Rob’s Products – Past And Present…

The current programs & products available are…

Gain Higher Ground Membership
Everything you need to know to start up and grow your own web-business. It is my complete system for affiliate marketing, traffic generation, WordPress, video marketing, creating standalone products/membership sites, how to do technical jobs and much more. If you want to progress online but are suffering information overload then this is for you. Click here for more info…

SpyBar is software which allows you to reverse engineer WordPress sites to find their themes and plugins with a single click of your mouse. There are several other features too, click here and watch the short video demo to see.

interrupt-2-PROFITpattern interrupts interrupt2PROFIT logo
The Ultimate Pattern Interrupt Resource: interrupt-2-PROFIT shows you how to grab attention and create huge engagement to make more sales of your own products and affiliate commissions. Click here to see how you can benefit by using pattern interrupts yourself.

Older Discontinued Products…

Here are some of the other products I’ve published online.

The Traffic Matrix
Everybody knows that traffic is the lifeblood of any internet business and you simply can’t make money online without it. The Traffic Matrix not only gives you a toolbox of high quality traffic strategies but it’s also packed with real life case studies and actual examples. It does exactly what is says on the tin: “How To Make Consistent Product Sales, Affiliate Commissions And Build Your List Using This Toolbox Of Battle-Proven Targeted Traffic Sources…”.

WP Viral Payments v2.0
Upon release WP Viral Payments was a groundbreaking WordPress plugin which allowing 1-click order form upsells and cross-sells without custom programming or expensive shopping carts. That functionality is now more widely available in various low cost products, hence WPVP has now been discontinued for new users.

DigiProfit Formula (Closed)
How to create software products..

Internet Income Funnels (Closed)
Step-by-step list building and marketing course.

The Traffic Escalator (Closed)
This was a mini-product teaching how to massive boost your traffic. This is now included as a bonus inside Gain Higher Ground Membership.

Stock Market Sniper (Closed)
I have had an interest in the stock market since I was a kid. Stock Market Sniper was my first big product online. It is a course which teaches people how to trade the stock market from home. There was a manual plus around 15 tutorial videos that I recorded using Camtasia and uploaded to a WordPress members website.

Tin Lunch Boxes HQ (Still there!)
This was how I made my first $1 online in late 2010.

At the time I was focusing exclusively on SEO for traffic generation. I researched the keywords and found that there was a significant interest in collecting vintage metal lunch boxes. An unlikely niche I know but I proceed to create the site, write all the articles and start building backlinks to increase it’s ranking in Google.

This site still gets traffic and makes me money through ads that are displayed on the site (Google Adsense). However, the amount of money I make (and have ever made) from this site is TINY. Maybe worth a trip to Starbucks once per month! Also, the amount of effort to achieve these results was large. This is one of the reasons I don’t really recommend you try to rank in Google for traffic generation – it is getting harder with every Google algorithm update and increasingly competitive. As soon as I started focusing on other traffic strategies I started to make serious money and my business took off. All of these traffic strategies are explained in detail inside the Real Traffic section of Gain Higher Ground Membership.