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An Amazing Package To Kickstart Your Income


Case Study: My 2,100% ROI On A Resell Rights Product

What you get:

If you're keen to use PLR or resell rights products to sell online then this is an absolute must see! I generally prefer to create my own products but on rare occasions I do acquire resell licenses. Here I show you exactly how I generated a 2,100% Return On Investment (ROI) after buying a cheap resell license! I walk you thought the strategy, the sales numbers, refund statistics as well as the tactics I used during this 3 day period!

You'll discover the pros and cons of resell rights products first before seeing the exact case study, complete with the entire strategy and tactics I used.

Going through the numbers and explaining the 2,100% return on investment (ROI) on the resell rights product. Only blurred here on this page - you'll see everything inside!


3-Part List Building & Lead Generation Tutorials

What you get:

Sit back and watch this 3-part live training (each session is around 90 minutes long) where I share the secrets of creating an irresistible lead magnet to build your email list.

During the session you'll see behind the scenes of a real life case study from my business plus lots of other examples from different market niches.

Overview of what we cover in each of the 3 live sessions. Each one is around 90 mins long and we start by learning the 2 best types of lead magnet!

Walking through list building email automation - everything is step by step with examples and a real life case study. You'll see me on webcam throughout. Blurred only here.


Facebook Ads Traffic & Conversion Course

What you get:

There are two great things about Facebook ads - the audience targeting and the ability to get leads on super-low budgets. In this 13-part tutorial series I show you how I run my ads to generate new email subscribers for my business. We cover everything you need to get started building your list - from theory, ad creation and getting stuck in with Ads Manager itself! 

We begin with some crucial dos and don'ts that many people overlook. These are important so you don't get ads disapproved and ensure your campaigns run smoothly.

Later in the course we get hands on with Facebook's Ad Manager. Here I am walking you through setting up a email list building campaign.


Starting From Scratch

What you get:

If you're just starting out in your business I envy you. It's the only time in your online career you'll be able to start with a beautiful blank canvas. It's also an incredibly exciting experience. But what do you actually do if you're starting out? This session answers that question for you. You'll see exactly what I'd do if I had to start my business all over. Like most people, I made many errors when I began so in this no-holds-barred session I guide through the startup process, point out the pitfalls and outline the winning structure you need for online success.

Let's get started! This is an action packed session and while I share many examples you'll also see exactly what market niche and strategy I'd choose if I began again today in 2022! 

Here we're about to look at our affiliate marketing strategy to increase the revenue streams coming into the business - one of the really important principles right from the start.


YouTube Live: Behind The Scenes

What you get:

Maybe you saw some of my livestreamed series on youTube during the early part of the Covid lockdown. This is a complete behind the scenes look at its inner workings. So many training courses show you what to do but little on HOW to actually do it. So here I show you every part of the set up from why I did the project, how the (completely free) live broadcasting software works, graphics creation, paid traffic promotion and much more. 

This photo of my (very untidy) desk was taken minutes before I went live with the first episode my YouTube livestreamed series. Nothing is held back, I show you all the secrets!

We cover several promotional methods I used for the project and here we are walking through the set up of my simple Facebook ads campaign.


10K A Month

What you get:

Making a few sales and commissions here and there is one thing. But it's probably not what you had in mind when you read "The 4-Hour Work Week", right? For a true lifestyle business you need to get to regular, consistent and dependable income, preferably in multiple streams. So in this stage we move on to the next level and look at powerfully simple strategies to move up to a decent $10K in revenue each and every month.  

With online sales soaring, 2022 is the perfect time to begin selling online. In this 10K A Month strategy you'll discover what works best and is most rapidly set up.

Looking at one of the many Cash Flow Offers that you can "deploy and recycle" on a regular basis to boost revenue and bottom line profits. 


Make Money ASAP

What you get:

An absolute MUST SEE! This is a fantastic method I've devised to bring in income ASAP from scratch. It's a great model but it isn't based on "loopholes" or quick short-term gains. Instead it allows you to build a REAL sustainable income, together with an email list of customers (the most valuable type of subscriber). It has some amazing leverage points - stuff that I doubt you’ve ever considered before. Don't miss it!

