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Still here?

Thought so ; -)

What you've just experienced is a (very) simple example of a Pattern Interrupt.

A Pattern Interrupt, or “PI” for short, is a technique that:

(1) Gets people’s attention by disrupting (i.e., interrupting) the normal flow of events that are expected.

(2) Disarms people, or throws them off balance, so they are more open to accepting new ideas and are less likely to resort to their in-built defense mechanisms.

Now, the headline above is a pretty straightforward and obvious PI.

Or at least it seems fairly obvious immediately AFTER you've experienced it, right?

Still, it worked – you’re still reading this page.

As you’ll discover below, many PIs are a little more … well, “under the radar” shall we say.

More on that in a moment ;-)

But first let’s cut to the chase…

How To Make Money With PIs

From: Rob Cornish

Location: North Cornwall, England

RE: The Best Kept Secret Of The World's Top Marketers

Keep reading below and you’ll discover how to make money with Pattern Interrupts by quickly and easily getting:

  • More sign ups on your squeeze page or blog optin
  • Higher email list open and click through rates
  • More product sales & affiliate commissions
  • More banner ad clicks
  • More Facebook shares and likes
  • Higher video/webinar stick rates
  • Direct mail and phone sales conversion boosts

This said, none of it really makes sense until we mention one uncomfortable truth...

The #1 Problem Facing 
Internet Marketers In 2022+

(And "Yes", that includes YOU too I'm afraid…)

It’s no secret that the quantity of online information is currently exploding.

People are literally SWAMPED with emails, social media, and ads almost every minute of the day.

This ever increasing "Distraction Factor" means it's no surprise we see the following trends:

  • Squeeze page optin rates are LOWER >> Just 30% is now considered “good”
  • Email open rates and clicks are DOWN >> 10% average now in the IM space
  • Sales conversion rates are FALLING >> 1% average - at least 99% don’t buy
  • Banner click rates are PAINFUL >> a miserable 0.3% is “excellent” on most platforms
  • Blog post engagement is DECLINING >> Roughly 1.2 million blog posts are published every day on Wordpress.com alone – up from “only” 0.9 million in 2012
  • Site bounce rates are CRITICAL >> You have only a few seconds to grab attention before the majority of visitors leave

This said, let me be clear: I’m not saying the sky is about to fall in.

Far from it, running your own web business is still by far the best business model out there. 

The money and lifestyle far outstrips anything else.

But, gone are the days when you can put up an “okay” squeeze page, buy some solo ads and watch the money roll in as people rush to invest in your One Time Offer.

Or send some ad traffic to a CPA offer and keep hitting “F5” to refresh your affiliate commissions.

The “Distraction Factor” has driven that show out of town for good.

If you’ve been around for any length of time in this industry, I’m sure you know this.

Today, in 2022 you need an EDGE

Or at least you do if you want to make any serious money from the internet.

An edge that cuts through the noise, grabs attention, drives engagement and most importantly of all actually...

...Brings Home The CASH

So, how do we fight back?

Well, there several things you can do to get an edge:

  • Create better products
  • Work harder at your sales copy (or spend more to outsource)
  • Build bigger email lists
  • Pay more to get more "eyecatching" banner ads
  • Increase your ad budget

Trouble is, all of the above takes a lot of hard work, time or money.

They’re also medium or long-term solutions as well.

Surely, there must be a FASTER remedy that we can use?

The (Almost*) Instant Solution
“Just Slip Them In”

And that’s why Pattern Interrupts are more appealing than ever before.

Put simply, they are INCREDIBLY fast to deploy and take effect (*think 1-5 minutes, sometimes even just seconds of your time to set up and get passive, on-going money making results).


Well first of all, by their very nature they are small “snippets” of text, audio or video.

That means you don’t need to put in hours of set up work or rearrange your whole set up.

Instead you can quietly slip them into blogs, headlines, videos, sales letters, squeeze pages, and other online assets you have in your business.

They are simple, powerful and deliver rapid results.

But don’t take my word for it…

Who Profits From Pattern Interrupts

You see, the more you learn about PIs the more interesting it gets.

One of the earliest examples (1960) is from Volkswagen.

Take a look:

pattern interrupt vw lemon ad

At first glance VW seem to be calling their own car a “lemon” (a term for a poor quality vehicle).

“What the ....?!”


Of course, the audience can’t help themselves but carry on and read the text below the ad.


