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"How To Create Multiple Streams Of Evergreen Passive Income (EPI) By Leveraging The Secret Recipe Of Affiliate Marketing And Nano Products..."

Without Any Prior Expertise Or Subject Matter Knowledge — Even If You’ve "Tried Everything" And Feel Ready To Quit

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Why Are So Many People Raving About Evergreen Passive Income?

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From Rob Cornish
Cornwall, UK
Re: Evergreen Passive Income (EPI)

17 Jul 2024

Dear Online Friend,

If you’re looking to replace time-for-money activities with reliable income streams that are:

1) Evergreen — long-lasting, typically for months into years


2) Passive — minimal ongoing maintenance once set up

…then reading this letter — and taking action to claim your copy of my EPI book below might just be the best decision you make this year.

Here’s why:

My name is Rob Cornish, and way back in August 2010, I’d been struggling online for six months with precisely ZERO success.

It wasn’t for lack of hard work — I’d tried everything (or thought I had), and was so frustrated.

Yet, every night in bed, one phrase kept running through my mind:

“Multiple Streams Of Passive Income”

And let’s face it, isn't that the REAL attraction of building an online business?

The ability to create income sources that come in day and night, whether you work or not.

But is it REALLY possible?

Oh yes — it’s definitely possible.

In fact, these days, I make a very healthy six-figures per year from many sources of passive and evergreen revenue.

Some streams are big, some are small.

When one drops off, another picks up.

The result is that if I do ZERO — absolutely no work whatsoever in a month…

All Living Expenses Are Paid Each Month BEFORE Doing Anything

Imagine – what would that mean for you?

  • Waking up confident and secure in your situation?
  • Relief from frustration, stress?
  • Escaping the soul-sucking 9-5?
  • More holidays, vacations and new adventures?
  • Better times with family and friends?
  • Finally living life on your terms?

Many “lucky” people around the world share this reality.

But of course — with a handful of exceptions — they didn’t achieve this through luck.

They had a proven plan and put it into action.

But if you’re anything like I was when I began — and have given affiliate marketing a try — it’s likely you’ve hit challenges.

I’m talking about frustration, stress and overwhelm that make you feel like throwing in the towel altogether.

And that’s because affiliate marketing isn't as easy as people often make it out to be.

Have You Tried Some Of These Flawed Methods?

  • Affiliate marketing “loopholes” that turn into deceptive mirages
  • “Piggybacking” product launches
  • “Dirt cheap” traffic promising visitors at “$0.01/click”
  • Posting links on social media that make you look like a spammer
  • Wasting your money on solo ads that don’t convert
  • 1-click software promising the world but delivering nothing
  • Building an email list — only to discover it’s full of “non-responders”

If so, I’ll bet you’ve struggled and possibly made nothing at all.

Unfortunately, many unscrupulous marketers know this.

So, what do they do?

They create flashy software and “underground” training systems that promise to exploit “loopholes” and deliver big.

They all sound great — until you try them.

That’s Why If You’ve Struggled, You’re Not Alone — My First 6 Months Online Was A Gruelling Experience...

While my passion today is online traffic and conversion (I truly love it), I made my first income online in the “collectible vintage lunchboxes” niche with this blog:

But... my first commissions pay check was less than $10.

Barely enough to cover my website hosting costs, let alone the 6 months of endless work, frustration and information overload I'd endured to get it.

By the way, vintage lunchboxes is NOT a niche I’d recommend.

It’s an incredibly small market and hardly profitable at all (who knew?).

Truth is, I had to start somewhere, way back in 2010.

I took some valuable, hard-won lessons and applied them to the stock market niche, which produced my first ever 6-figures in sales.

(More insights on that inside your EPI book).

So, you could say I’ve “been around the block”, as well as helping clients in all sorts of niches collectively generate millions of dollars in sales and commissions.

The real problem is there’s just too much stress, confusion and information overload.

It’s a sorry state of affairs.

But the GOOD news is there’s light at the end of the tunnel, which I’ll share with you in a moment.

First, a promise from me to you:

You Won’t Find Any Loopholes, 1-Click Software, Shiny Objects, Silver Bullets Or Magic Beans In This Book

You’ve seen those kinds of claims, and you know as well as I do that they’re complete over-hyped nonsense.

