live webinar

6 Steps to Amazon Profits With Outsourcing

With Rob Cornish and Chris Payne

Thursday September 2nd 2021

8pm UK 3pm ET


Join Rob Cornish and master-marketer Christopher John Payne who will explain step-by-step how his client Jennie created her first eBook working as little as 5 minutes per day and got more than 700 downloads at Amazon within a 24 hour periodand how YOU can copy her success.

7 Things You'll Discover In This Webinar:

2 Fascinating People Who Are Making 6 Or 7 Figures A Year From Outsourcing Book Creation
how Jennie used 2 outsourced workers to help her create the eBook
The 2 super-cheap Fiverr ‘gigs’ that helped create the 700 downloads
How to find out which ebooks are selling like hot cakes on Amazon
Why ebooks with a small number of pages written quickly is the key to success
The 6 Simple Steps To Getting An Ebook Written For You
Why Most Outsourced Workers Do Poor Work And The 5-Step Process To Ensure You Use Top-Quality Writers Charging From $3 An Hour

Rob Cornish


Rob Cornish is an expert on coaching, digital product creation and online marketing. He's helped thousands of people around the world eager to turn their passions into profit via online courses, coaching, software and continuity programs.

Chris Payne


Chris Payne is obsessed with finding the easiest ways to make money with Amazon – steps that anyone can take with a few clicks of the mouse that cost no money or very little money with a guaranteed payback – all executed in minutes a day.