And when they do read they learn that VW decided that the car in the photo was not up to their quality control standards.

It was rejected for sale and sent back to production for improvement.

They finish with the now famous words:

“We pluck the lemons, you get the plums.”

It’s a nice ad and drove hundreds of millions of dollars in sales for VW during this time.

But that’s not all…

"It’s like your product, headline or ad being INSTANTLY BURNT into your prospect’s brain..."

You see, not only do PIs grab attention and create engagement but they also create a lasting memory.

We are blasted by hundreds of marketing pieces each and every day.

Billboards, TV commercials, classifieds, online banners, text ads, email promos.

But which ones are remembered?

The VW “lemon” above?

Perhaps even the “Do Not Read This” headline at the top of the page you are reading right now?

It’s not just big corporates and professional ad agencies that have made millions using PIs...

Right now, many high end experts, speakers, coaches and internet marketers are too.

One of the most famous is Frank Kern.

Frank is famous for using PIs in his videos, emails subject lines and written sales copy.

If you’ve seen Frank’s stuff you’ll know PIs form a huge part of what he calls the “magic powers” that have made him millions.

As with all PIs, some are fairly obvious after you see them and others …. well … let’s just say are a little more “covert” ; -)

You’re About To Discover The #1 QUICKEST And EASIEST Method For Making Sales And Affiliate Commissions I Have EVER Seen...

Seriously, there's no set of tactics I've seen since I began online in 2010 that even comes close to Pattern Interrupts in terms of getting BIG results for such a SMALL amount of time and effort.

But of course, the real question is, "Will they work for YOU too?"

Here's the good news...

You don’t need to run huge multi-national company or be a guru/cult famous marketer to have the ability to make money from PIs.

If you have ANY kind of online presence (a blog, squeeze page, Facebook page, YouTube videos etc), or plan to have in the near future, then you already have everything to take advantage.

There is, however, one little thing I must warn you about…

Put simply, it's crucial you use PIs in the right way.

Use the wrong type of PIs, in the wrong place or just be a bit “clumsy” in using them and you can actually turn people away and have a negative effect on your conversions.

Now, obviously we don’t want to risk this.

Which is why it’s CRITICAL that you know HOW to deploy PIs for maximum benefit.

It turns out this is not actually hard to do at all.

But ONLY once you know how.

There is a lot of misinformation and nonsense talked about PIs online.

Which is another reason I decided to create this, so that you can benefit from the raw power of PIs quickly, easily and in the right way.


pattern interrupts interrupt2PROFIT logo

Done-For-You Covert Cash Generators

First of all, inside interrupt-2-PROFIT you’ll discover the 16 most powerful types of profit pulling Pattern Interrupts together with ready to use, EXACT implementations that you can put to work, straight out of the box to:

(1) Grab attention by effortlessly slicing through the "Distraction Factor” and noise

(2) Drive massive curiosity & engagement

(3) Make money with Product Sales & Affiliate Commissions

"Plug and Play" For Fast Results
 And Use Almost Anywhere

The PIs waiting for you inside interrupt-2-PROFIT are "plug and play".

In other words, you can view this as a cookbook - you just pick one of the PI recipes and simply slot it into your marketing straight out of the box.

No complex and time consuming set up - just choose one and put it to work for super fast results.

Even better, you can use them almost anywhere.

pattern interrupt  interrupt2PROFIT logo

Inside, you'll discover exactly how to easily profit in the following specific ways:

Squeeze Pages

Curiosity drives more optins, reducing your ad spend and boosting revenue

Sales Pages

Get conversion “bumps” by effortlessly disarming prospects’ defense mechanisms

Blog Posts & Pages

Curiosity drives more optins, reducing your ad spend and boosting revenue

Emails Subject Lines

Higher opens directly correlates with your weekly income

Email Body Copy

More trust, engagement and clicks means more money now and in the future

Stage Presentations

Killer tactics to begin and retain engagement throughout (even in the “graveyard slot” after lunch!)

Affiliate Marketing

Higher commissions from attention grabbing promos that really stand out

Banner Ads

Uptick your Click Through Rates (CTRs) for more visitors, and sales

Social Media

Cut through the deluge of daily blurb to drive more traffic back to your "money pages"

Direct Mail

“Impossible not to open” mail to drive response rates through the roof

Phone Sales

Instantly deal with objections and “awkward” moments by breaking and rebooting

Webinars & Videos

Drive “drop offs” down and completion numbers up for more sales

(...again, interrupt-2-PROFIT explains exactly how to deploy in the specific places shown above)

Look At What People Are Saying
About interrupt-2-PROFIT...

