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Limited Time Special Offer...


What Is The Lifestyle Collection?

The Rob Cornish Lifestyle Collection gives you access to a massive bundle of my best work, at a huge discount.

You'll see below there are several categories of products:

  • Complete Multi-Module Courses
  • Live Seminar Recordings
  • Case Studies
  • Rapid Result Mini-Tutorials
  • Done-For-You Resources, Lists And Templates

(That's just a sample, scroll down to see the complete list of what's included).

Why Am I Doing This? 

3 Reasons...

1. Firstly, I knew if I didn't do this, some of the best work I've ever produced would just sit in darkness, possibly never to see the light of day again ... I really didn't think that was right.

2. Many products have been closed for a while so this gives people who missed out the opportunity access these gems. 

3. It gives me the opportunity to put together the deepest and well rounded package on making money online that I've ever published. From traffic, conversion, sales pages, product creation, affiliate marketing, rapid cash generating methods and much more.

Here's Exactly What You're
Getting INSTANT ACCESS To Today...

1. Zero-To-$100 Per Day:
LIVE 2-Day Exclusive Seminar

How To: Copy the product, conversion and traffic systems I used to make hundreds of thousands of dollars of online sales. 

What You Get: 12 Hours+ Live Footage, 10 Sessions Filmed Over 2 Days

Level: Beginner & Intermediate

2-Day Live Seminar Footage

Day 1: Zero-To-$100 Per Day
Day 2: Traffic, Conversion & Passive Income Streams


Grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy what is the most in-depth and detailed seminar I've ever given on how all aspects of my business work. 

You'll see 10 sessions in total (just over 12 hours of footage) that we filmed over 2 days.

      Day 1 is focused on going from a complete standing start to $100 per day.

      Day 2 is focused more in depth on traffic, conversion and passive income streams

Originally distributed on DVD to attendees, you get all the downloads to watch now and the future:

2. Internet Income Funnels

How To: Build your list by generating traffic to optin funnels
What You Get: 6 Modules + Material Downloads + 5 Live Webinar Recordings

Level: Beginner


Internet Income Funnels shows how to build email lists by creating sales funnels that consist of:

        1. Lead Magnets (to give away on squeeze page)

        2. One Time Offers (to monetise new email subscribers)

        3. Traffic (Paid + 'Free') 

This is an extremely step-by-step course - I show exactly where to click on the screen to complete each task as well as the overall strategy and tactics.

3. Double Your Productivity

My Working Day: How To Get Things Done & Make Money

How To: Work less, get more done in your business and enjoy more free time

What You Get: 30 Minute Video

Level: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

Description: I don't know about you, but I got into this business for the lifestyle.

Yes, I enjoy my work but equally I value my free time, friends and family.

So, in this product I show you what I actually do each day to get the things done that bring in the money. 

My clients and customers have been helped greatly by these tactics so I hope you'll also experience greater satisfaction, less frustration and above all more money in your bank account from this.

4. The Money Secret

How To: Unlock your future online success by tweaking your mindset

What You Get: 67 Page Report + 1 Page PDF Cheat Sheet

Level: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

Description: In The Money Secret you’ll discover a collection of practical everyday tools, techniques and tricks which can dramatically change your life and online income for the better.

Your mind is by far your greatest asset.

But left neglected it can work against you as well as for you.

It can play tricks on you, over-complicate things and even sabotage your success by being ridiculously over protective.

Yet hardly any of us pay any attention to our minds or mental state. We just let our brain "run" by itself and do what it wants - crazy if you think about it.

Therefore, in The Money Secret I show you why you are almost certainly sabotaging your own online success and exactly what to do about it.

5. DigiProfit Formula

How To: Create and sell simple software products (without technical skill)

What You Get: 7 Modules + Material Downloads + 3 Live Webinar Recordings

Original Price: Beginner


I haven't got a clue how to code browser extensions or Wordpress plugins but I've made a LOT of money by paying software developers in India and other countries to do it for me.

