Top Sources Of TrafficIf there’s one topic that I get asked about time and time again it is traffic.

It’s subject that we dedicate a huge amount of time to it in GHG Membership.

However, it’s always worth recapping in summary so let’s take a look at some of the strategies that you can use to get more visitors to your websites.

In no particular order…

1. Pay Per Click (PPC)

A few years ago you could use Adwords (Google’s PPC service) to buy traffic at incredibly cheap rates like $0.05 per click.

People made a lot of money by running PPC campaigns and sending it directly to the sales pages of affiliate offers (such as those on Clickbank) or to CPA offers (where you get paid when a visitor that you send performs a specific action such as filling out a form or requesting a consultantion).

Alas, those days are long gone: Google is MUCH more expensive these days and is very strict about what kind of web pages you can send people to.

However, there are other non-Google options which can provide you with very cheap traffic. and are two platforms that I’ve used.

They are not perfect (what is really?) but I recommend you investigate them as cheap traffic is possible if you are willing to invest some time in tweaking your campaigns.

Facebook is another popular platform of course although I haven’t tried this myself (yet!).

2. Blog Commenting

Many people dismiss this but the truth is that blog commenting is one of the best ways to sow the seeds of future relationships with other marketers in your niche.

Plus in the short term you get a link back to your website.

These other marketers might have a virtual assistant answering emails but they ALWAYS read their blog comments so this is an excellent way to get on their radar.

I use blog comments a fair bit and then my Traffic Escalator Principle to leverage those comments into more powerful traffic strategies like interviews, guest posts and ultimately joint ventures.

3. Guest Posting

Imagine writing a 400 word article and then having it published on or with a link back to your squeeze page or blog.

Do you think you would get traffic?

I should say so! 🙂

Of course, targeting these 2 sites is pretty difficult but there are many other high traffic sites in your niche that you can easily write guests posts for.

You can even outsource your articles if you don’t like writing.

I’ve generated an awful lot of traffic this way and I highly recommend it to you.

4. Offering Free Content

This is really a more generalised version of guest posting.

Instead of just offering articles to other marketers think about what else you can offer.

I have provided PDF resources lists, cheat sheets, videos and webinars in return for links back to my site.

This can be very powerful and if you leverage and repurpose the content you already have you can do this with virtually no effort. I’ve literally aggregated some old blogs posts or used a free gift I’d already created for a squeeze page and given this to other marketers for publication.

If you have no budget for paid advertising this is a great way to go. Especially when you start out because at that point you have less to offer in terms of doing joint ventures than more established web-business owners.

5. Forums

Instead of waiting for the traffic to come to you why not go where the traffic already is?

Forums are full of passionate people who are interested in the subject matter of your niche.

The simplest strategy is to put a link to your squeeze page or blog in your forum signature (the text that display below every post or thread you make) and get involved in the discussion adding value wherever you are!

However, many forums have promotional areas where you can offer your products (free or paid) and you might also consider advertising on the forum too (e.g., with a banner or text ad).

6. Interviews

Find experts in your niche, interview them on Skype, record the call with Pamela (PC) or Call Recorder (Mac), edit it with Audacity and publish it to your blog using the WordPress plugin audioPlayer.

In many cases the interviewee will promote the interview to their list. Also you are aligning yourself with experts which raises your status and this is a superb way of developing those golden relationship which can ultimately result in joint ventures.

7. Solo Ads

This is where you pay another market to promote your squeeze page to their list.

You can find opportunities through services like the Warrior Forum (Joint Venture section), approaching marketers directly via email or using mailing list finders such as

This is one of the fastest ways to build your list, especially if you are starting from zero and need an initial “kick start”!

8. Adswaps

Adswaps is a free traffic strategy and work like this: You promote my squeeze page to your list and I’ll promote your squeeze page to my list.

I don’t do this very much but many people do and it can be an excellent way of boosting your subscribers.

The only thing is that you shouldn’t get too carried away with them because if you do adswaps all the time then your subscribers will end up on multiple lists and be less attentive to your emails. So your open rates will decline and ultimately your list will just die!

9. Webinars

Putting on webinars for other marketers is an excellent way to network, gain more exposure and gain instant traffic.

On the webinar you can either:

1. Provide free training.
2. Sell one of your products (and split the profits with the other marketer).
3. Provide some free training on an affiliate product and then promote your affiliate link at the end (again split the profits with the other marketer).

10. Joint Ventures

This is a biggy!

You create a product and approach other marketers to promote it to their lists. The trick is:

1. Create a great product that people actually WANT (quite important ;-))

2. Warm up your relationship with the other marketers before you ask for the JV (e.g., using the Traffic Escalator Principle that I mentioned above).

11. 100% Commission Offers

Again you create a product but then offer affiliates 100% of the profits for them to promote.

It works REALLY well as the other marketers are extremely incentivised to promote for you and crucially you end up with buyers on your list which are so valuable as you can make your money by promoting other products to them on the “back end” of your business.

Also this is more about having affiliates than JV partners.

The difference being that JV partners have a much closer working relationship with you compared to affiliates. I’ve had affiliates send me loads of traffic and sales that I’ve never even met, emailed or spoken to!

Don’t Rely On This…

I could go on and on and there are a multitude of traffic strategies out there. But the ones above work (I’ve proven that) and they will work for you to if you’re willing to put in some time and effort.

The one thing I don’t really recommend you rely on is Google.

There are a lot of courses out there targeting newbies with headlines like “Get to Google Page 1 in 3 Days!”.

Sounds great but to be honest the Google game is getting harder and harder with every algorithm update and is increasingly competitive all the time. If you start to get Google traffic then great, just don’t RELY on it is what I’m saying.

Does this help you? Agree, disagree? Too busy watching the Olympics?! Please click LIKE if you liked (please do spread the word – I really appreciate it) and drop your comments below…. 🙂