So, if you’re the kind of person who wants infinite success yesterday and is willing to do absolutely nothing to get it, then good luck...

...but this book is not for you, and to be blunt, I can’t help you.

SERIOUSLY… ALL the results on this page are from myself or my clients. We invested time and effort to get them so this is not for work-shy dreamers.

Let’s Get REAL.

Because long-term, low-maintenance affiliate marketing success is very real.

I do it, my clients do it and thousands of people around the world do it.

These people have no special advantage over you.

They just got their hands on methods that actually work in the real world

Simply put, you need the right knowledge and system, and be willing to put in a little time and effort to get up and running.

If you’re comfortable with that then…

Welcome To The NEW WAY Of Passive Evergreen Affiliate Marketing

YES! I Want My FREE Copy...

I understand limited run full color copies are still available. Please ship mine to my doorstep — immediately!

Packed Cover-To-Cover, With Battle-Hardened Strategies and Tactics — Proven For Rapid Results

Have you ever been unfortunate enough to buy one of those books that turn out to be lighter on actionable content than a hot air balloon?

If so, you’re not alone.

Rest assured, EPI is the real thing.

It’s brimming cover-to-cover with:

  • Actionable strategies that work in the real world today
  • Hard-won lessons learned from 10+ years in the trenches
  • Secrets and shortcuts for beginner, intermediate and advanced marketers alike

And full credit where it’s due…

My editor helped it flow so well that it’s addictive, fun and almost effortless to read, as secret after secret spills onto your lap.

All without getting bogged down with stress or overwhelm.


Of course you are.

So, let’s take a closer look.

Here’s Just A Glimpse Of What You’ll Discover Inside Your Copy Of EPI…

Have you ever wasted time, zig-zagged from one shiny object to the next, or been frustrated with lackluster results?

If so, this opening section allows you to build rock-solid foundations for your business and gain confidence, clarity and motivation for bankable results:

  • Skip years of setbacks and false starts with the two-part productivity system to get more results in less time — Page 8
  • My “$100K Long Weekend” and what the gurus NEVER tell you about such results — but you will discover in this book — Page 12
  • How to harness inspiration for success using the “Back to the Future Principle” — Page 15
  • The #1 fastest and most powerful way to build credibility and trust (even if you’re starting with nothing and lack expertise) — Page 18
  • Why ____ _____ must become your #1 priority for building a side-income or salary-replacing income — Page 19
  • 95% of people overlook this powerful wealth-building insight — how to start using it immediately — Page 20
  • Deal a death blow to this debilitating mistake I made starting out that still causes affiliates to fail — Page 21
  • The ONE thing to ensure you build your business on rock-solid foundations (without this, your efforts will likely crumble) — Page 22
  • Find your perfect online niche in 60 minutes or less with “The ______ To _______ Method” — and be confident in your decision — Page 25
  • The 15-second niche profitability check using a 100% FREE website (works for virtually any online market) — Page 27
  • NICHE TRAP! What you MUST do to avoid popular but unprofitable online niches that sap your time and energy — Page 28
  • From zero — to side-income — to salary replacement: the fastest and easiest proven roadmap from where you are now — Page 30
  • Exactly what to do if you think you could NEVER sell your own products — Page 33
  • The “moth to a flame” #1 fatal trap that draws in and snares affiliate marketing newcomers — and what to do instead — Page 35

How To Attract Hot Leads For Immediate Monetization With Affiliate Offers

What if you could build MASSIVE intrigue and desire in any market you enter…

…then double down with the best quality, highest-converting affiliate offers available?

