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Hi, Rob Cornish here and I hope you're well and keeping well?

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Also, you'll get instant access to over 60 live recordings waiting for you now inside the Elevate members area.

They're all packed with potent strategies, tactics and "lessons from trenches". other words, what REALLY works to generate you consistent online income.

Whether you're starting up, been struggling for a while or have a fully established online business, you'll find what you need to transition rapidly to consistent profit. 

Specifically, Elevate will help you to leave behind guesswork, "hope marketing" and wasted effort and replace it will clarity, confidence and momentum.

Imagine what this would do for you, your business, your life?

But this is just the tip of the iceberg when you become an Elevate member.

It doesn't matter if you're brand new, have struggled in the past or wish to ramp up profits in your existing business.

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Your Elevate Membership also includes:

  • Evergreen Affiliate Marketing Intensive - Go behind the scenes to see every detail of how I bring in thousands in monthly affiliate commissions and how to set the system up yourself.
  • Lead Generation - Your email list is the lifeblood of your business so this section is dedicated to building your audience and list.
  • 6 Cash Flow Offers - Deploy rapid offers for short term revenue. Ideal for budget building to spend on better tools, paid advertising, or something nice!
  • 1K+ Flagship Program - Launch online courses to leverage your time and reach more customers. Create and sell list building mini-courses to fully fledged premium priced training.
  • Continuity Coach Flagship Program - Set up recurring income so you can sell once and get paid each month. I’ve been paid like this twice a month, without fail, since 2011. Let me take you behind the scenes and show you how to get it set up.
  • Premium Enrolment Flagship Program - Like courses and subscription programs, coaching is booming! Learn how to get paid for coaching 1:1 via Zoom or in a group webinar setting.
  • Small Projects - Lightweight lucrative projects that are fun, rapid and refreshingly simple.
  • FB Ads Traffic & Conversion - Facebook Ads are a great way to drive traffic. Over 12 modules I show you how to set up and run FB ads for list building and sales. As always I show you examples and case studies from my own business so you can actually see what works.
  • Insights Vault - Useful tips, tricks and shortcuts that don’t really fit elsewhere :-)
  • VIP Email Support - No gatekeepers, submit your question via email for a personal answer or within the members area to have me answer in the live coaching.

Most $3,000-$5,000 Programs Cover Only A Fraction Of What You’re Getting Today With Your Elevate Membership...

Above all you should know that ALL of this is exactly what has made me and my most successful clients real money using the internet.

In this respect, Elevate is completely different to the myriad of courses, memberships and programs out there that teach just theory and hypothetical “do what I say, not what I do” strategies.

Elevate is all “from the trenches” and show you exactly how to deploy strategies that are proven to get result income generating results..

Special Bonus When You Register Today

Under it all lies your mindset and attitude. 

This foundation determines the level of success and happiness you enjoy your business and life.

Join myself and Chris Payne for this epic 2+ hours intensive, filmed LIVE before an exclusive group of online entrepreneurs.

To begin, you'll discover 14 simple - but incredibly powerful - strategies myself and Chris use to feel happy, productive and focused every day.

I reveal things in this session that I've never discussed in public before - it's a real eye opener.

Chris has a long history in the self improvement market and brings many fantastic insights for you to harness immediately after watching the session.

Finally, you'll see the Q&A from the live audience and our advice on topics ranging from...

  • Perfectionism
  • The feeling of not being good enough
  • Other people's comments and judgement
  • Past failure
  • Overwhelm
  • Doubting your self-belief

It's all too easy to dismiss "mindset stuff" but ultimately this is the exact fuel that has led to millions of dollars of sales in our businesses and cherry-picking these methods for yourself is worth its weight in gold.

Quite simply, this is not to be missed.

Take a look at some of the completely unsolicited comments and feedback from those lucky enough to attend live...

"That was a literally a 'life-changing webinar' for me in so many ways, particularly on the procrastination front." C.K

"Thank you so much Chris & Rob for the fantastic meeting! Great ideas and very inspirational!" K.W

"It's been brilliant, thank you both." B.S

"Many thanks to you both - this has been really inspiring and motivating - just what I needed!" L.H

"I can’t believe how timely this was. Just this morning, I was feeling so overwhelmed... This was amazing! It actually turned my thinking around! Thank you!!!" V.P

"Inspiring, in these uncertain times. Mindset, makes or breaks... and no time like the present." S.A

"Very inspiring, sympathetic, and positive." P.N.

"Ten out of ten is wonderful! Thank you." C.K

...and this is just a selection of the raving comments we received. Another reason why I have featured it so much on this page.

You'll receive this this epic High Performance Mindset bonus as soon as you register for Elevate below.

Questions & Answers

Nothing is exhaustive and neither is what you see below, so if you have a question that isn’t covered, please email

Q: Rob, will you personally review my product/landing page/sales copy/etc?
A: Yes. You can watch me do this in our live coaching sessions (you can submit questions in advance, watch the recordings and/or attend live). Alternatively, this service is available on email. However, good you get at online marketing you will always have blind spots so getting an expert pair of eyes to review your stuff is something I’d highly recommend.

