I’ve had a few questions about the new Google “mobile friendly” search ranking changes that are coming along on April 21st.

As with all of Google’s updates, a lot of detail and analysis has been written already. Just search for “Google update mobile” and you’ll find no shortage of advice.

Also (as usual) many SEO companies and internet marketers are seeking to cash in by selling products about how best to deal with forthcoming changes.

These are often accompanied with grave warnings about what will happen to you if you fail to act.

So, what is my take?

Well, if it’s okay with you, let me first tell you what I’m doing about it so you can see where I’m coming from.

Then, I’ll outline my advice.

What am I personally doing about this?


Regular readers of my newsletter may know that I got burned by a Google algortihm change very early on in my career with this:

As you can see the site was only getting 70-110 visits a day anyway but still the drop was significant in relative terms and quite a blow given the work I put into the site.

Lesson learned – I didn’t want to rely on Google for traffic again.

Today I get about 10% of my traffic from Google (the other 90% comes from these sources).

So my attitude is: I’m very relaxed if Google want to send me traffic but I’m fine it they don’t.

Basically I’m not bothered about Google either way.

My Advice?

Firstly, if you get a lot of traffic from Google already then this update is something to investigate and look into.

Some of the information products that are being published might be of help although obviously given what I’ve said above I can’t help with specific recommendations I’m afraid!

Also there are certain cases where Google search traffic can be important such as larger companies who dedicate some marketing budget to SEO or local businesses who want to rank for phrases like “plumbers in Dunstable”.

However, these are exceptions rather than the rule.

If you don’t get significant traffic from Google then don’t waste time worrying about this update at all.

Virtually all WordPress themes are now mobile responsive anyway so this will allow visitors to view on mobile devices.

And as for traffic, as I’ve said, just forget about Google. There are far more certain and better value traffic sources out there that are more dependable.

Agree/Disagree? ALL views welcome and would love to hear your thoughts. Please comment below – I’ll reply personally! Cheers, Rob 🙂