dont need to be an expert to make money onlineIn the last week I’ve been busy helping many of the new members inside GHG Membership take the first steps on the road to building their online businesses.

None of this “push-button magic software” stuff (which doesn’t work anyway otherwise I’d be doing it myself for sure!), but real businesses that are ethical, profitable and sustainable.

It’s REALLY exciting stuff!

But one of the most common questions I’ve received is, “How can I possibly make money online if I’m not an expert in anything?”

Here’s my advice:

1. There Is No Such Thing As An “Expert”

The term “expert”, I think, is really quite unhelpful.

It implies that you need to pass an exam or have some kind of qualification in order to call yourself an expert and advise others.

This is NOT the case!

All you need to do is know a little more than other people to help them.

For example, do you know how to cook a special food recipe? Then you can certainly help others online with their cooking – you DON’T need to be a Gordon Ramsey to help people improve their cooking skills.

Alternatively, do you know how to register a domain name or build a website. Then you ARE qualified to help others! Write an eBook or create a short YouTube video to explain it.

Nobody knows everything and in certain niches (internet marketing especially) things change so quickly that everyone is trying to keep up all of the time.

For example, how many genuine Facebook experts do you think are out there? Not many (if any?) as its all pretty new and is constantly changing!

Also, you don’t have to pretend to know things. If you don’t know the answer to a particular question just say so! This approach will catapult you forward and give you great appeal to your subscribers (or future ones if you haven’t started yet).

With all the hype around is massively refreshing to have honest people, giving genuine advice.

People really like that.

2. No One Will EVER Give You “Permission”

This point is really important.

At no time, either now or in the future will someone magically appeal in your life and say, “Congratulations, you have studied <insert subject of choice> for 5 years, therefore you now officially have permission to call yourself as expert!”

So again, forget these imaginary rules. You only need to know a little more than others to help them out with free content and sell products online.

3. Find Other Experts

If you are still wary about putting yourself out there (and this is completely natural to begin with so don’t worry about it) then why don’t you act as the interviewer and interview other experts for their advice?

I’ve done this many times in this very blog, including here, here and here.

And it works like a dream!

You NEVER have to pay experts for their time either.

So find other blogs in your niche (either using Google or a blog directory like Technorati) and approach these people for an interview on Skype.

Use Pamela to record the Skype call and publish it to your blog, give it away as a free gift/lead magnet to get people onto your list or even package up several interviews and sell them as a product (Hint: a lot of people have made a great deal of money doing this last idea!).

So there you go.

Forget the term “expert” – it is meaningless really.

Thoughts, comments, questions?

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