I have bought several of your products and this time as always, you have put your finger on exactly what is needed in the marketplace today. Congratulations on an excellent product.”

Nigel Taylor                 
John Doe UI/UX Designer

"I took just ONE of the Pattern Interrupt tactics inside interrupt-2-PROFIT and added it to my fiverr gig listing which resulted in an almost 400% increase in profit! Even better it only took me 90 seconds to implement - nice one Rob!" - Paul Hollins

One thing I have been studying again for the first time in 25 years is sales psychology. I have done a lot of new research in the last 6 months so I was naturally keen to purchase Rob's pattern interrupts product. However, I treat 95% of sales pages within the internet marketing niche with a great deal of cynicism and scepticism. Before purchasing a product now I do thorough research of the product vendor. Not with Rob Cornish though - I purchase his products without ever reading his sales pages as I trust him implicitly. Rob is a hard-working, honest and ethical internet marketer. His customer service is the best I have ever seen.

My view is that you won't be disappointed if you buy this product from Rob.”

Phil Yonge                 

"interrupt-2-PROFIT is simply brilliant. The pdf is so full of ideas that I printed it out, underlined key concepts in red, scribbled ideas in the margins, and sent my very first 'turbocharged' email within an hour. Rob's ideas are SO quick and easy to implement: on page 29 he even writes, 'Feel free to just copy and paste these [subject lines] yourself.' W.O.W. Rob's clever concepts have helped me make my emails more FUN to put together -- and more effective too! Finally, the links to 'further study' are terrific, especially the one on page 55! Hilarious!" - Chris Payne, christopherjohnpayne.com

John Doe UI/UX Designer

It's best money I have spent in a long time on educational literature!

Chris D.  www.ation.co                 
John Doe UI/UX Designer

"Hey Rob, recently picked up interrupt2PROFIT and your Best of the Best upgrade. Impressive is putting it mildly. Really. Freaking. Impressive. I’m a copywriter and actually partner with Norma Rickman, who contributed a nugget to your product I noticed. Rare that I see something so refreshing that will have an immediate positive impact on my business" - Mark Tandan

The material is brilliant - 'stealth marketing' by tapping into the human emotions, almost like an unfair advantage.”

Lee B.  www.finestnatural.co.uk                 

"I just got done reading your book an Pattern Interrupts and great info! Thanks for putting together such a cool product. It gives me some ideas of my own I can start implementing to grab people's attention." - Weston B. www.originalmusicmaker.com

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Are you ready to let Pattern Interrupts start doing the heavy lifting for you?

Whatever you are doing in marketing wise, I guarantee you'll instantly see ways to use these quickly and easily.

And when I say "guarantee" I mean it: You risk precisely $0.00 (ZERO) by downloading your copy of interrupt-2-PROFIT right now.

See in the guarantee section below to see why you have complete peace of mind and zero risk.

As you saw above, you can use these powerful PIs in all sorts of places.

But really, at their core, they all work in the same way:



And don’t forget the real beauty is that PIs are very fast and easy to deploy and don’t require a big changes.

The best of both worlds. You might say.

Sounds AWESOME, Rob!

I Understand That I Can Quickly & Easily Deploy These "Under The Radar" Money Making Pattern Interrupts In Any Niche In Just 1-5 Minutes,
But What Else Do I Get?

Great question - glad you asked...

Your BONUS: Pattern Interrupt Rolodex

pattern interrupt rolodex
  • The interrupt-2-PROFIT tactics condensed into a 1-page PDF for your easy reference.
  • Pick a pattern, deploy it in 5 minutes or less.
  • Inject INSTANT power to your squeeze/sales page, affiliate marketing, blogs, videos, webinars, direct mail, phone sales and more.
  • Perfect for keeping on your desktop or sticking to your wall.

Here’s The “Catch”

The PI techniques in this report are powerful and work on a psychological level so by downloading interrupt-2-PROFIT you are implicitly agreeing to only using them for “good”.

“Good” is defined as using the techniques to get more quality products into the hands of customers who need them.

That’s a win-win: You make cash and customers receive the help they need.

