) and the news was all about the arrival of the new royal baby.

Naturally, I’m happy for the Kate and William and of course it is an event that so many people around the world are interested in.

This said, it did make me wonder if our lives are really enhanced that much since the arrival of the many 24-hour news channels…

Are we that much more enlightened than we were before they existed? Or has maybe the extra coverage they serve up just polarised public information and opinion on a more narrower set of issues?

In general, more information (especially if it’s the same information regurgitated) is not necessarily better.

In fact, too much information almost always mean we make worse decisions.

And this is definitely true in online business.

I used to suffer from this a lot when I started out. Specifically, in 2 ways:

1) I subscribed to too many email lists so I was blasted by huge quantities of information all advising me I should do different things.

2) I was far too over analytical in my approach and thinking on particular ideas that I wanted to follow.

Here are the solutions that worked for me:

Information Overload: Unsubscribe from email lists that aren’t providing value to you and that just promote products.

Only follow people that you know are advising you of strategies that they use themselves to make money from. You can’t always be totally certain of course but just thinking about this every day will make a massive improvement!

Being Over-Analytical: This is a little more subtle in nature but basically if you think too much about ANY idea then you’ll come up with a list of reasons as long as your arm which scream out, “Don’t do it – it’ll never work!”

So instead I just look at the opportunity and ask firstly whether money is really being made here (or is it a mythical pot of gold that doesn’t really exist?) and secondly, what is *really* stopping me from doing the same?

Of course, we ALL suffer from these issues and I still do today.

But I can tell you implementing the solutions above has helped enormously. If you are not thinking about these every day, you should be – it won’t cost you anything, probably save you a lot of money and you’ll get the success you deserve easier and faster!

I also recommend reining in your consumption of 24-hour TV “news” as well 😉

How do you approach emails, offers and new information? Do you have a work schedule or system or is it just random? I’d love to hear 🙂 Please Like/Tweet if you enjoyed this and drop a quick comment below…