Kick-Start Profits No.1 – How To Start Your Web Business From Scratch

Hi Rob Cornish here and welcome to Kick Start Profits, my free newsletter on starting and growing your web-business.

In this first edition of Kick Start Profits we go through:

1) [01:20] The website that earned me my first ever few dollars online way back in 2010.
2) [06:46] How to avoid the 3 big frustrating mistakes that I and many others have made.
3) [17:45] The exact system (setup+traffic) I (and many others) use to make a full time living online working from home – this took me from $0 to 6-figures in my online business.

Just click PLAY and we’ll get started:

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PLEASE NOTE: I know you might be tempted to jump straight to Part 3 in this video but please do watch from the start if you can as it’s important to get the full picture!

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Ok, that’s it for today!

Next time we shall starting building on this roadmap and looking at the next steps we need to take to build your web business.

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