One Of The Biggest Mistakes In Internet MarketingA few days ago I had a phone call with my accountant.

He was telling me that it was time for me to start preparing my accounts for company year end and so I needed to prepare a list of expenses and revenues that matched the transactions in my business bank accountant.

As you can imagine, I was elated at this news and couldn’t wait to get started.

Yeah, right! 😉

But that wasn’t the interesting part… Without revealing names, he went on to tell me about a couple of other web-businesses that he looks after which were still making losses even though they were in their second or third year of trading.

Intrigued by this I enquired what he thought their problem was.  

He explained that these companies had spent a lot of money on hiring designers and programmers to create “amazing” looking websites.

One company, had spent tens of thousands building a custom site that was designed to sell books. Yes, books! I’m not sure if they’d considered Amazon’s strength in this area.

Trouble was they were now finding that very few people were visiting their site.

And of course this is the real problem -> The real value is in the marketing NOT creating fancy web properties.

It’s called Internet Marketing for a reason!

At this point I have to hold my hands up and admit that I was very guilty of this when I started out in early 2010. In fact it didn’t even cross my mind that you had to do anything to get visitors or traffic. I thought you just created a great offering on the web and people would come.

How naive I was.

But more widely, I’ve seen this time and time again where people put so much energy into their sites and products before they even think about marketing.

Shiny websites and a lovely customer experience doesn’t count for anything if you haven’t got any traffic!

So what’s the answer?

Educate yourself on marketing and in particular traffic strategies.

In my experience, beginners usually think of just 2 things when it comes to traffic:

1. Ranking high in Google (Search Engine Optimization or SEO)
2. Placing ads in Google which you pay for every time someone clicks and visits your site (Pay Per Click or PPC)

In the vast majority (but not all) cases these are usually the wrong ways to promote your website. There are easier, faster and cheaper ways to get traffic (see other posts on this site for more on this).

So it’s vitally important to study marketing and educate yourself.

It’s just a skill. YOU can learn it. There’s no magic involved. AND it’s a lot of fun too!

Once people take this on board they really start to progress. Just as I did from spinning my wheels for many months in 2010 to making money and having a real web-business.

Have you spent too much time worry about your website? Have you purchased products that promise lots of mini “done for you” websites and products to sell only to find you can’t make money? Agree, disagree? Please hit the LIKE button if you enjoyed this and post your thoughts below… 🙂