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Great Opportunity If You're In the IM Niche

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3 Reasons To Consider This...

1. Reusable, PLR Bonuses: (a) "Unfair Advantage" Swipe File, (b) Video Workshop Recordings (c) Audio PLR Interviews

2. The upsell is a $97 bundle of 130+ back issues (massive value & you get my bonus below **IF** you decide to get this upsell)

3. You can sell the content as it is, or use parts of it for:

  • => Free Optin Lead Magnets
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  • => Paid product bonuses
  • => Building new standalone paid products (e.g. pick out highly desirable elements such as on traffic or conversion)
  • => Checkout bump offers (e.g. create a small bundle of nano-reports)
  • => Continuity content

My Bonus For Upgrading

 When You Purchase The 130+ Back Issues (Available As An Optional Upsell Immediately After Taking Your $1 Trial)

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You'll discover the pros and cons of resell rights products first before seeing the exact case study, complete with the entire strategy and tactics I used.

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How to get this bonus:

1. Go to the IM Newsletter $1 Trial Special Offer page here

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Important: You qualify for the bonus if you decide to purchase the 130+ Back Issue upsell (not just the $1 trial).