That’s exactly the recipe for success you’ll discover in this section of your EPI book:

  • The “dirty little secret” of free traffic and how never to get tripped up by it — Page 37
  • “Traffic Retention” secrets — how to retain and recycle traffic for maximum revenue and lowest cost — Page 40
  • WARNING: How many people get caught out with social media “lists” — Page 41
  • The #1 key to unlocking evergreen revenue — Page 42
  • 65% conversion from COLD traffic? See the exact web page (and what comes afterwards!) — Page 44
  • What NEVER to put on your email opt-in page — Page 45
  • Get leads who will BUY — not “freebie-seekers” (the #1 most important factor to do this) — Page 46
  • The “magic” benchmark conversion to target when you’re beginning — Page 46
  • Use this 5-minute commission-pulling tactic on this often overlooked and neglected web page — Page 47
  • The single best time to get people to buy is when they are ____ ____ ____ — Page 49
  • The 2 most powerful web pages in your business — Page 49
  • 3 things you MUST have for a super-hot lead magnet (often forgotten, simple… yet essential) — Page 50


Use the 30-second “______ Trick” that reveals the deepest and most potent customer desires in any profitable market using this 100% FREE tool — Page 51

  • 7 best types of nano products to attract steaming-hot leads for affiliate marketing — Page 54
  • “The Amazon Trick” to harvest hard-hitting content for maximum desire — Page 56
  • A brilliantly effective free stock photo tactic to boost conversions (works time after time!) — Page 57
  • Build HUGE curiosity and intrigue so prospects can’t help but give you their email address — Page 58
  • The “novelty coffee mug” strategy that I used to make affiliate commissions in the photography niche — Page 58
  • How to use freelancers-for-hire to get work done for you and which tasks you should ALWAYS outsource — Page 59

The Truth About Licensed PLR...

 How I Banked $6,128 In Revenue From Purchasing A $97 Digital Product Resell License — Page 60

  • Why deploying the E.A.E Affiliate Formula will maximize your long-term affiliate commissions — Page 62
  • The 2 most effective types of affiliate offers for evergreen, passive commission — Page 63
  • DANGER! This mistake has trashed many affiliate businesses — what it is, how to avoid it and what to do instead — Page 66
  • The #1 most straightforward source of great affiliate offers to promote — Page 68
  • How NOT to get caught out promoting products on this one type of platform — Page 69
  • Profit from “hidden” affiliate programs — why some vendors use them and how to find them — Page 69
  • A LOVELY email trick to avoid swamping your inbox (works in Gmail, Outlook and most other systems) — Page 71
  • Can “Deep Commission” really multiply commissions? Yes, it can, and here are the numbers to prove it — Pages 71-73

YES! I Want My FREE Copy...

I understand limited run full color copies are still available. Please ship mine to my doorstep — immediately!

Clockwork Commissions With Automated Email Marketing

What if you had simple, commission-grabbing, fill-in-the-blanks email templates to send to your growing list?

And what if you could easily RECYCLE and AUTOMATE email marketing to make the entire process a breeze?

That’s exactly what you’ll see revealed in this section:

  • 80% of EVERYTHING you’ll ever need to know about email marketing (seriously) — Pages 81-88
  • How to automate your email while you sit back, PLUS — why you should spend 90% of your time on just one type of email if you’re beginning — Page 82
  • The FIRST THING you must do to monetize new subscribers (Hint: use this “Cialdini style” fill-in-the-blanks template) — Page 82
  • Open Up! Use this proven subject line trick to skyrocket your open rates (Hint: it’s NOT the prefix “RE:” or what you’re probably thinking) — Page 83
  • Eliminate buyer resistance and “fence-sitting prospects” with this copy and paste template proven to boost commissions and sales — Page 84
  • ERROR! Avoid this misconception that 60%+ of newcomers make to lift commissions during the first 5 days after acquiring a new lead — Page 84
  • The #1 powerful secret to trust-building emails (you won’t believe how simple it is — or the screenshot of the raving feedback!) — Page 85
  • A 3-word subject line to send your email open rate through the roof (use sparingly) — Page 85
  • How to quickly develop “marketing eyes” to identify attention grabbing and profit-pulling email tactics — Page 87
  • This email recycling tactic saves time and allows you to get evergreen benefit from any email you send — Page 87

How To Drive Thousands Of Targeted Visitors Using Traffic Methods That Actually Work For Affiliate Marketing

Do you struggle with traffic?

Or have you ever had that sickening feeling of getting traffic, only to find it just won’t produce sales or commissions?

