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To recap, here is the Make Money Online Checklist:

1. Find A Niche (Click on “Shop The Bookstore”)
101 Profitable Niches Analyzed – And How To Make Money From Them

2. Create A Website

My step-by-step tutorial on how to get this done – Click Here.

3. Create A Free Gift

Don’t know what people in your niche are interested in? Go to Google, type in <Name of Niche> “free report”, click search and then on “Images” on the left hand side. You can even click through on the images and sign up for a copy of the reports yourself to get inspiration for your own report (just don’t copy outright!).

4. Set Up Your List

I recommend Aweber. It’s cheap, fast and very intuitive to use. That’s my affiliate link.

5. Find Affiliate Products To Promote

Keep the quality high (look after your subscribers and they’ll look after you!) . Try (click on the Marketplace link at the top) or type in <Name Of Niche> “affiliate program” to find other people’s products and services that you can promote in return for a commission.

6. Get Traffic

Guest posting: One way to do this is to Google and type in <Name Of Niche> “write for us”

Blog Commenting: Focus on high traffic blogs (look to see how many Facebook likes, Tweets and blog comments they have), and do this consistently (e.g., leave 5 quality comments per day).

Forum Marketing: Google: <Name Of Niche> Forums. Check to make sure these forums are active and have a lot of members otherwise you won’t get much (if any) traffic. Insert a link back to your website in the signature (that’s the bit that gets published below every forum post you make).

Meetups: To see how you can find a meetup group in your local area check out my tutorial here.

Don’t forget to create a schedule, focus and most of all, take action!

Right, that’s it!

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