findinganichelogosmallYesterday I received an email from a new subscriber of mine. Here is a snippet from it:

“I seriously have my doubts that anyone can emulate your success in such a short time unless they went and did stock trading or were lucky enough to find some really hot trendy niche market.

I challenge you to prove me wrong.

This is a very fair question and something that echoes the sentiment of many people who wish to build a residual income from the internet.

So although I’ve replied in full to this subscriber personally, I thought we’d bring this issue out in the open here on the GHG blog. 

The #1 Myth

A commonly held belief is that the only people who make money are teaching other people how to make money online.

It’s understandable and I in fact was swaying towards this belief during my “struggle” in 2010 when I was starting out.

Now, it’s certainly true that many people have only made money online by teaching others about it.

But the truth is that the majority of money that is made is from other niche markets. These are real people making real money providing help, advice and information outside of the field of internet marketing.

One example is my own success in stock trading but you certainly don’t have to pick this market in order to be successful. It suited me because I managed investments professionally so had some great strategies and tactics that I could share. But that’s just me. We are all different.

So to blow the myth apart let’s take a look at 10 examples of successful niches online…

1. Cooking

In The Devils Kitchen is a site run by Kevin Riley a very successful Canadian marketer living in Osaka, Japan. He shares his passion for cooking on this site and has built a list of subscribers using the opt in form on the right hand side the site.

2. Herbal Remedies

Herb Mentor is a membership site which has thousands of paid members. It’s run by John and Kimberly Gallagher who, together with other content creators provide training and information on how to use herbs and plants to improve your health.

3. Fitness Workouts

Two of my favourite marketers online are Alica & Carrie, otherwise known as “The Bootcamp Girls”. Here is their site which helps fitness professionals with “done for you” training programs that they can provide to their clients. They have also turned their blog into a membership site where they help their clients with the marketing side of their fitness business.

4. Magic

UK based marketer Chris Burton runs his site called Secrets Of Card Magic which helps people learn and master the art of card tricks. Another real person making real money in an unusual niche! Chris started from scratch with zero internet marketing knowledge to build his business very recently.

5. Self Improvement

This is a CLASSIC example of how you can make a lot of money online WITHOUT being an expert yourself. Marketer Lanny Morton approached personal development expert Bob Proctor to provide all the content for his site Six Minutes To Success. This site has generated millions of dollars online even though Lanny is not that well known and can be consider somewhat of an underground marketer!

6. Photography

I first met Arran Wulf at a conference in June 2011 when he was just starting out with his site Become A Photographer. He interviews pro-photographers and asks them to share their tips and advice on how amateur photographers can go professional. Then he packages those interviews up and sells them! Again, a brilliant strategy which you can adopt even if you’re not an expert.

7. Woodworking

Ted Mcgrath runs his online business under the name of Ted’s Woodworking. This is a HOT product on Clickbank currently selling very well. Customers get thousands of woodworking plans so help them with their own projects.

8. Dog Training

This is known as somewhat of a “Rock Star Niche” after one particular guru marketer (Frank Kern) did very well in it. Secrets to Dog Training from Daniel Stevens is currently making a lot of money online.

9. Model Trains

Model trains are something I know virtually nothing about but really fancy getting into! Model Trains For Beginners is a good example of one site in this niche which is making a lot of money through Clickbank.

10. Women’s Business And Self Improvement

I saw Marie Forleo last year at a conference. Rather than being behind the scenes like some of the other examples in this list she runs very much a personality based 6-figure business. One of our members is currently working on a similar project and I’ve directed her to Marie’s site as there’s just so much to learn about her marketing.


I could literally find a hundred of these examples but I’m not sure whether that would push home my main point any further which is that there is a profitable niche for us ALL and you don’t need to be an expert already.

Here are some important points to consider:

  • I’ve met and spoken to many of these kinds of marketers and they are no different to you or I. In fact, Chris (from Secrets Of Card Magic), Kevin (from In the Devil’s Kitchen) and Alicia & Carrie (the Bootcamp Girls) have all been special guests in our archived Expert Interview Mastermind Sessions inside our Gain Higher Ground Members Area where they explain exactly the steps to their success.
  • They have ALL started from scratch and just learnt the marketing process and implemented the steps to become successful. Many have full time jobs too and have developed their online incomes by working in the evenings.
  • They all build email lists of customers and prospects. The BIG key to success online!
  • Most of the websites are built on WordPress a free, flexible and easy to use platform. It’s just point and click and doesn’t require any “coding” knowledge at all.
  • The start up and running costs are extremely low compared to any other kind of business.
  • All of these successful marketers have made many mistakes. They refuse to give up, enjoy the learning curve and “fail forward”.

This is the kind of thing that I LOVE about this business!

Are you inspired? Still have objections on why you couldn’t possibly replicate this kind of success? Disagree, Angry, Confused? I’d really like to hear you thoughts on this post more than any other so please click LIKE (if you liked it) and drop your thoughts below….