Coaching Stripped Bare:

How To Banish The #1 Mistake Made By 95% Of Coaches, Consultants And Experts And Refocus TODAY On What Really Matters…

Consistently Attract New Paying Clients

In The Session You'll Discover...

  • The big error committed by most coaches which means they never manage to consistently attract paying clients.
  • How to break this cycle by radically simplifying your business using the Minimalist Method.
  • The 2 big drivers of the booming "expert industry" and why there's never been a better time to grow your business
  • How to fulfil the two essential beliefs that prospective clients must have before they decide to work with you.
  • The most productive and rapid online funnel for doing all of this whilst maintaining a flexible lifestyle.

Your Presenter: Rob Cornish

Rob Cornish is an expert on coaching, client attraction and digital marketing. An ex-investment fund manager, he's helped thousands of people around the world eager to turn their passions into profit via online courses, coaching, software and continuity programs.

Watch This Exclusive Training To Learn Secrets Of The Minimalist Method...


The #1 way to guarantee the two essential beliefs...

...your prospective clients must have before they decide to work with you.


Consistently & reliably attract paying clients... radically simplifying your business using The Minimalist Method.


How to seamlessly transition from 1:1 to group coaching ... increase revenue and help more clients.

You should remember that the vast majority of people earn nothing as a result of taking business training courses. This is true in all sorts of fields – for example only a fraction of people lose weight after buying a diet plan book. It is therefore safe to assume “average earnings” are zero. This could be for a variety of reasons including, but certainly not limited to, a failure to implement and follow through with the consistent work that is required. Even when consistent work is applied any business is inherently risky. Projects often fail and result in no earnings or even losses. Since this is the nature of business, if you feel uncomfortable with this risk factor then please don’t consume any of our free or paid training or other products.