Rob Cornish Reviews

Here are a few of the comments and emails that I receive every week. Check them out and then join us today.

“Mind blowing…”

“I have never had something that could be so mind blowing be explained in such an easy way…like sitting in the pub talking to your best mate.”

– Bill M

“First paying client…”

“I have my first paying local business client and have also started a new niche affiliate website with opt in and I also got 20 subscribers for my other niche, which was the 1st time I had done this. Thanks Rob for your help!”

– Maxine, B

“…exactly what I’ve been looking for!”

“I have to say I’m so impressed with your site and it really is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Although I’m only on day 4 of the 15 steps program my mind is so much clearer now about what I need to do and for the first time in years it’s all starting to make sense to me! Finally someone has cut out all of the hype and b/s and just laid it all out in an easy to follow format that actually works! Honestly I can’t praise your teaching style or website highly enough!”

– Sam Atkinson

“…a superbly intuitive approach… second to none!”

“Just reporting in having completed the 15 steps… what an awesome feeling of accomplishment in such a short space of time! The last time I felt like this was passing my driving test 23 years ago… now the learning really begins, this time behind the wheel of my online business. I sincerely hope all you guys and girls working through the steps are finding the process as powerful as I did 🙂 Rob, you’ve done a fantastic job with this training… a superbly intuitive approach… second to none!”

– David John, UK

“…nothing comes close to the value I get in Gain Higher Ground Members Area, brilliant Rob!”

“I have been a member of Gain Higher Ground for nearly a year now and still to this day no matter what product I come across about how to make money online nothing comes close to the value I get in Gain Higher Ground Members Area, brilliant Rob!”

– Chris S, Australia

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“…I would highly recommend EVERYONE to join up with Rob…”

“Having been recommended Rob’s site by a friend, I had no idea how on earth to make a website let alone promote it. After following the 15 steps to success I have now made my own website with a variety of promotions on it, his explanation of each step was extremely easy to follow and I would highly recommend EVERYONE to join up with Rob and enjoy learning from his professional and efficient expertise.”

– Kate Hudson-Hall

“….delighted to find all the information I could possibly need under one roof.”

“On a recommendation I signed up to Rob’s site, and was delighted to find all the information I could possibly need under one roof. ALL of it, no more endless research, buying one product after another, promising the world, and if I got stuck on something, all I did was post in the forum and I get a personalised, polite, workable solution from Rob, the same day. No more waiting days on end for answers from help services, and no more wasting money on tech people to do simple solvable things.”

– Neil Long

“Logical, cutting edge, and above all fun to learn!”

“I have learnt more from Rob and his training than any other avenue I’ve tried.  His course is extremely easy to understand, logical, cutting edge, and above all fun to learn!  Rob is also very helpful when it comes to queries, and I highly recommend his service.”

– Chris Davidson

“Joining Gain Higher Ground Membership is the best thing I have ever done.”

“Rob explains everything in a, calm and clear way, so that a newbie like me can understand what to do, and if you need any help, Rob will get back to you on the same day to help you!

Joining GHG membership is the best thing I have ever done.”

– Dave Mcbryde

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“Best ever course I’ve been on.”

“I went through Bonus 6 week like a flash today and now that I have finished the course I can say that it’s the Best Ever Course I’ve been on.

The sort of paint by numbers style and the pre-made templates for everything were brilliant, the best I have ever seen! All the things everyone else who sells Internet Marketing courses misses out.”

– Joe P.

“The support is truly phenomenal!!”

“Gain Higher Ground Membership is an excellent membership site! Everything that you need to know in order to start and/or develop an online business is presented on the site in a clear and systematic way! ‘Information Overload’ is avoided!!

I have found the training provided by regular webinars and the recorded interviews with successful internet marketers invaluable!

What has struck me most of all is Rob’s genuine interest in my progress and his immediate response, by e-mail, to any problems or queries that I might have! The support is truly phenomenal!!”

– Peter Sykes

“Nothing to fear…”

“I would still be faffing around from product to product had i not found your course and it has made me realise that I have nothing to fear with internet marketing.”

– Paul P

“Gain Higher Ground is a wonderful membership site.”

“Gain Higher Ground is a wonderful membership site. Rob Cornish aims to take people at ground level and lift them up to to a clearer understanding of how they can make money on the internet.

This isn’t ‘show and tell’ but effective guidance through carefully presented videos that anyone can follow. Members can take this at their own pace. The emphasis is on learning through enjoyment.
Rob has a genuine interest in his members’ progress. He answers emails quickly and holds regular webinars.

