After a great festive period I am now back in the saddle for 2012!

There’s been plenty of time to reflect on the year gone, what I did wrong and what I should change going forward.

So, here are my 4 resolutions for 2012:

1. Become A Real Traffic Ninja!

Traffic is now the number 1 thing that will take my business to the next level.

So far I’ve been generating traffic using a number of methods that I’ve outlined here on the blog and especially inside the members area: Guest pointing, giveaways, WSOs, interviews, blog commenting, solo ads, offering free content etc.

This has build me a few thousand subscribers but now it’s really time to ramp things up. In the 2nd half of 2011 I spent probably 85% of my time on content creation and 15% on traffic generation.

In 2012 I’m going to rebalance this to at least 50% of my time on traffic generation on a daily basis.

I’ve got several new strategies in mind so stay tuned for my tips and experiences on these going forward this year 😉

2. Exercise Every Day

The more exercise I do the more alert I become and the more energy I have.

In short you could say more exercise equals more money.

I’ve been averaging 2-3 sessions per week during 2011 but it’s time to up the pace.

My target is to do some exercise every week day. This will be either going to the gym or taking a long walk (usually on nearby Hampstead Heath).

3. Watch Less News

Seriously, there’s so much bad news around its untrue.

The 24 hour news channels really draw it out and are full of items which are really just “noise” – by tomorrow everyone will have forgotten about them and moved on to something else.

I’m also “opting out” of the credit crisis and forthcoming recession.

Yes, there will be tough times ahead and I know that many of us will be affected directly. But there’s also a lot of undue worry and feeling of helplessness around (again a lot caused by the news).

Money is shifting around the economy from sector to sector. Follow it and adapt to the situation rather than stay in the same place and complain about how it’s all the politicians and bankers fault. Sure, people ARE to blame but dwelling on that is not going to improve our own situations and time soon, if ever.

4. Blog More Often

In 2011 I made 39 posts here on my blog (I just counted!).

Going forward I’d like to blog more: I’m going to target 2 posts per week on average (read: sometimes 3, sometimes 1).

I’m currently thinking shorter posts that are quicker to read, watch or listen to – what would you like to see?

Agree, disagree? What are the things you are going to change in 2012?  Let me know in the comments section below….