Anything else, including “get rich quick” offers, pressure sales tactics (online or offline), or other “shady” stuff is a big no-no.


Why The Low Price?

Look, I could bang on here about the NLP trainers, pro-copywriters and sales consultants who teach just some of the techniques you’re about to discover inside interrupt-2-PROFIT.

As you know these training courses and seminars usually costs hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars.

Which is absolutely fair, given the raw power of the techniques.

However, I created interrupt-2-PROFIT for 3 specific reasons:

(1) For myself

By “blueprinting” these PI techniques and ready-to-use PI assets, I'm able to quickly and easily deploy them in my own business to make money.

(2) For EXISTING customers

If you’re an existing customer then you’ll know that I’m focused on delivering the highest value to help you make more money, more easily.

(3) For NEW customers

The best way I know to bring in brand new, happy and loyal customers is to lay out my “Welcome Mat” with an incredibly affordable offer and then massively over-deliver in the content.

And that’s exactly what interrupt-2-PROFIT does – 100% Guaranteed (see full guarantee below)

The More You Think About It The More You Realize You Really NEED This.

Unless you want to rely on "HOPE marketing" that is...

With the “Distraction Factor” growing everyday, you can’t rely on “HOPE marketing" any more.

You need this edge to slice through the noise, grab attention and get prospects to take action.

But as well as over-delivering in content and making this as affordable as possible, I also want to go one step further.

And that is to make this 100% entirely RISK FREE for you today.

So here’s my famous no-strings guarantee:

30 Day, No-Questions-Asked
"Love It Or Get It FREE" Guarantee

 [ Download NOW And Risk $0.00 ]

If at any time during the next 30 days you aren't absolutely thrilled with interrupt-2-PROFIT, just send an email to support [@] gainhigherground.com - and you'll receive a fast, courteous and FULL refund.

No questions, no hard feelings and complete peace of mind for you.

You'll either love interrupt-2-PROFIT or get a full refund AND keep the content and materials too, as my way of saying, "Thank You For Trying It Out!"

I'm THAT confident that you are going to LOVE what you find inside.

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Don't Envy 6-Figure Earners 
Be One.

Of course, you could choose to follow the message at the top of this page.

Click away, go do something else.

First though, you might like to consider the following.

On this page you've learned that Pattern Interrupts:

  • Have made billions for companies and ad-agencies
  • Are a KEY tactic used by WEALTHY coaches, speakers and internet marketers
  • Marketing is getting more crowded and competitive – PIs are an INSTANT way to effortlessly cut through the noise and bypass the “Distraction Factor”
  • Just 1-5 minutes (and sometimes just seconds) in set up time – exactly how is fully explained inside interrupt-2-PROFIT
  • Due to misinformation, PIs are poorly understood: Perfect opportunity to get an EDGE
  • Get more optins 
  • More banner clicks = more money
  • More engaged blog readers, social shares and comments
  • More affiliate commissions
  • Higher sales page conversions
  • People staying longer on your videos and webinars

When you boil it all down, interrupt-2-PROFIT is simply about...

Making Money, Quickly & Easily

No need for lots of work, interrupt-2-PROFIT is "plug and play" - pick one of the PI recipes and simply slot it into your marketing straight out of the box.

So yes, you can click off this page.

Yes, you can rely on HOPE marketing instead.

HOPE people sign up for your list. HOPE people click on your ad. HOPE people buy.

But then again … this is 100% risk free – you can only gain, it’s impossible for you to lose.

I've been online since 2010 and as I said above in terms of getting BIG results for such a SMALL amount of time and effort, this is the #1 QUICKEST and EASIEST set of tactics for making sales and affiliate commissions I have EVER seen.

That's why I went on a mission to nail this for my own business and then compile it all into interrupt-2-PROFIT for you to profit from yourself.

As my guarantee states above, if this doesn’t meet your expectations for any reason, or no reason at all, you are one email away from getting your money back AND keeping the product.

You have complete peace of mind.

The only way to lose is not to download interrupt-2-PROFIT right now.

So my real question to you is:

Why would you NOT click the button below and secure your copy?


Download Now (100% Risk Free):

Best regards,

Rob Cornish

P.S. Remember the 30 day "Love It Or Get It Free" guarantee gives you complete peace of mind. The ONLY way you lose is if you fail to download your copy of interrupt-2-PROFIT right now.

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