We dispel traffic myths and reveal how to use the methods that top affiliates use to get traffic quickly and convert it into profit in this section:

  • REVEALED: The futile “traffic delusion” that cripples the businesses of affiliate marketing newcomers — and what successful marketers do instead — Page 74
  • The simple ____ ____ strategy to use if you want free targeted traffic today and how one of my clients uses it successfully as his primary source of traffic — Page 76
  • Avoid the time suck of aimless blogging, social media posting and content creation by going where the traffic already is — Page 76
  • Zero-to-500 Subscribers: The free traffic source I used to do this (it works better today than ever) — Page 77
  • How my client Laura generated free traffic from Elle, the Daily Mail, Grazia and other national publications — Page 77
  • One traffic strategy NEVER to rely on — it sucks newcomers in and robs their time — here’s what to do instead — Page 77
  • Paid ads on tiny budgets like you’ve NEVER seen them before — are they right for you? Find out here — Page 78
  • 45-Second “Magnetic Images”: Use this 100% FREE tool to create super high-converting ad images (an excellent method that works time after time) — Page 79
  • 3 high-converting traffic sources and how to quickly know the best one for you. — Page 80

How To Attract ‘Chomping At The Bit’ Buyers With Nano Products — The Secret Weapon Of Affiliate Marketing

Do you feel bogged down online?

Have you ever felt frustrated that you don’t seem to be much further than you were 6 months ago?

Low-friction, high-desire offers that are super-quick to deploy are one of the best ways to bypass this and get fast online results:

  • How to EASILY overcome the #1 mental hurdle beginners have when it comes to selling online — Page 90
  • 14 wasted months! — Avoid this awful error my client made before coming to me for help — Page 90
  • How to get red-hot buyers using low-friction nano products, plus 5 other mind-blowing benefits — Page 91

$35,983 From A Simple PDF:

5 Types Of Nano Product To Sell With Zero Expertise Or Subject Matter Knowledge

Just one example of a nano product from my business (see many more in your EPI Book):

You’ll learn how to deploy these methods online without any experience or subject matter knowledge whatsoever:

  • The priceless insight of how to get traffic, sales and commissions without experience or subject matter knowledge — Page 94
  • Why (counterintuitively) people DON’T pay for information and what they DO pay for (this single insight can be worth thousands in your business) — Page 95
  • The strangest, oddest pattern-interrupt headline you’ll probably ever see and how it attracts paying customers like a magnet — Page 96
  • The power of positioning and how to do it the simple way — Page 97
  • The “9,000 targeted subscribers for $90 invested” list-building strategy — Page 97
  • Did this “_____ Strategy” based on 100% FREE online content really make so many sales and positive customer feedback? Yes, it did. Discover how here — Page 98
  • Case Study: The exact strategy I used to turn $300 into 1,000+ sales in a week — and an additional 4,000+ months later — Pages 99-102
  • Zero to $10K in 12 weeks — The strategy used by my client Kevin to do this without ANY previous online experience — Page 102
  • FREE website that allows you to build super-simple time-saving nano products in minutes — Page 103

YES! I Want My FREE Copy...

I understand limited run full color copies are still available. Please ship mine to my doorstep — immediately!

4,967 Sold In 8 Days:

How To Create A ‘Buying Frenzy’ Using The 5-Step Irresistible Desire Formula That Almost FORCES Prospects To Buy

Another example from my business shows how powerful it can be when you “dial into desire”:

Learn these potent tactics to fan the flames of desire for more traffic, sales and affiliate commissions:

  • How to avoid “polishing a turd” (apologies) and what to do instead — Page 105
  • The simple “____” technique to create INSTANT desire for virtually any niche or product topic — Pages 106
  • The 18-word hook that transformed this incredibly dull topic into a brilliantly enticing offer — Page 107
  • Render much bigger, more established competitors IRRELEVANT — without any marketing budget — Page 108
  • Get red-hot sales angles using this 3-word phrase based on the “Elmer Wheeler Principle” — Page 108
  • More potent than benefits? Yes, this is. PLUS — discover how to deploy it without any words at all — Page 109

REVEALED: The Secret Sales System Responsible For 72,000+ Online Sales — Plus Countless Referred Affiliate Commissions

Imagine you could sell virtually anything in any online niche…

…and do so without subject matter knowledge or experience?

