Rob Cornish is the creator of Elevate™ which helps you build and sell online courses, continuity systems and coaching programs.

He is one of the UK’s leading experts on copywriting and digital marketing. 

About Me, You & Online Success.

Let’s start with you because that’s why you’re here.

For success online, just two essential ingredients are required:

1. Work ethic.

2. The ability to take consistent steps outside your comfort zone.

I say “just two essential ingredients” but that rules out an awful lot of people reading this page.

And that’s good because there’s no point wasting anyone’s time.

On the first point, you don’t need to be macho work-hero.

In my late teens I was a private guitar tutor and by far the best students were the ones who worked steadily and consistently: 30 minutes per day, every day, always beats 8 hours once a week.

Same principle applies here: the harder you work the better, but consistency is king.

On the second point, there’s a great quote from Eleanor Roosevelt:

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”

This is vital because if you’re like 99.7% of people you have a lot more potential than you give yourself credit for (stick to what you think you can already do and you’ll struggle).

Having faith in your potential (rather than logical reason) is often what you need to get through.

Without that faith we revert to paths that look easier … even if we know deep down that it’s not really how people succeed.

That’s why some people fall for get-rich-quick schemes or loopholes that supposedly “game the system”.

So – work ethic and comfort zone. Check.

But how do I know this?

Well, that brings leads us to…

My Story…

For almost 10 years, I worked a 6.30am-5pm job in London’s financial services industry.

(I was an Equity Investment Analyst and then a Fund Manager.)

I’ve never been a “hate my job” type and this period was an amazing experience – I enjoyed my work and got well paid for it.

Yet I knew something was missing.

Freedom: the ability to plan my day and work when and where I wanted.

Following the 2008 financial crisis I also knew my days were numbered – workers like me were getting cut wherever I looked.

And in 2010 “it” happened. Redundancy.

Fortunately, foresight had led me to start experimenting online some months before.

Not that I found it easy going.

I gained no traction at all, absolutely zero, for 6 months.

That was despite a $5,000 coaching investment and countless hours of dedication to what I was doing.

It turned out I was working a system that would never have worked anyway.

(Which is good lesson: Emulate what successful people are doing, not necessarily what they are telling you).

Eventually, I made some money (about $5 from memory) from Google Adsense ads on my site – not enough to pay for the web hosting let alone anything else.

Bittersweet perhaps.

So even then I hadn’t really nailed it, it was only months later – after I realised product creation is the real key and invested my personal human capital in learning it – that things started to take off.

I focused on the online stock market niche and by May 2011 had grossed 6-figures in sales.

(Another lesson: When people quote earnings they are nearly always “gross” – take away fees, taxes, refunds, commission payments, etc and I earned less than, albeit close to, 6-figures).

From there I’ve created and sold:

  • Digital Books
  • Software
  • Online Courses
  • Continuity/Monthly Recurring Income Programs
  • High Ticket Coaching
  • Live Seminars

Success with all of this comes down what we discussed earlier:

Work ethic and consistent steps out of the comfort zone.

Same with my clients and customers: over the 9+ years I’ve been coaching, these are the core factors of success.

Be warned though: These two massive success accelerators will only work if you really “live them”, merely acknowledging their existence isn’t enough.

Here’s What I Suggest You Do Now…

At this point I’m really supposed to invite you to:

(A) Buy one of my products, or…

(B) At least sign up for my list (so I can sell you my products!)

But instead I’d like to invite you to click around.

Take a look at some of the articles, client feedback, the free livestream course … see if you like what you see.

If you do, then consider (B) above.

Thank you and hopefully see you soon!

Rob Cornish

P.S. If the work ethic + comfort zone message resonated then you might find this empowering:

What could you achieve with just 10% of this approach?

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