One of my most successful software products (a browser extension called SpyBar) has sold thousands of copies and only cost me $300 to get created.

In DigiProfit Formula I show you case studies, each step of the process and some very innovative traffic methods too:

$14,000+ Case Study Walkthough + Video Diary

As you'll see DigiProfit Formula is a very extensive, step-by-step course.

As well as everything listed above I'm also including a lot of bonuses and extras including a $14,000+ Case Study walkthrough from my own business. 

This includes a video diary where I show you not only the project set up from the start but also how the money rolled into my bank account once I open up the sales.

This and much more is included for you!

6. Newbie-To-$350K

How To: Copy the system I used to make my first $350,000 in online sales

What You Get: 83 Min Live Stage Presentation + 5 Tutorial Videos + "How I Generated $4,442 And Added 476 Customers To My List In 4 Weeks"

Level: Beginner


The title says it all really: This is exactly how I sold my first $350,000 of online products. In the videos and live stage presentation you'll also discover:

  • Why you need to split your marketing into 2 components (lead gen & money maker)
  • How I made my first $1 online
  • Software, Tools & Resources I use to work this system
  • 6 Secrets of super low refund rates & ultra high retention rates
  • Live Q&A with the audience

7. Evergreen Passive Income

How To: Create passive, recurring monthly income
What You Get: 10 Step-By-Step Videos + PDF Cheat Sheet 

Level: Beginner / Intermediate

This generated HUGE excitement when I released it, making 4,969 sales in just 8 days.

After the 8 days, I closed it I've never given access to anyone since. It's been locked away in my vault, until now. 

Here's the headline from the original sales page to give you an idea:

....I still use this system today for passive and recurring monthly revenue (it's "evergreen" as indicated in the title of this training).

I also highly recommend it to you to increase the dependability of your monthly income (as opposed to having great months followed by bad months).

After I walk you through the system in the 10 tutorial videos there's also a handy PDF 'Cheat Sheet' for you too:

8. Quick Fire Shortcuts: 35 Secret Profit Hacks 

How To: Boost your sales and commissions by making simple tweaks to your sales pages, squeeze page, email copy, pricing, etc

What You Get: 2 Recorded Live Webinars (195 Minutes In Total)

Level: Beginner & Intermediate

Description: One of the things I get most excited is when you can make little tweaks or "hacks" that deliver big increases in revenue.

That's exactly what this session is all about - watch and copy them yourself. 

There are lots of angles here too from a simple change that nearly doubled conversions on one of my squeeze pages to a great Facebook Ad affiliate marketing strategy and loads more (there are 35 in total!).

9. SpyBar

How To: Reverse engineer competitor websites and discover new tools and plugins that you can use yourself

What You Get: 1-Click Browser Extension For Firefox & Chrome

Level: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

Description: SpyBar is a browser extension that puts a little icon at the puts a little icon at the top right of your web browser (Firefox & Chrome).

Over 5,000+ Copies Downloaded + Amazing Reviews!

“INSTANTLY Discover Moneymaking WordPress Plugins and Themes PLUS ‘Reverse Engineer’ any Website…!”

When you click that icon, a box pops open telling you all sorts of useful information about the site you're visiting such as the:

+ Wordpress theme 

+ Plugins

+ Email Service (Aweber, Infusionsoft etc)

Plus it's got all sorts of other handy links that allow you to see which other sites are on the same server, search the WhoIs records and even search the site in Google.

All in 1 (or maximum 2) clicks!

10. Squeeze Page Secrets

How To: Build your list faster by using these 5 killer secrets

What You Get: PDF + Video

Level: Beginner & Intermediate

Description: As you know squeeze pages are a fundamental tool for building the biggest asset we ever have in our businesses: Our Email List.

Yet I see so many people struggling on with weak squeeze pages.

This is quite literally leaving money on the table so that's why I decided to create this concise video training and PDF that will enable you to 'tune up' your squeeze page so it gives you the maximum optins.

That means a bigger list and more sales and commissions.