I guarantee (literally, or your money back) you’ll not find a more straightforward plug-in-the-ingredients system that works like rocket fuel to get online sales.

Get ready to discover:

  • How to create frenzied buying activity using these 7 key conversion elements that sell virtually anything online, even if you’ve NEVER made a sale or commission before — Page 113
  • The fool-proof 3-Word Headline Formula that creates instant desire, no matter what your market or topic is — Page 114
  • How to get all the sales copy you’ll ever need for FREE online — Page 115
  • The neat 30-second trick to keep your marketing materials ready, waiting and accessible — Page 116
  • 3 EXTRA sales-grabbing elements to add to your web page — plus how to know when and where you need them — Page 116
  • How to stand out (even in highly competitive markets) using this sourcing formula — Page 117
  • Throw gasoline on the flames of desire with the 5-Step Narration Method that “locks in” sales in any profitable niche — Page 118
  • Short on inspiration? Just do these 2 things — Page 119

Funnel Magic: How To 3x Revenue And Get Even More Traffic

What if there was a 5-minute tactic that DOUBLED revenue?

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Until you discover it’s actually a real-life result straight from my business.

You’ll see the EXACT details in your EPI book — and that’s just to whet your appetite in this section:

  • MUST SEE: Use this 65-word “bump” offer that needs no product creation and converts 1 in 3 buyers. Use it straight out of the box, as shown on this page — Page 120
  • 20-Minute “Zero Upfront Work” offers (GREAT for those who don’t have a lot of time but still want to boost revenue per visitor) — Page 121
  • Why increasing your AOV will give you more traffic, sales and commissions, and how to do it — Page 121
  • Ethically steal this super sales tactic used by Amazon, McDonald’s, Interflora and others to boost revenue and commissions — Page 122
  • The 472 words of copy that led to a doubling in revenue  — Page 123
  • How to cash in on the 4 things that customers really want and need — Page 124
  • PLUS — How to never get bogged down by adopting the “Get The Rubber On The Road Principle” (includes real-life example) — Page 125

YES! I Want My FREE Copy...

I understand limited run full color copies are still available. Please ship mine to my doorstep — immediately!

How To Get Targeted, High-Converting Traffic By Leveraging OPLs — Other People’s Lists

Time for more traffic!

Besides the traffic methods we’ve already discussed, we move on to leveraging other people’s audiences and lists.

Zero marketing budget is required, and I specifically share how many of my clients have received heaps of traffic with no previous experience:

  • 3 must-know benefits of this additional traffic source (great if you want to build a list quickly at ZERO cost) — Page 126
  • Why it doesn’t matter if you’re brand new and how to leverage other people’s lists regardless — Page 127
  • The Traffic Escalator Method — PLUS — 3 real-life examples of how it’s led to thousands of targeted visitors — Page 128
  • Word-for-word breakdown: The “5-Minute Magic Contact Template” used by my clients and myself to source thousands of hungry-to-buy customers — Page 130
  • The 13-word “FBI hostage negotiation” phase that unlocks traffic — even if you’re starting out with no experience — Page 131
  • The “80/20 Rule Of Traffic” and how to use it to get more traffic for less effort — Page 132

The Real Secret

It’s almost a wrap — but not quite.

Finally, we cover the overarching philosophy and practical insights for success:

  • How to harness the valuable lesson I learned aged 16 while working in a car repair shop — Page 133
  • 12 words of wisdom that melts overwhelm, confusion and frustration — Page 133
  • The Real Secret: The ONE thing to remember for stellar online success — Page 134
  • The Ultimate Motivation? You decide — Page 135

Phew! As you can see, there literally isn’t any room for fluff or filler content — only pure value.

At this point, you may be wondering:

“Sounds great, Rob — but does it work in different niches?”

Great question.

The simple answer is “Yes” — on the condition that the niche in question is profitable*.