Q: Does the Elevate members area work on tablet and mobile?
Yes - all you need is an internet connection. All video training and file downloads work on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Here’s a snapshot:

Q: Are the training and coaching videos in HD?
Yes, 1080p HD to be precise - this is the default. If you are on a slower connection (e.g., at a hotel) then you can watch at a lower quality.

Q: Can I speed up the training and coaching videos?
Yes, you can. All the training is very “informationally dense” so take care not to miss anything!

Q: What if I can’t attend the Elevate coaching sessions live?
We already have Elevate members located around the world and we all lead busy lives so it’s inevitable this will happen. Full recordings of all live sessions are posted in the members area the day after they take place. So if you can’t make a session or just don’t want to attend live you can just login and click play whenever you like. Plus you can also submit questions in advance and then watch me answer them on the recording at your convenience.

Q: I have some real issues with regards to implementing some of the technical stuff so can you help me with this?
The technical side is explained in the courses to a large extent although not everything is "click here, copy that there, press this button". The main reason for this is that most systems (Wordpress, email systems etc) have their own fairly comprehensive training videos which are always more up to date than I could ever manage. Having said that, I do show a fair bit inside Elevate, there is more coming depending upon demand and you have full support via email - to if you get stuck just get in touch!

Q: Do you need to have a current website?
You don't need a current email list or website. There are many "advanced" strategies and methods that I share in Elevate but in general all the training assumes no knowledge or "web assets" (like websites, landing pages, sales pages etc) whatsoever. There are new people starting out all the time as well as seasoned business owners who are looking to take things to the next level. All of Elevate's content is designed with both groups in mind. Also, it's perhaps worth noting the support (email) and the coaching sessions where you have the opportunity to sit back, absorb the questions and answers from other members who are similar to you. Plus of course, when you would like, get your own questions answered too.

Q: What tools do I need to get started from scratch?
The base case is domain ($10/year), autoresponder (I recommend Aweber $20/month but you could use a free one), hosting (price depends but say $5-$10/month), something to create web pages (I recommend Thrive Architect $70/year I think from memory). Anything else is really up to you, obviously there are so many tools out there but you don't need a lot when starting out and there are many free options which are great. Ultimately, remember this is a business and any business has some costs, however low!

Q: I’m a beginner, will Elevate be too advanced for me?
Absolutely not: it’s true that we cover a lot of intermediate and advanced strategies in Elevate including many methods and tactics that I’ve never revealed before. I'm not one for dumbing down; we need to get to what's real and what really makes money.

This said, I show you *everything* in a very easy to understand way and with plenty of examples and/or case studies.

Everything in Elevate (from the big Flagship Programs of 1K+, Continuity coach and Premium Enrolment to the smaller projects and Cash Flow Offers) is taught with no knowledge is assumed. If you're a beginner then you'll get a HUGE amount from it including strategies and tactics that have taken me years to learn and refine. It’s a massive shortcut for you.

Q: Is there access to everything straight away or is it drip fed?
The Flagship Programs (1K+, Continuity Coach and Premium Enrolment) roll out module-by-module every 4 days. The first module for each is live when you first join. Just email support if you wish to have everything as soon as you log in. All other training (of which there is a lot) is instantly available as soon as you join.

Q: When are the live group calls?
Every two weeks. We have people around the world so it’s impossible to pick a time that suits everyone. However, you can pre-submit questions and watch the recordings. So, for example, you could spend 2 minutes submitting a question and then check back later and see me answer it in the recording of our group session. It’s entirely up to you!

Q: Does Elevate cover profitable niches?
There are a myriad of examples from different profitable niches used to illustrate the methods and strategies that we go through: I always like to use case studies and real life examples where I can. This is true for all the major Flagship Programs (1K+, Continuity Coach, Premium Enrolment) and in other areas of Elevate. Also, the Elevate Coaching and email support is there if you would like to validate market ideas or would like some direction as to which area and what topics would suit best. In my experience finding a profitable market niche isn't difficult - if in doubt just get in touch!

Q: I can’t afford it?
I completely understand. In your own business you’ll find that whatever price you charge ($37 or $7,000) there will always be people who can afford it and people who can’t. My advice is to only invest in things that your business budget can accommodate: Never get into debt or stretch yourself into a financially unstable position. This business (like any business) is made ten times harder if you’ve created money stress for yourself. If you can’t afford to invest in coaching, training, courses or tools then use free material from the internet and work on building a budget for your business so you can invest later. I have designed Elevate to save you money and deliver tremendous value that simply isn’t available elsewhere: no need for $8,000 coaching programs which only cover a small amount anyway compared to Elevate.

Q: How do I cancel if I wish to leave Elevate?
Two ways… Login to the Elevate members area, click on the “My Account” link at the top right and then on “Cancel”. Alternatively, send an email to support. You are in full control at all times as you always should be in your business.

Q: I have another question, please can you help?
Yes, absolutely, just email and I'll be glad to help you.

Take action now and I'll look forward to welcoming you inside your Elevate members dashboard in a couple of minutes from now...

Best regards,

Rob Cornish

P.S. If you have any questions, please have no hesitation to get in touch directly at and I'll be very pleased to help you.