strong-and-memorable-passwordsOne my subscribers has just shared a great little trick which he’s kindly agreed to allow me to pass on to you here.

As you know you should always use STRONG passwords like:


Trouble is these are near impossible to remember.

To solve this you can use a password manager such as RoboForm or LastPass (my choice).

However, your password manager is not always on hand when you need it.

For instance, you might be using a friend’s computer or an internet cafe PC in a foreign country.

I’ll quote our tipster directly here:

“(1) Come up with a phrase or statement that is unique to you, something that you will always remember.

(2) Substitute the words in your statement for letters and characters

Sound complicated? Not really, see the examples below…

Example 1:

“My twins Emily and Steven were born in 2016 in Austin Texas”

I used this to create the original example shown

Password = mtE&Swbi16iAT

The breakdown:

My twins Emily and Steven were born in 2016 in Austin Texas
m t E & S w b i 16 i A T

If you look closely you can see how I came up with the password

i. I have used the initial letter of each word
ii.Where a name is involved I have used an upper case letter to follow normal English usage
iii.Where possible I have substituted a character for a word
iv. I have abbreviated dates

Example 2:

Password = iwb@n2657ETAiTC

“I was born at Number 2567 Elm Tree Avenue in Truro Cornwall”

i w b @ n 2567 E T A i T C

Example 3:


“I got married to Gemma who was 21 in Helsinki Finland”

i g m 2 G w w 21 i H F ~

Sometimes an irregular character cannot be easily substituted so you can decide on a position and character to add into your passwords
as in example 3 where I have added a tilde “~” at the end.

Extra tip:
You could always use something in the statements to help recall the application or website to which the password belongs to.

Do you think you would be able to remember such statements even if you could not remember the passwords themselves?

This is the sort of methodology I use to remember passwords when I am unable to make use of programs to assist me.”

Very handy indeed I thought – what do you think? Would love to hear your thoughts good/bad/indifferent so please drop a comment below 🙂 Cheers, Rob.