(*if you haven’t got a profitable niche yet, your EPI book will show you how to find one that’s right for you)

You’ll also see in your book:

Case Studies And Examples In 20+ Profitable Niches, Including:

  • Photography
  • Weight Loss
  • Retirement
  • Dog Training
  • Stress
  • Confidence
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Copywriting
  • Meditation
  • Investing
  • Golf
  • Forex Trading
  • Real Estate
  • Parenting
  • Fishing
  • Careers
  • Women’s Dating
  • Internet Marketing
  • History
  • Detox
  • Alternative Health

Still not sure if the book is worth your time?

Let me put it like this:

The EPI Book Is For You If You Can Answer “YES” To One Or More Of The Following Questions…

  • Are you looking for a side-income or salary replacement by building your own online business?
  • Are you keen on affiliate marketing but unsure of where to start?
  • Do you feel you lack the skills to create and sell your own digital product?
  • Have you previously tried and failed at affiliate marketing?
  • Are you SICK of info-overload and chasing shiny objects, and just want a simple, step-by-step proven roadmap?
  • Are you looking to accelerate your existing affiliate marketing or digital products business?

If one or more of the above applies to you, you should immediately claim your copy of the EPI Book and try it out for yourself.

YES! I Want My FREE Copy...

I understand limited run full color copies are still available. Please ship mine to my doorstep — immediately!

You Do Not Need Any Of The Following To Get Started Today…

  • You don’t need an email list
  • You don’t need your own products
  • You don’t need existing expertise or subject-matter knowledge
  • You don’t need to know what your market niche is

But you do need some time, effort, and tenacity. As I mentioned above, this is about you building a REAL business — these methods are not for the lazy.

Warning: Do Not Buy Any Book Or Training On Affiliate Marketing Unless It Meets the Following Criteria:

  1. 1
    It explains how to avoid the most common pitfalls that hinder your progress and cause most affiliate marketers to struggle or even fail.
  2. 2
    It demonstrates the perfect formula for finding super-profitable niches ideal for you — in as little as 30 minutes.
  3. 3
    It shows you how to identify and laser-target the deepest and most visceral desires in any online market.
  4. 4
    It illustrates how to get passive income that lasts for months, even years, using techniques almost no one else uses.
  5. 5
    It describes how to get as much traffic as you want, profitably and efficiently, for maximum conversion on the best types of affiliate offers.
  6. 6
    It demonstrates time-saving techniques for getting started quickly and growing your revenue.
  7. 7
    It was created by someone with years of success that has helped others succeed from scratch and shows up-to-date, tried-and-true strategies to conquer today’s online world.

What’s The Catch? And WHY Am I Revealing This Secret System?

First, there are no catches, no gimmicks, no hidden fees — and no recurring charges.

What you see on this page is EXACTLY what you get: your EPI book shipped to your door, plus bonuses, all backed with my ironclad guarantee (details below).

Why am I doing this?

Several reasons:

1. To hold the door open for others — It might sound corny, but I’ll never forget my early struggle to become successful online, and I know you may well share this experience.

I wanted to take the opportunity to write the book I wished I’d had when I started online.

2. Lay out my “welcome mat” — The best way to attract new, happy, loyal customers is to put out my welcome mat with an incredibly well-priced offer, then massively over-deliver.

That’s exactly what my EPI book does.

3. The market is massive — Sharing my system will have no adverse impact on my own revenue.

The market for affiliate products is massive and continues to grow fast. So, plenty of room exists for more action takers (like you) to take advantage.

Order Now And Get These Free Bonuses...

Bonus #1: EPI Implementation Masterclass

Watch On Any Device – Desktop, Laptop, Tablet Or Phone

To help you get started building EPI streams, this exclusive 64-minute video training will help you personalize the roadmap to your specific circumstances.

There is no need to have read your EPI book before watching because I walk you through an overview of the system before helping you develop your action place to make things happen.

Bonus #2: EPI Monthly Income Goal Calculator

Downloadable To Your Device

Leave guesswork and "hope marketing" behind — knowing the numbers behind your business is essential for success in today's online world. 

This downloadable monthly income goal calculator is pre-loaded with benchmark conversion numbers that you can tweak to see expected monthly profit, under different assumptions. No math PhD required — this calculator makes it easy!

You Have Zero Risk — My 30-Day Ironclad, Money-Back Guarantee

You have 100% peace of mind and zero risk when you order today.

