Your 12 Months Of Altitude Benefits And Live Coaching Are Almost Up!

But don’t worry - this letter from Rob explains how to retain all benefits and even secure TWO EXTRA valuable bonuses in the process…

From: Rob Cornish

Re: Maintaining Your Altitude Benefits

17 Jul 2024

Dear Highly-Valued Altitude Member,

Time flies!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since you joined Altitude.

Over this period, you’ve been abIe to enjoy Altitude’s main training, support, live coaching and industry-beating commission rates.

May I also take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for being part of Altitude - it’s been a real pleasure having you part of the community and I greatly appreciate your membership.

What Happens Now?

At this point, that is the obvious question.

I’ve received emails from many members asking this and enquiring if Altitude’s benefits can be extended in some way.

Before I get to that, let’s recap on the main advantages that Altitude gives you…


Backend Commission Benefits

First, Altitude’s backend commission benefits mean you earn commission for a whole year after making referrals into the system.

For example, when an EPI book customer you refer goes on to purchase Altitude itself, you earn $1,198.20 in commission.

Even if that’s a month, 3 months, 6 months, or even 12 months after your initial referral.

One reason this is such a money maker is because people often need to see an offer several times before they feel it’s right for them and the timing is right, based on their personal circumstances.

Another reason this is so powerful is because it amounts to 100% hands-free passive income for you as my business does ALL the heavy lifting - constantly working to convert your referred customers on the backend products.

That’s how many Altitude members have banked thousands by promoting the FREE + S&H book and other front-end products, then making commission automatically on the backend promotion.


Industry-Beating Commission Rates

Where else can you get 60% commission on a $1,997 product?

That’s literally unheard of in the affiliate marketing industry.

Yes, it’s just how we roll in Altitude.

When I created Altitude I wanted to give the biggest catalyst possible to members, especially those starting out.

With 60-85% on front-end products and $10 bonuses for the FREE + S&H book, the high commission rates give you a huge advantage compared to “going it alone” with affiliate marketing.


Quality Training, Coaching & Products

Judge this for yourself.

After all:

  • You’ve read the EPI Book
  • Been through Altitude’s Main Training
  • Watched the Live Business Growth Coaching Sessions.

Ask yourself honestly - how does it stack up compared with products and services you’ve experienced elsewhere?

You’ve probably used the email support too - how was that?

What I can tell you is that quality can become one of the biggest keys to your success.

Surround yourself with it and you naturally raise your game.

You become a magnet for subscribers, customers and conversions.

Subscribers and customers greatly appreciate it, giving you the long term business that will really transform your life.

That’s another reason why being in Altitude is such a smart move.


Live Business Growth Coaching 

It’s so easy to get sidetracked in your business and lose momentum.

It’s happened to all of us.

If you’re not careful you can end up losing months, even years, with very little progress to show for it.

The risk of this - stalling, getting derailed and wasting the coming weeks and months - is so much higher if you work alone.

That’s why we meet live online every two weeks.

Regular as clockwork.

So, if you’ve been derailed, demotivated or otherwise distracted, you have that positive energy of our live sessions to keep you on the path to success.

We cover many topics, strategies and methods, including:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Product Creation: Courses, Coaching & Nano Products
  • Traffic
  • Conversion
  • Tools & Apps
  • Mindset & Momentum
  • “What’s working now” insight
  • Behind the scenes in Rob’s business
  • Listen to Rob answer other members’ questions


The “Aladdin's Cave” - Live Coaching Recording Archive

We all have busy lives so it’s rarely possible to attend all the live Business Growth Coaching sessions.

In fact, you may actively prefer to watch the recordings which are posted for you shortly after each live session.

If so, that’s absolutely fine too (many other members do as well).

The ever growing archive of recordings is a massive resource for you and every single session is there for you at your fingertips.

Plus - the constantly updated index document, complete with timecodes, allows you to access any given topic quickly and easily.


VIP Marketing & Tech Support

One of the greatest ways to progress in your business is to get answers from real experts who’ve already accomplished what you’re trying to achieve.

Unfortunately, the reality of online “support desks” is pretty grim.

Long delays, one line answers, uneducated staff and even “AI Bots” filling in for real human expertise.

That’s why Altitude’s high quality support, giving you direct access to Rob and Eddy via email is so valuable.

Simply put, you don’t have to worry about problems and challenges in your business when expert help and the best solutions are just one email away.

But don't take my word for it!

Take a look at what Betsy says...

And she's not alone.

Here's what other clients and customers say about the quality of training and assistance...

Don’t “Go It Alone” And LOSE Your Benefits…

Building your business alone can be a VERY difficult path…

  • Information overload
  • No expert advice
  • Wasting money: Shiny object syndrome
  • Wasting time: Scrambling around with no clear roadmap

Of all these, wasted time is the biggest loss.

