Google PlusMaybe I have broken one of the golden rules of copywriting in the title of this article by giving away my thoughts right up front.

In fact, you could stop reading after this next paragraph if you like:-

I’m not particularly impressed with Google’s attempt at a social network. I predict that in one year’s time Google+ it will have gone the same way as Buzz, Wave and other ill-fated Google projects. I’ll tell you why I think this later in the post (Read: Please don’t actually stop reading here!).

However, this post is really about the immense distraction that these kinds of new phenomena can generate for us.

Whether it’s .co domains, webinar marketing, mobile marketing, iPhone app development, or Google+ itself internet marketers are keen to shout, “Get on board now before it’s too late!”

Despite Google+ only being released on June 28th, marketing products have already started to appear on how you can make money from it! Check out this one listed on Clickbank for example:

Google Plus Product

Please note: I have not had experience of this particular product so I’m not judging it either way.

However, these kinds of products do certainly present the “I must act now, before I miss the boat!” problem.

The truth is that ALL of these things are a distraction from what really matters in internet marketing which, for the most part, is building an email list of targeted and valued subscribers.

It is really a rite of passage for all of us to go through the information overload phase but what we really need to do to make money from the internet is to stop being an opportunity seeker, get the horse blinkers on and start taking consistent action on what matters:

1. Find a profitable niche
2. Set up a website
3. Build an email list
4. Promote appropriate and high quality products (either your own or affiliate products).

It is no coincidence that this simple blueprint is how 95% of the most successful marketers make money in all kinds of niches online.

Yes, I’m sure there are occasional money making opportunities and Facebook/Twitter/Google+/SEO/etc “loopholes” that can be exploited. But what happens when these loopholes close up as they always do?

So, you’re still reading? Thank you, I’m impressed!

Well before signing off I should, as promised, explain why I think Google+ will flop. Here are my 3 reasons:

1. No One Needs Another Social Networking Service

Facebook (for social) and LinkedIn (for business) do the job already, don’t they? Sure, they may not be perfect but these two platforms are where your existing friends and business contacts are so why join Google+ at all?

2. Google Is Not Cool

It used to be but with privacy concerns and the whole big corporate thing its street cred has faded big time. Yes, you can argue Facebook is also less cool now after its own issues with user data but it’s still a lot better in this department than Google.

It is a shame for Google as they used to be on the cutting edge of innovation and now they are basically copying to try and keep up. This is not theirย fault it just what happens in life and business (IBM, Myspace, Detroit car industry, etc).

3. You Can’t Manufacture Or Replicate Facebook’s Success

Facebook was lucky to be in the right place at the right time with a great solution and a very smart founder. You just CAN’T manufacture this. Don’t get me wrong here I’m not saying that Facebook won’t be overtaken by something else in a few years time (it probably will), I’m just saying big corporates can’t strategically do this by planning in the boardroom.

Sorry for the slight rant in this email which (I hope) is a bit out of character…

Feel free to share this post with any friends that might be interested and I’d love to hear what you think about any of this stuff. Please do drop a quick comment below and we can get some discussion going…. ๐Ÿ™‚