How To Get Proven Buyers Passively And For FreeIf you’ve been a subscriber of mine for a while you’ll know that I always say building a list of subscribers is hands down the easiest and fastest way to make money from the internet.

That’s because, well, quite honestly, it is!

But here’s the thing: Not all subscribers are created equal.

In fact, there are 2 kinds of subscribers: 

  1. Freebie seekers
  2. Proven buyers

Freebie seekers are typically people who have signed up for a free gift you have offered (usually an eBook or free report PDF). This type of subscriber is certainly valuable and well worth having as they may well become customers of yours later on (when you promote them an affiliate product or a product of your own).

But then again, they might just stay on your subscriber list and never buy anything.

The second type of subscriber, a proven buyer is far more valuable. This is because they have proven that they are willing to spend money by already purchasing a product.

How To Get Proven Buyers Passively And For Free

The easiest answer to this is to create a product and sell it. These customers will go onto your list and statistics show that they will be far more likely to purchase from you again in the future.

But if you’re starting out in internet marketing this can be pretty tricky: You have to create the product, marketing and find traffic before you can make any sales at all.

Having done this myself I can undoubtedly confirm that this is a LOT of work!

So here’s a much easier way that works in any niche. I’ve been using it myself for several months now to great effect.

What you do is to create a some very simple content and offer it for free to another marketer already has a successful product.

Let’s break this down…

1. Create your content

Let’s say you are in the Indoor Organic Gardening niche. You can create an eBook called “7 Steps To Start Indoor Organic Gardening Today!”

If you don’t like writing, create some Camtasia screen-cast videos and do a presentation of the information that way.

If you don’t like writing or creating videos, go and interview another gardener on Skype and ask them their top tips on the subject.

There are many ways of creating content – just choose a format that suits you and get it done!

This part should take no longer than a couple of days to complete. I’ve done it several times and this is a conservative estimate.

2. Create a squeeze page for your content

You can do this yourself using free tools, use a WordPress theme which is designed to do it, adapt a free PLR squeeze page or pay someone on or oDesk to do it for you.

Either way this step is critical because in order to get your free content, people must subscribe to your list first! (Do you see where this is going yet?!)

3. Email other marketers and offer your content as a free bonus to their product

This is exactly what I’ve been doing and it works like a charm 🙂

You can find products on Clickbank, from other blogs or just by searching Google. Then just contact the product owners by email and suggest that they add a link to your squeeze page inside their product.

Of course, it doesn’t always work but in my experience more often than not it does – they will be happy to accept your bonus simply because it really adds value to their product so they make more sales and have lower refunds.

So they make more money and you get proven buyers onto your list!

Let’s recap the benefits of this:

1. You get proven buyers onto your list
2. The content you create is extremely quick to create (just a 1 hour audio interview is perfect for example)
3. The traffic is 100% passive – once you set this up you’ll never have to do any more work
4. You can massively leverage this: Once you’ve done this once it’s just a matter of emailing more product owners to increase your traffic flow

The only other thing you need to make this work for you is ACTION – this is the simple but secret sauce which will really make you money this year!

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