After all, you can always make more money, but you can NEVER get back time.

How quickly weeks, months and even years go by.

Where will you be in 3 months, 6 months, 12 months from now?

Stuck and frustrated trying to figure things out on your own?

Or making money with clarity of mind, a solid roadmap and expert help on hand whenever you need it?

What’s It All Worth?

First, let’s start with a valuation:

1. 100% Hands-Free Deep Backend Commissions ($4,997/yr Value)

2. Industry-Beating Commission Rates ($4,997/yr)

3. Quality Products To Promote ($997/yr)

4. Bi-Weekly Live Business Growth Coaching ($2997/yr)

5. The “Aladdin's Cave” - Live Coaching Recording Archive ($997/yr)

6. VIP Marketing & Tech Support ($1997/yr)


How much would a proven system that could make you $1,000, $10,000, or $100,000+ from automated email marketing be worth to you?

Look, I know Altitude makes money.

It uses the exact same system I’ve used for the last 14 years to make several million dollars online.

MORE IMPORTANTLY the method and strategies works for people at ALL STAGES of their online journey.

Here's what I mean by that...

Making your first commissions...

Building to regular income streams with recurring commissions...

Breaking through into 4-figures...

My clients banking $100,000+/yr use the same methods that Altitude gives you…

Whatever your current situation, Altitude can help you make your next online breakthrough and achieve your lifestyle goals.

Taking into account the sheer value, my thinking has been to price one year of additional Altitude benefits at $1,997 + vat.

Which is fantastic value, especially given the bi-weekly Live Business Growth Coaching, my business working for you to bring you Sky-High Backend Commission and VIP Marketing and Tech Support.

Plus - some special bonuses, which I’ll share with you in a minute.

And it has to be said that programs offering levels of coaching sell within the $3,000 - $8,000 range.

However, I know current cost-of-living pressures are tough for everyone.

Thinking on this, I realized I also wanted to give:

1. Maximum affordability for everyone who is serious about their success, including you if you’re on a smaller budget.

2. Flexibility - so you’re in control at all times.

That meant only one thing…

I Had To “Go Radical” And Offer An Even Better, Truly Amazing, No-Brainer Deal...

First, that meant slashing the price even more.

And secondly, as I mentioned above, making it completely flexible.

So, here’s my crazy offer to you…

I’m willing to give you everything for a simple investment of just $99 + vat per month.

No upsells, hidden fees or long term commitments.

That means you can cancel at any time and never pay another cent.

As I said, YOU’RE in complete control at ALL times.

Now I did mention bonuses earlier, but before we get to that let’s break this down a little and ask what else could you buy for $99?

Well, looking at it on a daily basis it works out as $3.30…

$3.30 / Day = The Price Of A Starbucks Latte Coffee

Take a look at the picture below and you’ll see the average price of a Latte in the U.S. is $3.26 - excluding tip of course ;-)

If you live in New York, California or another big city, the prices are far higher.

In the UK ($5.31) and Australia ($3.97) you’ll also pay more.

Whether you like coffee or not - this illustrates the fantastic value in Altitude.

And remember you’re in complete control at all times meaning a simple email to is all you need to cancel.

Source: Visual Capitalist

Thinking on that, here’s a question for you:

Is “a coffee a day” worth a proven system, coaching and support that can make you $1,000, $10,000 and even $100,000 - like others do who follow these same methods and strategies?

It’s Time For Your Own Breakthrough Success…

- BONUS 1 -

Receive $450 Credit For A 1-Hour Private Consultation*

My first bonus for you is a free 60-minute Private Consultation Call with me.

I’ll advise you on any aspect of your business, helping you take it to the next level.

This has immense value.

Which is why my private clients pay me $450 per hour.

That's not a notional value but exactly what clients pay right now.

Here's an example where someone booked two hours with me for $900 (2 x $450):

*The only “catch” here is you must stay for 6 months to qualify.

This is because my time, like yours, is extremely valuable and I can’t get it back, so it’s impractical to offer this entirely free to everyone from the outset.

Especially because of the low, low pricing AND when you see the second bonus I have for you…

- BONUS 2 -

To ‘Sweeten The Pot’ Even More Your First Month is COMPLETELY FREE!

Yes, that’s right - sign up today and you pay NOTHING for a whole month.

As mentioned above, you’re also in complete control and can cancel at any time by emailing for a friendly and timely response.

You’ll never need to worry about long term commitment because this is a purely ‘pay-as-you-go’ arrangement where YOU call the shots. 

I’m so confident you can make great money from this, I’m going one step further and offering you a PEACE-OF-MIND


GUARANTEE #1: You Call The Shots

I’ve already outlined this but I want to be 100% crystal clear:

1. Your first month is 100% free - you will not be charged at all.

2. There are no contracts or commitments whatsoever and you can cancel instantly at any time with a simple email to

In other words, you call the shots at all times.

