recycling blog contentHaving a blog is a great thing:

1. It’s your “HQ” online and a place where people can find out more about your business

2. It’s an awesome way to build trust and rapport with your subscribers and customers

3. Over time it can start to generate traffic from Google

As you publish more blog posts on tips, tricks, strategies and things you’ve been up to it’s amazing how quickly your blog content can build out.

The only problem is that after a while a lot of your posts can become “buried” on previous pages on your blog.

For example, if you scroll down on the main page of this blog you’ll see a link which says “Previous Entries”. Clicking on this takes you back in time.

In fact, if you keep clicking you’ll eventually find my first ever post back in December 2010.

But here’s the problem: The majority of your new subscribers and visitors will never see the majority of your older posts simply because very few people go back through the archives like that.

This is a waste.

So here’s a couple of “tricks” that I’ve used to make the most of your blog content.

1. Repurpose Your Blog Content Into An eBook

This is exactly what I did on my niche blog TinLunchBoxesHQ.Com.

I simply collated all the individual posts together in a Word document, formatted it a little and saved it as a PDF file.

Then I placed an optin form on the sidebar offering this PDF eBook for free in return for signing up to my list.

It took me probably 1 hour to do and I’m now gaining email subscribers passively! 🙂

Remember: The value is not just in the information you provide to your subscribers and customers but in the structure of that information. A random collection of blog posts has less value that a collated single file with a proper index. So don’t underestimate this method!

If you have a blog but aren’t building a list yet then this is an excellent way to start one (and you must!). I did the process manually as I said but you can also use free tools online such as zinepal. Give it a try now: Just enter a URL of a blog in the box and click the “Select Stories” button.

2. Use Your Older Blog Posts In Your Autoresponder Messages

This is something I’ve used sparingly as well.

There are a couple of posts on this blog that have received a lot of attention in terms of comments, Facebook, Likes and Tweets. But I know that my newer subscribers might never see them.

So I have added a few new autoresponder email messages to my Aweber account which links to them.

If you want to do both of these tips then perhaps you just use some of the posts for your eBook and the rest for your Autoresponder. It doesn’t really matter, there’s no harm in delivering content twice provided it is high value and helpful for your subscribers.

Making The Most Of What You’ve Got…

These 2 ideas are all about repurposing which is an extremely powerful thing to do when running your web-business. In short repurposing is about making the most of what you’ve got.

Talking of old blog posts, here’s one which you might not have seen where I talk more about repurposing and how you can get more results for less work.

I hope you found this useful? Please share, like and tweet if so 🙂 Do drop a comment below as well as I’d love to hear your feedback…