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Rob Cornish

What a wise move!

Congratulations and thank you.

If you’re watching this short video it’s because you just picked up Classic Copy Secrets.

And I’m excited because you now have a new ‘Secret Weapon’ for making online income.

Always remember that virtually everyone else looks inward to their competitors within their own market.

…which is why you see so much ‘copycat marketing’ around the internet.

Classic Copy Secrets is your ticket to break out by sourcing the techniques from the greatest legends who have ever lived.

Most importantly, you can use it to sell your own products and affiliate offers online in today’s marketplace.

But you might be wondering…

“Rob, that sounds great, but I do struggle in getting product ideas.”

Or perhaps you aren’t sure which sales angles, hooks and tactics to use in your promotions?

Or even, you may feel like you have ‘Not-Qualified Syndrome’...

...where you just don’t feel confident yet in your personal knowledge or expertise to create a product that people would actually want to buy.

Well, if you’re like me then one of the most inspiring and motivating things is to look at what other people have already accomplished.

Sadly, most coaches and digital marketers again ‘stay in their lane’ and only look within their own markets for this.

So with your permission, perhaps I could briefly challenge you?

When was the last time you sourced ideas from profitable niches like:

=> Dog Training
=> Women’s Dating
=> Social Anxiety
=> Wine
=> Golf
=> Interior Design
=> Growing Microgreens
=> Decluttering

If your answer is, “never” or “not recently” then there’s good news…

…because we cover all of those profitable online markets and more in Contemporary Copy.

Contemporary Copy is where we extract profit-pulling strategies and tactics from different online niches.

I created Contemporary Copy because some of the best ideas, motivation, confidence and inspiration I’ve ever found, are actually from different markets to my own.

Looking into other markets gives you a fresh perspective which can at times be truly inspiring.

It’s a superb source of ideas which you can ‘port back’ into your own business.

Sadly, as we know, it’s something that very few people do, or frankly have the time to do.

Which is another reason I wanted to create this advantage for you in Contemporary Copy.

Contemporary Copy is also served up in the easiest most digestible way possible with its nano-masterclass format.

Concise, straight-to-the-point video intensives with me on webcam and my screen shared, so you can follow along effortlessly as we delve into different offers across multiple markets.

I have bigger plans for Contemporary Copy, so by getting in now, you’ll not only save money but also get future updates for free.

Something that others will have to pay more for.

You’ll also benefit because this is the perfect complement for your income generating arsenal…

…while Classic Copy Secrets serves you with the copywriting and advertising legends of the past…

…Contemporary Copy is all about going ‘into the trenches’ of different online markets today.

Or to put it another way…

Contemporary Copy is like the warhead on your Classic Copy Secrets rocket!

Getting immediate access to Contemporary Copy is easy, just click the button below to add it to your order which will activate it for you in your members area.

Don’t miss out and pay more later, get it now at the best price with free future updates.

Click the button below now to activate Contemporary Copy in your members area and proceed…

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Feedback & Results From Rob's Clients...

Sue Dunlevie

"I’ve made so much money in a short amount of time with Rob’s advice. Elevate has already helped me sign up new clients, refine my current offers and develop a new offer which I expect to bring in mid 5-figures in revenue next month. Rob is great to work with and I cannot believe Rob supplies so much in one program – it’s truly amazing.”

Lloyd B.

"Reaching out to work with Rob is one of the best business decisions I’ve made. The return on investment has been immense – over $100k in sales in the first few months working together. I’ve also gained a newfound level of clarity, serenity and happiness which makes such a difference day-to-day. Rob’s the real deal and if you get the opportunity, I highly recommend working with him.

Cris Jones

"I engaged Rob and he guided me with understanding and skill – at the end of our time together my product went live and to date it has brought in around $15,000. Rob took the time to personally respond to every email I sent him, answering all my (probably) inane questions with patience. I cannot recommend Rob highly enough. He is extremely knowledgeable and a person of great integrity.”

Tabatha Burrell

"I’ve gone from never having run a business or making an online sale before to bringing in my initial group of clients and $3,007 revenue, on my first attempt. Rob’s coaching is truly outstanding, he’s guided me every step of the way, and my knowledge and confidence have soared which is a fantastic feeling.

Graham Bray

"I continue to be amazed by how much you give to your customers and clients. If you ever decide to create a Mastermind Group then count me in!!"

Laura Thomas

"Rob’s advice is clear, grounded and practical. I trust his opinion on everything and very much appreciate the depth and detail of content he produces. Thanks Rob!”

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