If you aren’t entirely thrilled with your EPI book, contact me within 30 days, and I’ll refund your shipping and handling cost. Plus, you can keep your book.

That’s not a typo — you don’t even need to return the book.

Sure, some people might take advantage, but that’s okay. Your peace of mind is my top priority.

YES! I Want My FREE Copy...

I understand limited run full color copies are still available. Please ship mine to my doorstep — immediately!

Claim your copy of your EPI Book now — it’s 100% risk-free.

If you aren’t thrilled and excited by the opportunity your EPI book presents and don’t feel a HUGE confidence uplift…

…just send me a simple email and everything will go back to how it is now.

You’ll receive:

1. Your payment, returned to you in full.

2. A “thanks for trying it out” email reply.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain — the risk is quite literally all on me.

Let’s Be Brutally Honest… Your Current Plan Has Landed You Exactly Where You Are Now

And if you’re genuinely happy with that, then more power to you.

But if you want more — a faster, more comfortable ride to success that breaks the shackles of overwhelm, then claim your copy of EPI immediately.

This outrageous offer means thousands of people will be discovering this roadmap and strategies.

And that’s great — because they will always be powerful, no matter how many people are using them.

The question is: do YOU want to be one of them?

A gentle warning:

You Are Urged NOT To Wait To Place Your Order — Here’s How You Could Lose If You Do:

This special offer is under daily review and may change at any time.

These changes may include increasing the price, removing bonuses, or shutting it down entirely.

I have done this with my offers time and again because I’m constantly testing and adjusting.

Alternatively, stock may simply run out!

Simply put, if you procrastinate and come back tomorrow, this special offer could be gone.

Remember, it’s 100% risk-free. So there’s no way you can lose by acting now.

The only way to lose is to bookmark this page and come back later, only to find the price has risen, the bonuses have disappeared, or it’s closed altogether.

Click the button below to act now:

YES! I Want My FREE Copy...

I understand limited run full color copies are still available. Please ship mine to my doorstep — immediately!

To your success,

Rob Cornish

* P.S. (For “Skippers”)

Welcome to the “P.S.” section :)

If you’ve skipped here from the top (no worries — I do it too), here’s a handy summary:

1. I’m sending you a physical copy of my Evergreen Passive Income book.

2. You’ll receive instant access to the bonuses listed above.

3. There’s no catch, no gimmicks, no hidden fees — and no recurring charges…

AND it’s 100% risk-free for you today…

Rock-solid 30-day guarantee: Try out the book, and if you aren’t entirely thrilled, contact me within 30 days for a full refund — no questions asked.

Place your order now and do something today that your future self will thank you for.

** P.P.S. (Fair Warning)

The only way to lose is to FAIL to act now.

Here’s why:

This offer is available for a limited time only.

I frequently make changes to my offers based on testing results data.

So, by procrastinating and intending to return later, you risk:

#1: Price increases (I’ve done this on offers many times.)

#2: Losing out on bonuses (sometimes I switch them to paid products)

#3: Offer removal (I could be preparing to take it down now)

Remember, you have ZERO RISK with my 30-day guarantee.

Don’t miss your copy of EPI by NOT acting now.

I won’t let you down. See you inside!


Q: What exactly will I get when I order?

You’ll get your softcopy EPI book shipped to your door, plus the online bonuses listed above.

Q: Who is the EPI book for?

The EPI book is for you if you’re looking to replace time-for-money activities with reliable online income that is primarily passive and evergreen.

Passive — minimal ongoing maintenance once set up

Evergreen — long-lasting, for months and often years

EPI is especially for you if:

  • You’re keen on affiliate marketing but aren’t sure where to start
  • You feel you don’t have the skills to create your own digital product
  • You’ve previously tried and failed with affiliate marketing
  • You’re sick of info-overload, “loopholes”, and chasing shiny objects
  • You’re looking to accelerate your existing affiliate marketing/digital products business

Q: Who is the EPI book NOT for?

If you’re looking for a “push button” solution where you do next to nothing for untold benefits, then my EPI book will not help you.

EPI is a real system and business that’s not for anyone dreaming of getting rich overnight.