If you haven't got a squeeze page yet then this is even more important - it's an absolute must watch (and read!).

As always I show you various real-life squeeze page examples to show you exactly what to do.

11. Traffic Matrix

How To: Get traffic (free and paid) to get email list optins, sell your products and promote affiliate offers

What You Get: 20 Traffic Tutorial Videos + 3 'Mystery' Traffic Methods

Level: Beginner & Intermediate


Traffic is the 'lifeblood' of all internet marketing strategies, it's simply impossible to make money without it.

Unfortunately, traffic can also be one of the most confusing and frustrating parts of running your web business - especially when you're starting out.

That's exactly why I created The Traffic Matrix.

As I demystify the process and you'll learn how to get traffic from various sources:

You'll also discover 3 VERY powerful and little-known "mystery" traffic sources…

12. Non-Expert Case Study:
The BIG Secret Behind This Weight Loss Offer
...And How To Profit, MUST See!

How To: Use the secrets I reveal in this case study to make money in virtually any profitable niche, without being an expert or having previous experience

What You Get: 17 Minute Video

Level: Beginner

Description: I love dipping into different niches and reverse engineering what other successful marketers are up to!

This session is very short but incredibly revealing: You'll discover exactly how this simple but very clever weight loss offer became successful.

There are a LOT of tactics here you can borrow and use for yourself ;-)

13. Superior Selling System

How To: Create massive desire so that prospects find your product and affiliate offers irresistible

What You Get: 1 Hour 36 Minute HD Video

Level: Intermediate


You can learn as much as you like about blogs, social media, wordpress plugins and tools but in the end, your online lifestyle comes down to how good you are at making sales.

If you don't know exactly how to create and deploy brilliant marketing to create desire then it doesn't matter how good your product or service is, few people will buy from you.

That's what the Superior Selling System gives you: A toolbox of simple but extremely powerful tactics that you can deploy time and time again to sell your products.

I've packed this with super successful real life example and case studies from my own business. 

So you'll see exactly what steps I take to make thousands of online sales, putting more and more money in the bank account.

14. Done-For-You Library Of Little-Known, Fast & Extremely Potent Ways To GRAB Attention On Any Web Page

How To: Get attention!

What You Get: 1 Hour 36 Minute HD Video

Level: Intermediate & Advanced

It’s no secret that the quantity of online information is currently exploding.

People are literally SWAMPED with emails, social media, and ads almost every minute of the day.

pattern interrupt interrupt2PROFIT logo

You Also Get This 1-Page PDF Cheat Sheet: Invaluable For Now And The Future

But to make sales you must grab and retain attention. 

Traditionally that's done with a headline on your web page. 

Headlines are great but there's so much more you can do which is why I created interrupt2PROFIT

It's packed with very quick tweaks and tactics that you can add to your web pages and products to boost attention, engagement for more sales.

Little-known, extremely powerful for more sales and very rapid to deploy.

15. Boost Your Conversions: Transforming A Sales Page From 'Average' To 'Great' Case Study

How To: Take an 'average' looking sales page and make it great

What You Get: 44 Minute Video

Level: Intermediate & Advanced

Description: Putting together a sales page is fairly easy.

Maybe you've got a template or have created your own from scratch.

If so, well done - now watch this session and I'll show you a series of simple steps to massively boost your conversions.

That means more money for not a great deal of effort.

Even better, once you've done it then the page will work for you passively.

This is a cracking session: Rather than a load of old theory I show you a real life case study (in the online tennis niche) and show you exactly what to do.

16. Product Creation Central

How To: Create highly desirable information products to sell online

What You Get: 9 Part Video Course + PDF Downloads

Level: Beginner

Description: Look around and you'll see that virtually everyone who is successful online creates and sells their own products.

This is no accident - having your own products gives you more control, profit and opens the doors to traffic methods such as Joint Ventures and Affiliates that you simply don't have if you focus purely on affiliate marketing.

Trouble is, how on earth do you get started? What do you create? How do you know your product will even sell?