The membership website is a marvellous mixture of interviews, videos, training and extras. In the forum, members at all levels are encouraged to share problems and solutions.

Rob’s training style is relaxed and easy with loads of encouragement and ideas for members at all levels.

This is a model membership site with a highly effective training style. Congratulations, Rob!”

– Colin Dwelly

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 “The best tuition I’ve ever invested in…”

“The best tuition I’ve ever invested in – terrific value for money – providing skills that will last a lifetime!”

– Jan J.

“I am so pleased that I have finally found a ‘normal’ person…”

“I have been looking online for quite some time for various different businesses and have suffered from ‘information overload’, which is quite difficult to escape from.  You find yourself wanting to believe the ‘I was a cleaner and now I drive a Porshe’ sales talk, but common sense thankfully steps in.  However, I  perservered and have finally come across Rob.

Rob explains things simply, in a no-nonsense manner and my enthusiasm for an online business (or businesses) has been re-ignited.  I am so pleased that I have finally found a ‘normal’ person to show me how to be successful online.  I know that I will still need to put a lot of effort in and I am sure that there is a steep learning curve, but I know that this will work. I can’t wait to look back at see just how far I have come.”

– Sharon Duggan

“Best I’ve seen…”

“Another very satisfied customer here.

I’ve bought a few internet training courses in my time and most of them just haven’t cut it, so I know what I’m talking about when I say Internet Income Funnels is definitely the best I’ve seen.

It’s not just the content, which is excellent, it’s also the way you build from the bottom up and create the momentum we all need to ‘stay in the game’. I know we all have to take responsibility for our action (or inaction) from this point forward and your course and, hopefully, the community you’re helping to create has helped greatly and will continue to help in this respect.

A big thank you from me.”

– John A.

“…never got so far in internet marketing..”

“Also thanks to you Ive never got so far in Internet marketing as I have so far, in the past Ive got web sites put sale page on got my Domain name, and then they just sat there and one ever saw them because I never knew how to get easy traffic, the gurus use to talk about SEO, or PPC or PPV but that stuff I just never understood.

But now I feel I’m actually getting some where, So many thanks for that Rob. “

– Tony G.

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“Buzzing with thoughts…”

“Feeling pretty darn chuffed with whats been achieved so far and really looking forward to what lies ahead. I’m actually buzzing with thoughts, the course really has set me free from the procrastination that used to bog me down. Every little thing used to be a hardship and real labour. Really needed this hand-holding, going through the steps as we have.”

– Rudi H.

“Don’t be on the fence!”

“The course is brilliant, it’s concise, step-by-step. Rob shows you everything you need to do. Don’t be on the fence!”

– Rob Williams

“I’ve done a lot more in these 3 weeks than I have ever done with other online marketing courses.”

“I am really enjoying this course and I’ve done a lot more in these 3 weeks than I have ever done with other online marketing courses.”

– Tony S.

“…the most comprehensive set of instructions ever!”

“I just joined your programme today. WOW! To say that I’m impressed with your videos would be the understatement of the year!!

This is the most comprehensive set of instructions ever! I am a complete technophobe so will need you to take me by the hand and guide me , so to speak. Well done mate!”

– Natwar C.

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 “I will remember you as the person that sparked my journey!!”

“Hi Rob, I haven’t tried any other products or services to do with Internet Marketing so I am no expert but I am truly thankful that I came across you! I used to wish that I can meet someone genuine that will teach me how to create sites, blogs and develop my beliefs in Internet Marketing and Rob you have done that.

You made it soo simple, step by step process and people say provide “value” and you did that, well done Rob you definitely have a great business and will achieve great success. I will do it and I am looking forward to working with you to help you so that we can add more value, help people and achieve great businesses. Thanks Rob not if but when I make it I will remember you as the person that sparked my journey!!

Changing peoples lives and giving them hope has more value than money…. See you soon mate Ohh and yes use this as a testimonial if you would like too.. p.s. If I can help in anyway please let me know I am willing to volunteer for seminars or events that you maybe doing..”

– Imran Araf

“Rob Cornish is an excellent trainer.”

“Rob Cornish is an excellent trainer. I’ve proved the product works. I have no hesitation in recommending the product.”

– Robert Dowey

“…never seen anything like it before…”

“I am really enjoying the course Rob, never seen anything like it before. You have certainly done your homework.”

– Tom V.

“…so glad that this course was brought to my attention.”

“I am so glad that this course was brought to my attention, Being very much a newbie at all of this even I can understand it, everything is so precise and clear, there are no frustrations here for me which is great. What a brilliant job you have done.”

– Frances C.

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