Simply put, this means you literally have zero risk by taking action and securing all benefits and bonuses by signing up immediately.

GUARANTEE #2: £10K Work-For-Free

Most of all I want you to feel confident, excited and motivated about your own success.

It’s a simple fact that everyone who has followed my exact instructions has made money.

And that’s why I want to go one stage further and prove this to you.

Follow and implement the system for 12 months, ask for help when you need it, and…

If it doesn’t make you at least £10,000 in online revenue within those 12 months, I will work with you COMPLETELY FOR FREE until it does!

As you saw above, I charge my private clients $450 per hour, so this is nothing short of a bold move on my part.

But again, I’m so confident in the system, and how many people it’s helped, that I’m extending this special guarantee to you too.

FAIR WARNING: I Seriously Don’t Know How Long I Can Offer All This At Such A Low Price…

Please know this is not fake scarcity and my intention is very much to raise the price.

As you read this, this offer is effectively a marketing test and I’m honestly not sure how long I can keep it in place.

That’s why my best advice is to take advantage today to avoid missing out.

Taking action now also means you lock in all the benefits and the low pricing - so you’ll NEVER pay more even when the price does rise.

PLUS - of course, you pay nothing for your first month anyway.

With a ZERO cost today, you LITERALLY have nothing to lose whatsoever!

Get All The Benefits, Bonuses, Maintain Full Control And Pay NOTHING For A Whole Month

I think you’ll agree, with this offer it would be crazy not to take action today.

Remember, I reserve the right to increase the price at any time.

And it is my intention to do so.

I urge you to take action immediately.

So don’t miss out - click the button below to sign up now…

Please select your choice of payment currency, USD or GBP:

Questions? Please email

Best regards,

Rob Cornish.


If you have questions, please email


Here are a few more clients sharing their results and experiences...

Enough About Others, What About You?

You can read about people's results and experiences until the cows come home.

And doing so is great for inspiration and confidence – which is why I've shared the selection above.

But in the end, it comes down to you.

Let's put the cards on the table.

Right now, you have a choice.

You could think, "Ah yes, but it won't work for me."

Maybe: "Now isn't the right time."

Or, indulge in any number of "success-preventing thoughts" that miraculously manifest themselves at moments like this.

On the other hand, you can do what all the people you've seen above did, and take positive action.

Do something today that your future-self will be thankful for.

Now is the time, for a fresh start.

You only need a few minutes per day – easily manageable if you're serious about success.

It's over to you... (I'll see you inside in a moment from now!)

Please select your choice of payment currency, USD or GBP:

Questions? Please email

“A year from now, you will wish you had started today.” — Karen Lamb

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs, but they aren't exhaustive so please get in touch at as Eddy or I will be glad to help.

What exactly do I keep and lose after 12 months? Will I be "locked out" or my affiliate links break?

Firstly, 12 months after joining Altitude you still have the ability to promote the front end products in Altitude (such as the book) and make funnel commissions.

You also get continued access to Altitude's Main Training (this is for "lifetime" meaning as long as Altitude lasts which is currently planned for several years).

So you won't be "locked out" of the main course in any way (you'll continue to get ongoing updates free of charge too) and nothing will "break" in terms of your system, promotions, affiliate links etc.

That said, what does goes away 12 months after joining is:

$10 EPI book bonus commissions
Live Business Growth Coaching held twice a month
Access to the Live coaching recordings library
VIP Marketing & Tech Support from Rob and Eddy

Importantly, as described above back end commission on any new sales made 12 months after joining also ends (although you still earn 12 months back end commission on referrals made in the first 12 months after joining).

For example, if you make sales in the book funnel you'll get paid commission for that, but if the customer goes onto purchase (say) Altitude you won't receive the $1,000+ commission (60% rate).

The logic behind all this is to give members the biggest boost possible for 12 months, including the 60% commission on back end products, maximum support, live coaching etc.

In creating Altitude I wanted to bend over backwards to do that at a fantastic price - as you may know similar offers are typically priced in the $3,000 - $8,000 price range and don't come near to offering the resources and training given in Altitude.

I outlined these items were for 12 months in the original webinar presentation seen by all members prior to joining because they involve a considerable ongoing resource from my business.

This is fine for the 12 month period to help as a big catalyst but you'll appreciate it's simply not viable to continue to give the majority share in revenue away, incur support costs etc all on a lifetime basis, for a one time investment.

Hence the 12 month expiry on these items was put in place from the beginning.

A LOT of members have expressed interest in continuing with the back end commissions, live coaching, recordings and support, and the renewal offer on the ongoing flexible basis to cater for that.

I also added the free first month as a gesture of goodwill too.      

I have another question please?

Please get in touch at As always, myself or Eddy will be pleased to help you.