I walk you through all of this in Product Creation Central and we also look at how to create highly profitable products if you have no expertise or are completely new and unknown in your niche.  

17. Save Money, Time & Hassle:
How I Create My Graphics To Boost Conversions

How To: Use free online graphics libraries and tools to create stunning graphics for your business - No design skills required (I'm terrible at design!)

What You Get: 25 Minute Video

Level: Beginner

Description: Adding graphics to your products and web pages are one of the easiest ways to:

+ Boost sales conversions > more money

+ Boost email optins > Bigger list = more money

+ Boost engagement > Reduce bounce rates = more sales

You don't need to spend time and money outsourcing them.

I rarely do this. Instead, I use a few simple online resources and graphics manipulation tools that I show you in this session.

If you like the graphics on this page then that's what I'm talking about - I show you how I do these quickly and simply.

Faster and cheaper than outsourcing to a graphic artist.

18. Create INSTANT Engagement On Your Pages:
The 3 Word Ultimate Headline Formula

How To: Easily Create Amazing Profit Pulling Headlines With This Simple 3 Word Formula (SUPER Powerful!)

What You Get: 17 Minute Video

Level: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

Description: After writing hundreds of headlines since 2010, trying different techniques, formats and formulas, this method is, in my opinion, the best by a country mile.

Not only is it super effective for grabbing attention and creating instant engagement but it's...

        1. Fast to implement

        2. Works virtually all of the time

        3. Highly effective for blog posts, squeeze pages and sales page.

It's also 100% evergreen to so once you know it you can use it time and time again.

As always I show you various examples here as well as walking you through the formula itself.

19. The 1-Day Expert

How To: Breakthrough the roadblock of "How do I make money if I'm not an expert in any topic or niche?" 

What You Get: 40 Minute Video

Level: Beginner & Intermediate

You don't need to be an "expert" (or be perceived as one) to have a successful online lifestyle business.

However, positioning yourself as an expert can be hugely profitable thing to do.

In The 1-Day Expert we look at:

1. What an expert actually is (including debunking a common myth)

2. How to become an expert quickly (and be perceived as one)

3. How to do this genuinely and ethically to help more people in your niche..

20. Rob's Personal Product Ideas List (PDF)

How To: Copy and 'steal' any of my own product ideas! (Find out why below)

What You Get: 1 PDF Containing My Personal IM Product Ideas List

Level: Beginner & Intermediate

Description: Why on earth would I give you my own personal list of products ideas that I've built up?

1. One of the biggest stumbling blocks I see is people start with the wrong product idea. Do this and you're off on the wrong track from day one and it's very hard to recover from. 

2. There are far too many ideas here for me to produce myself so I'm happy to share with you as a subscriber & customer of mine. 

Even though you're getting a list plus description of my ideas here, I think you'll start to understand how I think in terms of coming up with new ideas as well which I hope will be extremely valuable to you going forward.

21. My Customer's Biggest Questions Answered: Massive Q&A Session

How To: Solve the biggest challenges that people on my list have starting and growing their online business

What You Get: 102 Minute Video

Level: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

Description: I ran a survey asking my list what their biggest challenges and questions were.

Then I recorded my answers in this video. Here are just some of the questions you'll get to hear me answer:

1. How do you get (LOTS of) traffic?

2. What's the best way to build a QUALITY list of buyers?

3. How do you build trust enough for customers to believe in your promises when you're starting out?

4. How do I start a web business when I work full time and have a wife and children?

5. What's the EASIEST way to give up my day job with the least amount of investment?

6. How should I set my prices?

7. How do I make a compelling offer?

8. Starting from scratch, what are the first steps in building my business?

9. What are the EXACT daily routines I should take for getting to $100/Day?

10. Solo Ads. Yes or No?

11. How often should I email my list? (I find daily emails very annoying).

12. How do I avoid information overload? I just can't seem to shake it....

13. I just can't seem to finish any project I start. I don't even know what derails me. How can I stop doing this?

14. I want to remain anonymous online, how should I do this and will it harm my earnings?

...That's only some of the questions we go through here.

