How To Find Free Networking EventsLast Tuesday I attended my first ever meetup networking event!

It was the “4 Hour Work Week Meetup” organised by George Palmer of Digital Delivery App (a competitor to Clickbank). It was held in a cosy room upstairs in The Plumbers Arms just around the corner from Victoria Station in London.

As the name implies, the idea of the meetup is to discuss various aspects related to Tim Ferriss’s New York Times best seller “The 4-Hour Work Week”. If you haven’t read this book already then I’d highly recommend that you head to Amazon immediately (my affiliate link) and buy it as it’s truly inspirational!

8 people attended the event and it was fascinating listening to their stories which ranged from how they quit their day jobs to travel the world to how they went about setting up successful online and offline businesses.

For me, spending a couple of hours with these people was pure gold!

I got the chance, in a relaxed environment, to ask any questions I liked from similar-minded and more experienced people. And all for free (if you discount the cost of my London Underground travel ticket and a couple of drinks!).

Anyway, I’ll definitely be going back next month so should you be in the London area and can make it then I’ll see you there! I’ll also be on the lookout for similar events in my area.

How To Find A Free Networking Event In Your Local Area

I actually found out about the “4 Hour Work Week Meetup” through a blog comment made by the organiser George Palmer over at JosephArchibald.Com:

George Palmer Comment

However, a few searches on should allow you to find a similar event in your local area, where ever you live in the World.

Check out this short video I made to show you how to do this:

Of course, if there is nothing in your area that takes your fancy then why not start your own? It’s straightforward to set it up on the site and all you need to do then is find a suitable bar or pub to host your event.

Finally, I just have to wish fellow 4-Hour meetup members George Palmer and Jason Williams (who runs a cross fit gym in London with Jane Macarthur) the best of luck running the London Marathon this coming weekend!

So, what do you think about getting involved in meetups and networking events? Let me know in the comments section below…