We have a lot to get through in this session and no experience or expertise is required. Grab a drink, turn off distractions and settle down to enjoy it!

Naturally you'll see everything in this bonus as part of the 7-Hour Profitable Projects package. Redacted only here for the registration page.


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7-Hour Profitable Projects FAQs

Here are some of the most common questions I've received about 7-Hour Profitable Projects, if you have a questions which isn't covered, and if you have time before the deadline, please feel free to get in touch at

Q: What level of support do you offer? Can I ask questions/what happens if I get stuck?

You can ask me anything as we go through and for 6 months from today. I can help with the specific topics with 7-Hour PP but also if you are looking to apply the strategy to other types of products (as I do in my business) then I'm very happy to help you on that. I'm big on support so really no limits on this - as long as you're helping yourself I'm happy to help you too.

Q: Will I need a website?

No website required in terms of a blog, about page, etc. But a single sales page is required to generate sales from. As you probably know Thrive Architect is what I use to create all of my sales pages like this and it's also what I recommend. That said, there are many excellent alternatives available (Clickfunnels, LeadPages and many more) - use whatever you like as customers don't care how you created your pages after all! I recommend Thrive because a) it's my personal tool of choice, b) the continual improvement in the product is great, c) if people are on a budget they can get started with a single site license very cheaply (less than $100). I personally have the Thrive Membership option which includes all of their products. Very useful and I certainly recommend the membership if budget allows but it's by no means essential.

Q: What kind of traffic methods do you teach?

We focus mainly on affiliates and joint ventures as we do in the full Nano Products course. Of course you are not limited to this so if you would like to use, say, content marketing as well then this is absolutely fine.

Q: Will the bonuses be released up front, trickled out over 5 weeks or saved until the end?

A bit of both: Some will come during the main 5 weeks and some afterwards. Generally, I try to make updates at the relevant time based on what we're focusing on at each point in the course.

Q: What's the difference between the Nano Products Course and 7-Hour Profitable Projects?

Great question and a few points to consider here:

1. There is a natural overlap between the two courses because our primary focus is on simple, easy to create and highly desirable budget priced products. However, 7-Hour Profitable Projects approaches this from a different angle compared to the Nano course, specifically we focus on turning ideas into profit. This is something I've noticed many people struggle with: they often start with a great concept but then get lost along the way and end up with a watered and sometimes bloated product that doesn't have enough desirability to bring in lots of sales. So in 7-Hour PP we strip out everything else and purely focus on this.

2. In terms of volume of content there is less "stuff" with 7-Hour Profitable Project i.e., less videos, bonuses, templates, copywriting tools. The Nano course is a huge program that covers a very wide range of skills. For example, we go into great depth into email marketing. In contrast, within 7-Hour PP we do cover email marketing but only the core essentials to get started.

3. 7-Hour Profitable Projects is exactly $1,000 less than the Nano Products package.

So in general 7-Hour PP is more streamlined and concise but it's important to say the following: With all my coaching and training including 7-Hour PP I give absolutely 100% in the sessions we have. I never hold anything back because people have paid less than another offer elsewhere. So there aren't any information gaps, everything is included that is required to get up and running and have the confidence of taking any core idea and translating that into online income. Also, bear in mind you have me on email for questions and help to implement the system in a way that's right for you.

If you've already got the Nano Products course I would say the key question to consider is if you'd like to go through a streamlined version approached from this different angle? Would this be helpful? If so, then I'd highly recommend 7-Hour PP. If not then use the Nano course you already have. As an existing customer of Nano my support and help is already something you have so please get in touch with anything I can assist with.

Q: Are there any upsells?

A bit of both: Some will come during the main 5 weeks and some afterwards. Generally, I try to make updates at the relevant time based on what we're focusing on at each point in the course.

Q: I'm a beginner, will 7-Hour Profitable Projects be too advanced for me?

We do cover some advanced strategies and tactics in 7-Hour PP. I'm not one for dumbing down, we need to get to what's real and what really brings in income. I show you *everything* in a very easy to understand way and with plenty of examples and/or case studies. I've put in a lot of painstaking work to ensure you enjoy the course, easily get the most from it and avoid typical pitfalls and problems. 7-Hour PP is a stand-alone course and no knowledge is assumed. If you're a beginner then you'll get a HUGE amount from it including strategies and tactics that have taken me years to learn and refine.