There's loads more. You get my personal advice based on my experience doing this since 2010 and running a business that has sold well into 7 figures online. 

22. Email Marketing Kit (Done-For-You)

How To: Copy my very best email subject lines, trust building body copy and product promotion emails

What You Get: 3 PDFs: My Personal 100 Best Subject Lines, Trust Building and Promotional Copy (i.e., the ones that brought in the most money!) 

Level: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

Description: Find writing emails tricky?

Download And Keep:
Rob's Best Performing Subject Lines, Value Building & Promotional Emails

Not sure what subject line to use? Unsure how to actually create value & trust in the same email that you promote a product?

Let me help you...

I've compiled my personal best performing email copy from over 6 years.

Instead of a huge unmanageable "swipe file" I've distilled it down to just 3 handy PDFs that you can download and keep on your computer to help you now and the future.

Just click "Download" and you've got everything!

Quick Summary Of Everything
You're Getting Today...

1. Zero To $100 Per Day: LIVE 2-Day Exclusive Seminar
2. Internet Income Funnels
3. Double Your Productivity
4. The Money Secret
5. DigiProfit Formula
6. Newbie-To-$350K
7. Evergreen Passive Income
8. Quick Fire Shortcuts: 35 Secret Profit Hacks
9. SpyBar
10. Squeeze Page Secrets
11. Traffic Matrix
12. The BIG Secret Behind This Weight Loss Offer ...And How To Profit, MUST See!
13. Superior Selling System
14. interrupt2PROFIT
15. Boost Your Conversions: Transforming A Sales Page From 'Average' To 'Great'
16. Product Creation Central
17. Save Money, Time & Hassle: How I Do My Graphics
18. Create INSTANT Engagement On Your Pages: The 3 Word Ultimate Headline Formula
19. The 1 Day Expert
20. Rob's Personal Product Ideas List (PDF)
21. My Customer's Biggest Questions Answered: Massive Q&A Session
22. Email Marketing Kit (Done For You)

5 SPECIAL BONUSES ADDED: See The Bottom Of The Page For Details... 

What's This Worth To You?

That's depends upon how much you value your time.

You could try to figure this stuff out yourself through trial, error and implementation.

After all, I did pretty much that.

But it literally took me years of work to develop, test and produce these ready to go systems, tactics, shortcuts, templates and done-for-you elements. 

What you don't see on this page are all the strategies I've tried that didn't work.

This amazing Lifestyle Collection limited time offer will help you avoid that wasted time for yourself.

What we can say is...

Customers Paid Thousands Of Dollars But Today You'll Get It All For A Fraction Of That

Not theoretical value or made up "notional" figures but actual dollars and pounds that eager customers paid.

This is your chance to grab the whole lot for a fraction of that.

Download Instantly And
Put This To Work Now

I'm not going to "stack the price" here for two reasons:

1. The sheer value speaks for itself and you either see that, or your don't

2. Some of what you're getting wasn't even sold separately, instead it was only included for members of high priced programs that I ran or exclusive bonuses.

(That's another reason why this is so exclusive).

The price is one payment of just $199 today - nothing else to pay.

Truly outstanding value.

Looking For The Catch? Here It Is:
*No "Tyre Kickers" - Please Read The Following Carefully...

Normally, I offer a 30-day money back, no-questions-asked guarantee as standard.

But because this is such a massive body of the work I've created over several years of my life I'm not doing that here.

This is not for "tyre kickers" who fancy a look, download everything and then submit their refund request.

It's not for business opportunity seekers who spend years trying to figure out if they should trade forex, get into Multi-Level Marketing or sell on Ebay.

Instead this is for action takers who want to use super-smart internet marketing techniques to create a great lifestyle for themselves.

If that's you then I predict this will be the best investment you make this year.


