Everybody loves shortcuts and I am no exception.

Here are 3 little “tricks” for you that I use on a regular basis. They are not only very quick and easy to do but can also save you a lot of time once you put them into practice.

1. Behind The Scenes Of A Product

How many times have you clicked on a link in an email and been sent to a sales page which might look something like this? 

Hypey Sales Page

The problem is that there are no controls on the video to fast forward or rewind and you aren’t even told how long the video is!

Very annoying 🙁

So instead of sitting through 20 minutes of over-hyped video about the next get rich quick scheme, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Look for a link which says, “JVs” or “Affiliates”. Something like this:


Click on that link and you’ll usually be taken to the affiliate page where the product owner will give you more information on the product about what it does, the conversions, any upsells and so on.

For more hypey internet marketing products (which I generally recommend you don’t purchase anyway) the JV page will nearly always tell you more about the product than the actual sales page does!

2. Use Google To Search The Pages On Any Site

Have you ever gone to a website and found it extremely difficult to find the information you are looking for? Maybe there isn’t even a search function to use or if there is it’s pretty hard to use.

If so, you can use a special function in Google to solve this problem.

Say you were on gothamgolfblog.com (a random example) and you wanted to look for advice for beginner golfers.

Simply go to Google and do this:

site search in google

So you’re just putting “site:” and then the web address of the website you want to search. It works for any website that is indexed in Google.

Extra tip: This is always worth doing for sales pages you are sent to – it’s amazing what you can find sometimes! 😉

3. Find The Theme Of Any WordPress Sites

Many times I go to a website which has a rather nice design and layout.

I scroll to the bottom and see “Powered by WordPress” and then immediately start wondering what Theme that site is using.

Here’s an easy way to find out.

1. Right click on the page and select “View page source” (or similar):


2. In the horrible looking code hold down the CTRL button and tap “F” on your keyboard to perform a search.

3. Type “themes” into the search box and look at the result.

 theme search

See the bit of text after the “/themes/”?

In this example it says “freshnews”. That’s the theme!

For more details on it, go to Google and search for “freshnews wordpress theme” (without the quotes) and you can see if it’s free, premium, the features it has etc etc.

I hope these little tricks help save you some time as they do for me! Please Like, Tweet and drop a comment below if you enjoyed this. I’d love to hear about any tricks like this that you use yourself as well… 😉