It’s the time of year when most of us are beginning to wind down and take a break with our friends and family.

That’s great and it’s important to “regroup” a little before the New Year starts.

I believe January is the most important month of the year. It sets the pace for what follows and therefore it’s crucial to have things planned out for a speedy getaway out of the gates on January 1st!

Here are 4 things to get the results you want and deserve in 2013… 

1. Define Your Goals

What exactly do you want to achieve?

Get fit, lose weight, make $XXX or £XXX by March, double your business, grow your list from zero to your first 500 subscribers?

Write your goals down.

They need to be realistic and achievable. Also, set the target for the end of March. Long term goals for the end of the year rarely work. Don’t be like the new people I see in my gym every January 90% of whom disappear after a few weeks!

2. Move Up The Food Chain

Stop looking at the world like a consumer.

Should I buy this? Is this the opportunity I’ve been looking for all these years? I’m annoyed by these upsells. I don’t think this “system” is right for me but this new way might be worth a try.

Those are not things that you want as your first thoughts when you see something (usually an email) for the first time.

Instead, look at what is going on.

What was it in the subject line that caused you to open the email? What is the sales funnel that is in place with these upsells and downsells? What’s the main hook in this video or sales page?

Find people who have achieved the goals you want to achieve and look at what they are doing. It’s crucial because unfortunately, not all of them will reveal what they are doing and instead tell (and sell) you want they think you want to know (and buy).

3. Create A “Stop List”


“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  – Albert Einstein

Look back over the last 12 months and identify what things haven’t worked for you have done more than once.

Maybe it’s jumping from system to system. Maybe it’s using SEO for traffic which hasn’t delivered.

Whatever it is add it to your stop list.

And obviously, stop doing it (that’s important!).

Achieving your goals is a lot easier when you eradicate bad habits and repeated mistakes.

4. Hit the Ground Running

It’s the title of this post!

Whatever, it is you want to achieve, get started in early January and stick at it.

If it’s building a web-business then every single thing that you do should be focused on building your list (remember there are only 2 ways to do this).

Plans change and goals get redefined and that’s fine and natural as you move forward and gain more experience.

But to start with just put the blinkers on and target that first step.


What do you want for 2013? Please help me to spread the word with LIKE/TWEET and drop your thoughts below. I’d love to hear from you… Cheers, Rob. 🙂