Q: Would there be any extra tools I need?

Yes, there are some tools required:

- Domain name & hosting ($10/year + 5$/month) - because we need at least one web based sales page
- Web Page Builder - I use and recommend Thrive Architect ($67) but to be honest anything you choose (or already have) is fine Clickfunnels, LeadPages or another choice
- Email System (Aweber, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign etc) - to store email subscribers and customer details

- Shopping Cart (GrooveSell which is completely free and has zero transaction costs) - to take your online payments, deliver products to customers, add customers to your email list etc.

And that's it. Obviously there are many other tools that might be useful but there's nothing more that is required and if you just stuck with the ones above it wouldn't make life difficult or force you into workarounds. Basic tools are all you need to get the job done.

Also, if you don't already have these then you don’t have to get them now, you can wait until the day you actually need them.

Q: I'm not sure I can afford it?

My advice is if this or anything else is a financial strain just don't do it. I'd give the same advice to someone who couldn't afford to buy $6/month website hosting.

There's just no point stretching the finances and I believe business investment should be done from a position of stability. Otherwise there's too much pressure and stress which will work against you.

Take some time out to build a budget for your business then come back refreshed and ready to make things happen. You might have missed the boat on 7-Hour PP but that’s much better than creating stress/pressure etc. Other people might say different, but this is my firm belief and recommendation.

Q: When can I expect results and how much can I expect?

There are plenty of people who will try to predict your results or make income claims but I'm not one of them. I know this might be a disappointment to some but I'm not here to "b/s" you. My role is to show you what works, guide you along a route that I've travelled myself and help you implement.

Being candid, results are down to you and your responsibility. This in turn relies on your productivity and willingness to work. Some people are very tenacious and others never stick at anything.

What I can say though is that there is no reason why you can't put together a profitable project. That's what I did when I started and many of my past and current clients and customers have done exactly the same from scratch. We were all novices at some stage and there's a world of opportunity out there online in 2022 - let's go out and seize it!

Q: Do you have any guide to the likely shelf-life of a typical product? I could imagine it to be a year or so, followed by a much quieter time as a good affiliate set up will have exposed it widely by then.

The first point here is the nature of the product. It's a great idea to focus on an evergreen topic rather than something which is trend, fad or news based. So for example a product on the latest online legislation from the US or EU or third country that is hitting the news headlines at a given point in time might be very popular for a while but is likely to burn out and become outdated pretty quickly. Evergreen topics that will be just as useful and desirable in 6, 12 months even 5 years down the line are what we strongly steer towards in the course (you'll see lots of examples through the program).

Good question on the affiliates. One way to go forward is through a product launch where you do a timed release of your product and acquire as many affiliates as possible. I've done many of these launches and they always lead to a big amount of sales upfront and then a dip down to a residual level.

Another approach is not to go for a big launch but instead just make the product live and contact potential affiliates over time. This results in much less sales upfront but a smoother spread over a much longer period. It's a more relaxed and methodical approach.

Either way, to make sales in the long term you must have an evergreen product (as above) and then get your product hooked up with some kind of regular traffic. There are several ways to do this and one method is "integration marketing" (we talk about this in the program but much later on). So for example, some affiliates can put a link to your offer on their thank you page or in their autoresponder email sequence or on their download page. This way you get exposure as they naturally grow their lists. This drives continual sales over the long term. I've had products - again examples in the course - that have done exactly this making sales years after I originally created them.

Keep in mind in any profitable niche there are always new customers coming into the market, so it's unlikely (unless you are an absolute superhero at acquiring affiliates!) that your unlikely to reach saturation point. There are always new traffic possibilities.

Q: Could the product be a short training course instead of a budget nano product?

Absolutely it could, 100%. In 7-Hour PP our primary focus is on Nano Products partly because these are so straightforward to create and also because they require no expertise or prior knowledge to do well. But the core "Irresistible Desire Formula" (IDF) which is behind it (which is what we focus on in several parts of 7-Hour PP) is exactly the same method I've used for mid-price, monthly continuity and even premium priced coaching that sells for several thousand dollars.

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