Kick-Start Profits No.3 – How To Create Your First Website (Real-Time Video)

Rob Cornish Internet MarketerHey there – It’s Rob Cornish here!

Welcome back to Kick-Start Profits and I’d just like to say:


You see most people in life (not just online) are great at STARTING but not good at FINISHING.

After beginning enthusiastically they often see their enthusiasm fades, they get distracted or just think, “Oh this is all just too hard for me.”

Have you noticed this?

So well done for coming back and continuing with Kick-Start Profits. It shows me you ARE serious about your web-business.

And you CAN do it – just make sure you enjoy learning new things and continue to take things step-by-step (as I always say!).

Right, now for today’s lesson!

I’m going to show you exactly how to create a website live on-screen. This is a vital skill to learn to make money online and if you’ve never done this before then I think you’ll be surprised at how straightforward it is…

What If I Haven’t Found A Profitable Niche Yet?

No problem, I highly recommend that if you are still working on finding the best niche for yourself then you still create a website as your personal blog. Just document your online experiences and what you are learning as you go along (I did exactly this when I started – click here to see it).

Ok, just click on the video to start it up:

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Here are links to the services I recommend in the video:

Namecheap (Registering your new domain name)
Hostgator (Hosting for your new website)

Remember that the first time you do this it will be the hardest.

I found creating a website very daunting before I did it for the first time and it took me at least 3-4 goes before I could do it smoothly. This is completely natural but just stick to the steps and keep think of that wonderful sense of achievement once you’ve completed it!

And remember that GHG Membership not only has on-going support to help you build your online business starting completely from scratch but you’ll see how to do every step live on screen too! You can take a 7 day test drive it for JUST $5 by clicking here to see the benefits. Cancelling is simple and straightforward (takes 3 minutes) should you decide it’s not for you (no hard feeling if so!).

What have you got to lose?

Take action and see you soon… 😉

Rob Cornish.