I’m Investing In Bitcoin: Watch Me Buy, Send, Sell And Cash Out!

[UPDATE Dec 22nd, 2016: Would you believe it? The service I show you in the video,, has stopped facilitating the direct buying and selling of Bitcoin. They are now recommending Coinbase instead. Hope this post still helps you in understanding the basics on Bitcoin though.]

Obviously this is quite different to the usual internet marketing stuff I post about on this blog.

But it’s something that interests me so I thought I’d share it with you too 🙂

First, here’s a short video I made for you:

And some more info on why I’m doing this…

1. I’m Investing In Bitcoin

Specifically, I’m putting a very small percentage of my personal investment portfolio in bitcoin and holding that for the long term (i.e. years, not weeks or months).

You might call this a punt.

I’m quite prepared to wake up one day and learn that Bitcoin has disappeared off the face of the planet and my coins are worth nothing.

If so that’s fine – I won’t lose sleep and my lifestyle won’t be affected because I’m not betting “the house” (which I wouldn’t do on anything anyway).

>> Never invest more than you’re prepared to lose <<

On the other hand, maybe bitcoin won’t go to zero and I personally believe there is a good probability that its price will experience a very large rise over the longer term.

2. What Is Bitcoin?

It’s a currency which is created and held electronically.

It’s decentralised meaning that unlike normal currencies such as dollars, euros and yen it isn’t controlled by any central bank, government or group of individuals. It also has very low transaction fees which is one of its major advantages.

Here’s a reasonable helpful beginner’s guide on Coindesk’s website: (all links in this post open in a new window).

3. Why Bitcoin’s Price Could Rise

This is purely my opinion and nothing more. This is not financial advice and I’m not qualified to give any. Do your own research and take responsibility for your own investments.

With the health warning out of the way, here’s where I see the upside in bitcoin’s price:

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How I Generated 68,738 Visitors & Survey Results

As you probably saw, I sent out a couple of emails to my internet marketing newsletter subscribers asking:

“When it comes to creating and launching your own product, what do you see as the biggest single challenge?”

I gave these options:


First of all I’d like to say a BIG THANK YOU if you voted, I’ve always found that for some reason only a minority of people bother to participate in surveys like these so I appreciate it if you took the time!

And if you didn’t, of course that’s okay too… I hope you still get value from this write up 🙂

In this blog post we’ll look at:

1) Why I ran this survey
2) Results summary
3) Solutions to the challenges

Let’s get cracking…

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4 Web Pages You Need And Where To Put Them

How many websites do you need? One for each product? Where does your blog and squeeze page fit in?

Just some of the questions answered here. Click PLAY Below:

Was this helpful? As always all views positive, negative, indifferent are welcome – please do drop a quick message below in the comments section 🙂 All the best, Rob.

How To Sell Simple Products To Make Money And Build A Buyers List

Please click PLAY below:

Links Mentioned:



Thrive Content Builder (Since enhanced and renamed “Thrive Architect”)

And here is a copy of the newsletter I sent to subscribers a few days ago:

SUBJECT: WarriorPlus Shutdown

Interesting news this morning…

I logged on to see that Mike Lantz, owner of the affiliate network is shutting down some of its older features including integration with the Warrior Forum:

warriorplus shutdown

2 points on this:

1) This is another nail in the coffin of the Warrior Forum (completely separate and independent from WarriorPlus), my blog post The Death Of The Warrior Forum from last year explains more if you’re interested.

2) The changes from Mike is a great reminder that launching low priced products remains one of the fastest and most powerful ways to build your email list.

And is an EXCELLENT place to get started and learn the ropes.

Basically, you do this:

(1) Create a simple product that solves ONE problem (30 page report, 5 video series, 60 minute audio interview)

(2) Put it on a sales page (I have to plug Thrive Content Builder here which I love and use for nearly everything)

(3) Set up the product in WarriorPlus.Com – free to do

(4) Email potential affiliates in a relaxed laid back way and simple ask if they think your product would be suitable for recommendation to their audience

[NOTE: This is how CUSTOMERS PAY FOR YOUR TRAFFIC – a customer purchases the product and some of that revenue automatically gets sent (by the affiliate network) to the affiliate as a reward for referring that customer]

In the last 3 weeks I’ve made well over 1,000 sales using this exact formula and multiple thousands more over the past few years.

You can too.

It’s that not hard and as always you’ll surprise yourself at just how much you are capable of *IF* you break it down and take it step by step.

If you feel completely intimidated by the above then start with a free offer.

This could be a 1 page cheat sheet, resource list (e.g., cool WordPress plugins or graphics tools), or even be some rebranded Private Label Rights.

You won’t get much traffic with a free offer because there’s no commission available to attract affiliates. But it’ll help you get started and learn the ropes.

It’s a simple, REAL way to get started building a monthly online income.

Even gurus with $10,000+ priced products know the power of this and launch budget “list building” products too. I have premium priced offers and do the same.

Any questions, hit reply and if there are common ones I’ll see if I can do a follow up newsletter to address them.

All the best,


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5 Squeeze Page Secrets

Just 5 little secrets…

Click PLAY On The Video Below:

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BIG Google Change (Hidden Agendas)

Did you see the change?

Google has dropped the ads in the right hand side of their search results:

Google-Right-Hand-Side-Ads-ChangesAlso, the maximum number of ads at the top has increased from 3 to 4.

Q: Why?

A: Google says, amongst other things, that the right hand side ads weren’t clicked on much anyway plus it wants to make the search results the same on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Most searches now happen on the latter which obviously doesn’t have a right hand “ad rail” anyway.

Q: Good News or Bad?

A: This is where you have to laugh a bit.

Let’s take the opinions from just 2 very successful marketers in the last 24 hours:

Marketer A: “This is the ‘final nail in SEO’s coffin’ because less natural listings are visible at the top of the search results.”

Marketer B: “GREAT news for SEO – 4 ads at the top mean users have to scroll down to see the natural listings which are more trusted over the ads – so more clicks on pages in the lower ranking results.”

Different views but also different agendas because guess what …

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The Ultimate Headline? (SUPERB Example)

I snapped this on my phone at the weekend:

The Ultimate Headline

Here’s why it’s superb marketing:

1) Social Proof + New
If everyone’s talking about something it MUST be worth knowing, right?


But this doesn’t just deliver a huge bolt of social proof, it also implies that this diet must be something new.

And that’s powerful because a common objection to most information products is the prospect thinking, “Mmm, I probably know this already – I’ll bet it’s just the same as XYZ.”

So by subtly implying the information is different/fresh/new we handle this objection right upfront.

2) Biggest Objections Answered
The sub-headline…. read more…

Fast Tip Friday: I Use This Almost Everyday

It’s Friday and I thought I’d share a little “trick” that I use almost everyday:

Click on the video below to watch (6+ mins):

Do you have any shortcuts or tricks of your own that you could share with us? I’d love to hear from you – all comments welcome good and bad, as always! Please do drop a quick comment below… Cheers, Rob 🙂

A Warning About Windows 10 – And Some Other Thoughts

It’s been 7 days since I upgraded to Windows 10.

Here’s a short video with my thoughts on it plus a warning about something you might like to consider after upgrading.

Click on the video below to watch (8 mins):

What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts and, as always, all views are welcome. Drop a quick comment below… Cheers, Rob 🙂