I am typing this on my laptop whilst sat at the back of a live internet marketing seminar in Central London.

I’m due to speak on stage in a couple of hours but in the meantime I’m observing around 130 or so attendees who are watching, listening and taking notes.

The content is good, really good. In fact I really wish I’d been fortunate enough to come to a seminar like this when I started online in 2010.

So, there’s no doubt that people will leave armed with top quality, cutting edge information.

How many will take action and implement all this?

A significant minority, I hope. But I have no doubt it will be a minority not a majority.

This is not news, we all know that most people just don’t implement and indeed, we are ALL guilty of that ourselves occasionally (I definitely am!).

However, I’ve recently started to notice a more intriguing and subtler phenomenon….

It tends to happen to people who are action takers but they seem to have a complete failure to “pull the trigger” once their project is ready to launch.

For example, I recently was helping someone who had successfully, researched a niche, created a valuable free gift and a squeeze page to advertise it, configured their email autoresponder and created a series of content.

Pretty impressive right? Certainly big action here!

But at this stage they stalled. They start to have doubts and wonder if what they have set up will actually work. Rather than move forward and test what they have created they decide more adjustments, research and tweaks are necessary.

At first I was surprised to see this happen but after considering it further I think I’m beginning to understand.

It’s the same feeling I had after putting work into my own products and then getting ready to launch them. Suddenly, I became fearful of failure.

An awareness is a great thing so I wanted to write about this in case this is you! If so, you’ve GOT to push forward and remember that you’ve got nothing to lose and unless you do so you won’t get the rewards that you deserve.

I can’t remember who first said this but: Ready, FIRE, Aim is always better that Ready, Aim, FIRE.

So don’t stall and just pull the trigger! You can tweak later.

Does this sound like you? What has stopped you taking action and completing projects in the past? Please let me know you thoughts below… 🙂