Brilliant Marketing In The Guitar NicheIf you’ve followed me online for a while you’ll know that my main hobby and top passion is playing the guitar.

As I type this post from my home office I have a Fender Stratocaster sitting about 4 feet away. And downstairs I have 4 more guitars too –  you could say I love them!

Given this, you won’t be surprised to learn that I subscribe to a few internet marketers in the guitar niche.

One of them is Doug Seven who focuses on teaching country and blues style playing.

I think I’ve been on his list for probably 4 years now and I open every email he sends me.

In fact, of all the people I’ve followed online in various niches, Doug Seven is one of the best examples of brilliant marketing I’ve ever seen.

Now I know you might not care about guitars at all let alone have an interest in learning how to play one but from a marketing perspective there is a huge amount to be learned from this guy.

To be clear this is not an affiliate promotion, pitch or recommendation for his products (although they are excellent!). Rather it’s a recommend to take a look at what Doug Seven does and how he makes so much money in a niche which is highly competitive (there are stacks of free “how to play guitar videos” on YouTube).

To see what I’m talking about I’d suggest you do 2 things now:

1. Watch this video

2. If you would like to see the power of his emails and marketing in full subscribe to his list here at his squeeze page

My thoughts:

1. Doug has succeeded by listening to his customers wants and needs and selling into demand. How many marketers do you know who ignore your needs and just “broadcast” too you telling you what they think you should want rather than what you actually?

2. His enthusiasm is huge and infectious. You can tell he loves his subject and genuinely loves teaching as well.

3. He’s totally up front about making money in his business and uses that as social proof for why you should buy too.

4. He’s down to earth in his style. Don’t you think he’d be just like he is in his videos if you met him in person?

5. He’s a master of implementing the “6 Weapons Of Influence” in a way that is a pleasure to read and watch (you’ll see this over time if you join his list). I’ll bet he’s never read the brilliant book on this though!

Of course, you might be thinking, “Well I don’t play the guitar or am not an expert in anything particular so I couldn’t do this!”

Well as we’ve covered several times on the blog (here and here for example) you don’t need to be an expert to make money.

The value in studying Doug’s work is not in the fact that he is an expert guitar player but instead to learn from his communication (emails & video), his straightforward but highly persuasive style and marketing techniques. You can apply this stuff in any niche, creating products where you or someone else is the expert, with emails, videos or audio and affiliate marketing too.

Take a look at the video I linked to above and let me know what stands out for you. Please Like/Tweet this to help spread the word if you enjoyed this post and drop a comment below 🙂