Startup Shortcuts + Starting From Scratch

What you get (2 Sessions):

If you're just starting out in your business I envy you. It's the only time in your online career you'll be able to start with a beautiful blank canvas. It's also an incredibly exciting experience. But what do you actually do if you're starting out?

These two sessions address that question directly for you. You'll see exactly what I'd do if I had to start my business all over. Like most people, I made many errors when I began so in this no-holds-barred session I guide through the startup process, point out the pitfalls and outline the winning structure you need for online success.

Let's get started! This is an action packed session and while I share many examples you'll also see exactly what market niche and strategy I'd choose if I began again today in 2021.

Here we're about to look at our affiliate marketing strategy to increase the revenue streams coming into the business - one of the really important principles right from the start.


Case Study: My 2,100% ROI On A Resell Rights Product

What you get (1 Session):

If you're keen to use PLR or resell rights products to sell online then this is an absolute must see. I generally prefer to create my own products but on rare occasions I do acquire resell licenses. Here I show you exactly how I generated a 2,100% Return On Investment (ROI) after buying a cheap resell license. I walk you thought the strategy, the sales numbers, refund statistics as well as the tactics I used during this 3 day period.

You'll discover the pros and cons of resell rights products first before seeing the exact case study, complete with the entire strategy and tactics I used.

Explaining the 2,100% return on investment (ROI) on the resell rights product. Only blurred here on this page - you'll see everything inside


Make Money ASAP

What you get (1 session):

An absolute MUST SEE. This is a fantastic method I've devised to bring in income ASAP from scratch. It's a great model but it isn't based on "loopholes" or quick short-term gains. Instead it allows you to build a REAL sustainable income, together with an email list of customers (the most valuable type of subscriber). It has some amazing leverage points - stuff that I doubt you’ve ever considered before. Don't miss it.

We have a lot to get through in this session and no experience or expertise is required. Grab a drink, turn off distractions and settle down to enjoy it.

Naturally you'll see everything in this bonus as part of your Lifestyle Collection package. Redacted only here for the registration page.


10K A Month

What you get (1 session):

Making a few sales and commissions here and there is one thing. But it's probably not what you had in mind when you read "The 4-Hour Work Week", right? For a true lifestyle business you need to get to regular, consistent and dependable income, preferably in multiple streams. So in this stage we move on to the next level and look at powerfully simple strategies to move up to a decent $10K in revenue each and every month.

With online sales soaring, 2021 is the perfect time to begin selling online. In this 10K A Month strategy you'll discover what works best and is most rapidly set up.

Looking at one of the many Cash Flow Offers that you can "deploy and recycle" on a regular basis to boost revenue and bottom line profits.


Rob's Sales Page Template + 5-Day Cash Campaign

What you get:

Proven fill-in-the-blanks sales page template + 5-Day Cash Campaign which allows you to monetize your list within 5 days of new subscribers joining it. 

You need high converting sales pages to succeed online. So here you go - download mine!

This is the exact core fill-in-the-blanks template I use for my budget-priced to mid-priced products.

This is normally reserved for my private clients and customers on premium coaching programs have ever been given access.

There are 5 done for you, fill-in-the-blanks emails:

1. Welcome new subscribers
2. Rapidly develop trust
3. Promote a product (yours or an affiliate offer)

The campaign has many extremely clever strategies & tactics that I've developed over the years. Just add to your autoresponder and let the campaign work automatically for you.

You'll see direct links to all of these extra bonuses on the access page immediately after checkout.

Immediate Access:

No "Drip Feeding" 

In other words you get access to everything listed on this page immediately after you checkout below.

And if you wish you can download the online content to your computer so you have it forever.

Let's Get Started...

Until this page disappears shortly, click the button below and get ready to be amazed at the value...

Don't Miss Out...


See you in a moment on the access page - I've recorded a special video to get you started :)

To Your Success,

Rob Cornish

P.S. The nature of this offer means I'd be crazy to keep it open permanently. Don't get stuck on the fence, click here to take action and I'll see you in the special welcome video I've recorded for you inside...

Don't Miss Out...


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