Hopefully, this sounds like common sense. But it’s worth stating explicitly if push-button dreamers do find this page.

Q: Can I get the digital and audiobook versions of EPI?

Yes, these are available for a small additional fee during checkout.


Q: Is this really "beginner friendly"?

Yes, everything is detailed from first principles with no prior knowledge assumed.

Even the intermediate and advanced topics we cover in the later chapters follows this simple approach. 

Also, one of the themes throughout Evergreen Passive Income is to dispel myths, challenges and roadblocks. So if you've struggled previously, you'll find a fresh approach that allows you to gain clarity on the exact steps required to creating a success affiliate marketing and digital products business. 

Q: How is this different from other books and stuff out there?

A: Firstly, unlike many books, this EPI book is not a wafer-thin, content-light pamphlet designed only to sell you something you don’t want or need.

Instead, it’s a step-by-step roadmap based on 10+ years of running my own online business as my primary source of income for our family.

You’ll discover many insights, systems and techniques that can be cherry-picked for starting and growing your own business or used as a complete system.

Secondly, the recipe of affiliate marketing and nano products will open your eyes to getting started and growing your business rapidly.

Q: When will my book arrive in the mail?

A: Please allow up to 2–10 working days for your book to arrive, depending on your location.

We'll mail your book the same working day or the next one after you order it.


Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. Just email to receive a courteous, timely refund — no questions asked.

Q: Is it really a good time to start a business in this environment?

First, the human mind is brilliant at providing endless reasons not to do things!

Too often, this phenomenon leads to endless procrastination — always waiting until the “right time”, which often never arrives.

Life is short, and the best time to start your business is NOW.


Second, while the traditional economy follows the normal business cycle (“boom and bust” to put it crudely), the digital economy has shown remarkable resilience to power on regardless.

Research & Marketing and Forbes forecast e-learning to grow a whopping 203.7%, from $107 billion in 2015 to $325 billion in 2025.

One of the pandemic's few positives is that it has acted as a catalyst for digital trends already in play.

There is no time like the present to seize opportunities!


Q: What if I’m not an expert in anything and don’t have an email list?

Then this is EXACTLY the book for you.

First, the book shows you the two main ways to build your list: how and what to do.

I started with zero expertise and without a list, just like every successful online business.

As with many things in business and life, some challenges can seem unconquerable until you learn the insights and strategies that others have used to dissolve them.

So, expect a lot of good stuff within EPI on “I haven’t got a list!” and “I’m not an expert in anything!”

I wrote EPI from first principles, with no assumptions. So, rest assured you’re in good hands.


Q: Will EPI teach me how to get traffic?

Yes! I discuss traffic in detail in various places within EPI. And after reading it, you can expect to be much more confident and knowledgeable about driving traffic to your web pages.

Please check out some of the bullet points above that deal with traffic.


Q: I’m not very technical — can I still do this?

Good news — I'm not technical and the vast majority of my successful customers and clients aren't either!

It is understandable that if you’ve never done it before, the prospect of, for example, setting up a web page can feel like a terrifying task!

But in reality, it’s only a series of simple steps requiring you to point and click to complete each one.

No coding or similar skills are required — you need only an open mind to learn new skills.

If you really don't want to get involved in web page set up then you have the option of paying a few dollars to get a freelancer to do the job for you.

Q: Will this work for any niche?

EPI works in all the major profitable markets, such as Health, Wealth, Relationships, and most sub-niches.

There are some smaller less profitable niches where it might be tricky because sufficient affiliate programs are simply not available. But these are generally the exception to the rule.

Check out the list of niches that are included in the book, above on this page.


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You should remember that the vast majority of people earn nothing as a result of taking business training. This is true in all sorts of fields – for example only a fraction of people lose weight after buying a diet plan book. It is therefore safe to assume “average earnings” are zero. This could be for a variety of reasons including, but certainly not limited to, a failure to implement and follow through with the consistent work that is required. Even when consistent work is applied any business is inherently risky. Projects often fail and result in no earnings or even losses. Since this is the nature of business, if you feel uncomfortable with this risk factor then please don’t consume any of our free or paid training and other products.