Want to Speak to Rob One-to-One?

Get fresh ideas, solve challenges and build a roadmap tailored to meet your needs… all in one powerful hour!

Dear Friend,

What will it take to reach your goals?

=> More courses?
=> More tools / software apps?
=> More PDF reports?
=> More YouTube videos, Facebook Groups…?

All of these can prove extremely valuable in growing your business.

Sometimes though, you just need to speak to a real expert, one-to-one, for bespoke advice based on your personal situation and goals.

That’s the purpose of the Power Hour Accelerator Call.

It's a strictly limited, “no strings” one-off coaching session, where we speak 1-to-1 to create a personalized roadmap for your success.

“No strings” means:

=> A simple, straightforward and affordable price
=> No future commitments or ongoing fees
=> No pitches trying “enroll” you into further products or services

The only “catch” is that you must qualify, which we’ll discuss in a moment.

First though…

Here are some of the things I can help you with…

Getting started: “What are my first steps?”

Bouncing ideas: “I’m thinking about doing X. What do you think?”

Confidence: “I feel like an imposter! Why would people listen to me?”

Blind spots: “What is my plan missing?”

Simplification: “Everything seems so complex, help!”

Traffic: “What’s the best traffic strategy for me?”

Paid Ads: “How can I make my campaign profitable?”

List building: “How do I get my first 500 subscribers?”

Courses & coaching: “What do I create and how do I sell it?”

Roadmap: “What should I actually do and in what order?”

Tools: “What’s the best hosting/email system/platform…. for me?”

Knowledge: “I heard about X and Y… what do they mean?”

Tech-phobia: “I’m worried about the technical side of running an online business. What are my options?”

Productivity: “Everything seems to take me so long. How can I get more done in less time?”

Do You Qualify?

My time, like yours, is limited and once it’s spent I can’t get it back.

Simply put, I can only help certain people.

Here’s the criteria you must meet to qualify for a Power Hour Accelerator Call:

1. You want to make money in your business by providing real value to customers and clients.

2. You’re “coachable” and not “work shy” - you know it takes time, effort and tenacity to succeed and are willing to put in the hours to make it happen.

3. No “dodgy” or “shady” stuff - I don’t deal in scams, adult material or anything with questionable ethics.

If those three points check out for you, then great!

Here’s How Your Power Hour Accelerator Call Works…

1. Click the button at the bottom of the page to book your call.

2. You’ll be forwarded to a short 3-minute questionnaire.

(This gives us a “head start” so we can use the time we have to get the best results for you.)

3. You’ll receive a Zoom meeting link which you can use to log on to the session at the scheduled time. 

Ready to clear the confusion, get inspired and a secure a tailored roadmap to achieve your goals?

Great! Just click the button below to get your Power Hour Accelerator Call booked in…

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need tech-wise for the Power Hour session?
A: We use Zoom so just a computer (desktop, laptop or tablet) and a quiet and comfortable space. A method of taking notes is useful and possibly headphones, although these are entirely optional.

Q: What about privacy?
Your coaching session will be conducted like a visit to your doctor. No personal or business details will be disclosed to anyone at any time and your coaching session is held over a secure connection.

Q: Can I record the call to refer back to later?
Yes. Please request this when you book your call or at the start of your session and you’ll receive the recording after your call which is for your own personal use only.

Q: What if I want more coaching at the end of our session?
Feel free to ask during your session if this is something you’d like to discuss. Private coaching spots are extremely limited due to time constraints, but it’s absolutely fine to explore this.

Q: What if I have other questions before booking a session?
That’s fine, just email support@gainhigherground.com.

What clients say...

“…over $100K in sales…."

“Reaching out to work with Rob is one of the best business decisions I’ve made. The return on investment has been immense – over $100k in sales in the first few months working together. I’ve also gained a newfound level of clarity, serenity and happiness which makes such a difference day-to-day. Rob’s the real deal and if you get the opportunity, I highly recommend working with him.”"

Lloyd B.

“…so much money in a short amount of time…"

I’ve made so much money in a short amount of time with Rob’s advice. Elevate has already helped me sign up new clients, refine my current offers and develop a new offer which I expect to bring in mid 5-figures in revenue next month. Rob is great to work with and I cannot believe Rob supplies so much in one program – it’s truly amazing.”

Sue Dunlevie

“I found our coaching conversation to be really good value."

“Thanks so much Rob, I found our coaching conversation to be really good value. I now have an actionable plan. I know I can take it forward and really make my business successful. How exciting!"

Kellie Edwards

“Solid and extremely honest advice and I cannot say enough what a relief that is. Thanks Rob!"

“I had a 1 to 1 call with Rob and found him to be extremely down to earth, he really listened to what I had to say and understood where I was in my journey and what I would need to do to move forward.

I was feeling stuck after having had a bad experience with an online coaching company, however, Rob helped me to gain clarity and confidence about what to do next. He gives solid and extremely honest advice and I cannot say enough what a relief that is. Thanks Rob!"

Maddy Lawrence

“…clear, grounded and practical…"

“Rob’s advice is clear, grounded and practical. I trust his opinion on everything and very much appreciate the depth and detail of content he produces."

Laura Thomas