how to practice internet marketing without your computerIf you’re like me then your experience with internet marketing started with your eyes locked on to your computer screen for hours on end.

This, along with information overload, is somewhat of a rite of passage for all of us.

And there’s no doubt that it can be a pretty lonely experience to begin with.

But there is GOOD NEWS!

There are LOTS of things you can do to practice internet marketing when you’re NOT in front of your computer screen. These things can really give you great ideas of how to make more money online.

As you’ll see it’s all about observing rather than just looking! For example, here are some things that I do almost every day when I’m out and about: 

1. TV Commercials
Recently, here in the UK there have been a lot of ads for internet dating on TV. Online businesses using offline advertising to promote themselves are always worth paying attention to – even if you haven’t got the budget for a TV commercial yourself!

2. Bill Boards
These are all around, in the cities, on the side of the road and so on. You can gain a real insight into what the current trends are by studying these. Also, be sure to check the calls to action. Are they telling you to call them on the phone, go to their website or, as many big corporates have been doing recently, sending you straight to their Facebook page?

3. Book Stores
If I pass a Borders or Waterstone’s store I usually try to pop in for 5 minutes. Observe the main stands when you walk in. These can give you GREAT inspiration for new profitable niches that you could exploit online. How are they promoting their books using special offers?

4. Magazines
Magazines cost a lot of money to publish and distribute so they are a great indicator of profitability. There’s no shortage of new ideas for niches so always take a moment to study the titles in any shop that sells them.

5. Radio Commercials
These are great, although slightly annoying 😉 When I was in the US recently I listened to talk radio a lot whilst driving. I heard a lot of ads for investing in gold and real estate. These were (and still are) great online niches you can make money in.

6. Flyers In Shops, Stores, Libraries
How many times have to gone to pay in a store and noticed flyers on the counter? Can you remember what they were? If not, then make sure you pay attention next time. There are often internet based products and services which are being advertised. A friend of mine recently spotted one promoting someone’s MLM scheme…

7. Go For A Walk
I’ve written about this before here on the GHG Blog. Walking, especially somewhere peaceful and quiet, is a great way to break out from the narrow mindset we sometimes develop when we’re stuck in front of our computers. A great source of Eureka moments in internet marking!

8. Live Events
Get out, meet people. Don’t just restrict yourself to your own niche either. There’s always ideas that you can transfer from other industries. There are lots of seminars, conferences and local meetups that you can attend. I’ve been to about 6 of these so far in 2012, how many have you attended?

I hope this post helps to break the mould a bit and give you some inspiration for new ideas and greater motivation. Be creative and remember that some of the best ways to make money online come to you when you’re not sat in your computer chair!

Have you got any more suggestions for practicing internet marketing when you’re offline? Agree, disagree, angry, inspired by this? Please hit LIKE if you liked it and drop your thoughts below 🙂