how not to give upEvery year I see the same pattern.

In January the gym I go to is full of new members intending to fulfil their New Year’s Resolutions of getting fit or losing weight.

By March, 90% of the are gone, never to been seen again!

Of course, we’ve all done this kind of thing. We start a new project full of enthusiasm and commitment only to quit a few weeks or months down the road.

We make all sorts of excuses for ourselves: It’s not for me after all, I don’t have the time, I’d rather do something else, etc etc.

The truth is that we just decide to forego long term success for the sake of not putting up with a little short term pain.

But ALL things in life worth putting in some consistent work and commitment.

And internet marketing is certainly no different. In fact the commitment problems people experience with making money online are compounded by the huge number of distractions that hit us every day (usually via our email inbox).

There are many points at which people feel overwhelmed and quit:

  • I can’t decide which niche to go into
  • I’m not technical and I don’t think I can succeed because of this
  • Creating a free gift or lead magnet seems like a mountain to climb
  • I have built a website but have no traffic
  • Traffic strategies that I’ve tried have “failed”
  • I have traffic but no one is buying
  • I’m making less money than I thought I would
  • Customer support is taking over my life!

The list goes on, and on…

The Solution In 15 Words

So, here are 15 words to tell yourself next time you feel like quitting:

“Every challenge or struggle that I overcome is another point where someone else gives up.”

And it’s so true, every single challenge that you surpass is another step in which you are getting ahead of the game.

The mere thought of this can be very motivating. If fact, if you think about it you almost get to the point where you welcome challenges and problems that need solving.


Because, 1) You know that virtually every other successful person has also faced them at one point or another, and 2) Each problem you face is just another opportunity to get ahead of the game!

We’re all capable of success, the only thing that can stand in your way is yourself.

So I say: Bring it on!

Agree, disagree, am I talking nonsense? Please post a comment below and let me know…