Ultimate Upsell Book + Bump Offer Swipe File

Supercharge Your Email Optin & Sales Funnels, Boost Profit & Serve Customers Better With Proven-to-Convert Offers – Whatever Your Market Niche

✔ Transform underperforming funnels into ones which are profitable with paid ads

✔Serve your customers better with additional order customizations

✔ Many upsell examples across different niches

✔ Evergreen resources: use now and for years to come (keep this safe & handy!)

✔ Includes upsells & bumps that require zero product creation or upfront work

✔ Avoid non-complementary offers and discover which upsells fit best with which front-end offers

PRICE: $47

LEVEL: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced


interrupt2PROFIT is a 55-page special report that shows you how to:

✔ Use Pattern Interrupt techniques to boost your online sales conversion and lead generation

✔ Counter the ever-growing online “Distraction Factor” to grab prospects’ attention and generate instant engagement

✔ Deploy Pattern Interrupts throughout your business: Email subject lines, email optin pages, sales pages, images and more

✔ 16 different types of Pattern Interrupts with real-life examples for easy adaption and deployment in your business

✔ Lots more – check out the order page for a better idea!

PRICE: $19.95

LEVEL: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced


SpyBar is a handy browser extension for web designers and marketers that allows you to:

✔ Discover the WordPress themes & plugins that a site is using in 1-click

✔ List PDFs indexed to any website

✔ ReverseIP websites to find other domains on the same server

✔ Find the hosting service behind the website you’re browsing

✔ Reveal the WhoIs contact information for any website

✔ And a lot more…

PRICE: $19.95

LEVEL: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced


In five modules and Q&A “After Hours” sessions, 1K+ shows you how to:

✔ Rapidly identify the most in-demand and profitable course topics for your market

✔ Use The Premium Pricing Formula to unlock $1,000+ pricing power for your course

✔ Deploy Content Fragmentation techniques to build your course quickly

✔ Maximise customer attraction using marketing hooks, content hooks and unique positioning

✔ Accelerate sales using the 7-Core Client Desires

✔ Use the 45-Minute Crash Course launch method to excite prospects and overcome their self-doubt

✔ Automate sales using the 1K+ 3-Step Webinar Formula

✔ A-Z case studies included to illustrate how everything works in real life

PRICE: $1297

LEVEL: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

Continuity Coach

Continuity Coach is a five module program that shows you how to:

✔ Create budget (<$97/month) and premium ($100-$497/month) continuity programs to bring recurring revenue into your business

✔ Avoid the common pitfalls and unnecessary complexities that stop many continuity programs getting off the ground

✔ Focus on the essential core elements first to bring in members quickly, then build from there

✔ Use powerful positioning techniques to magnetically attract new members

✔ Deploy the 3 highest converting campaigns for continuity (including real-life case study walkthroughs)

✔ Set up systems to control member access and take recurring payments

✔ Use the 4 Secrets Of Retention to keep paying members for longer

PRICE: $1297

LEVEL: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

Premium Enrolment

The six step-by-step modules of Premium Enrolment show you how to:

✔ Attract and enrol high paying coaching clients that are fun to work with, grateful for your time and motivated for results

✔ Turn cold prospects into online applications and then into paying clients using the 3-Part Premium Enrolment Webinar Formula and Zero-Pressure Enrolment Script

✔ Leverage your time and energy using the Premium Enrolment 1-to-many group coaching system

✔ Brand your coaching program for maximum client attraction and unique positioning in your market

✔ Deliver Transformational Interaction as the key ingredient in your coaching recipe to boost client results

PRICE: $1997

LEVEL: Intermediate & Advanced