Here’s a simple technique that you might like to try in your Facebook ads campaigns.

As the video below explains, this resulted in a 21% decline in my cost-per-lead (I was running traffic from a conversions campaign to my Hook Book optin page).

Click PLAY Below To See…

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As mentioned the key is to test this yourself and I’ll certainly be running more trials with this particular strategy.

With a different offer and campaign your results will naturally be different from mine (hopefully better!) and whatever happens you’ll learn something and that’s the main route to profitability with paid advertising.

There’s only so much you can learn from courses and training, so get stuck in – $5/day, 20 days a month won’t make you rich put it’s enough firepower to really start learning what works and refining your strategies to build your customer base and email list in a profitable way!

Was this helpful to you? Please drop a quick comment below with any thoughts/questions/feedback. Anything goes… Cheers, Rob. 🙂