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Rob Cornish

From Rob Cornish
Coach, Consultant & Online Course Creator Since 2010

Dear Friend,

If you’ve ever wanted to escape the “time-for-money” trap to create freedom, location independence, and - let’s be perfectly honest here - wealth in your life, then I highly recommend you take a serious look at the world of online courses and coaching.

First, consider this simple question...

Why is NOW the best time ever to sell coaching and courses?

To answer this, let’s take a look at the marketplace.

Online coaching and courses are a huge driver behind the growth in E-Learning which is forecast to reach $325 billion by 2025, up from $107 billion in 2015:

Here are 3 of the main reasons for this amazing growth:

1. Communication & Marketing Technology
We take tools like Zoom and Vimeo for granted, but it’s only relatively recently that high-quality video and web conferencing have become inexpensive and widely available.

Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Google also allow us to market our coaching and courses anywhere in the world in an extremely effective and targeted way.

2. Social Change
Long gone are the days of suffering in silence - social taboos are being eroded and more people are willing to seek help to solve their challenges and achieve their goals.

Self-reflection, openness and self-help are increasingly seen as positive qualities and the diversity of courses and coaching has expanded rapidly to meet this demand.

3. The Pandemic
One of the few positives from Covid-19 is that it’s acted as a catalyst for trends that were already in play.

Together, these drivers have accelerated the growth of the online coaching and course market.

How do I know if creating an online coaching course is for me?

The truth is that coaching and creating courses do not suit everyone, so it’s important to do a check to see if it’s right for you.

Here are 3 simple questions to find out if the coaching course business model is a good fit:

1. Do you enjoy helping people?

If you're not really interested in helping others and are only focused on yourself, then you're unlikely to have long-term success with coaching and courses.

But if you develop a "clients first" mindset, you'll gain empathy for your clients' wants, needs and challenges, which is the first step in helping them achieve life-transforming results.

And those results lead to more clients, more testimonials, referrals and income for you.

This may sound like "virtue signaling" but it's true - it’s really by giving that you receive.

2. Do you want time freedom, location independence, and online income?

These are three of the main benefits that having your own online coaching course can give you.

Simply pull, if you’re happy in employment, education or retirement and don’t desire change, then this business model probably isn’t for you.

But if you’re eager for more and want to get paid for positively impacting others, then definitely check off this question with a "yes".

3. Do one or more of the following apply to you?

  • You have career/job experience that you’d like to translate into online income
  • You would like to help others with life-challenges that you’ve experienced
  • You have a hobby or long term passion that you’d like to monetize by helping others
  • You are keen to acquire new skills and expertise, and help others along the way
  • You aren’t sure what you’re going to coach yet, but you just love the whole concept
  • You’re already a 1-to-1 coach and want to leverage your time with a 1-to-many course

If you haven’t yet discovered your topic then the great news is that as the coaching and course market has grown, so have the categories within it.

Here are just some of the profitable areas that existing today:

Fitness, Nutrition, Diet, Yoga, Gardening, Dating, Spirituality, Careers / Employment, Sports, Productivity, Divorce, Depression, Midlife, Pets, Sales, Happiness, Gardening, Brain Training, Anxiety, Stress, Meditation, Music, Mindfulness, Parenting, NLP, Business Growth, Legal, Online Advertising, Copywriting, Real Estate, Investing/Trading, Public Speaking, Acting, Languages, Education, Art, Photography, Video/Audio Production, Makeup, Executive Coaching, Addiction, Local Business, Natural Health, Writing

This is far from exhaustive and many of these categories contain even more profitable “sub-niches” within them.

If you answered “yes” to each of the three questions above, then coaching and online courses could be a great fit for you - even if you aren’t yet sure of your topic.

Now, so far, this all sounds very positive and exciting.

But there’s a big problem

(you may have already noticed it…)

I recently surveyed the market for “learn how to coach” training and was left feeling shocked.

The rapid growth in coaching and courses has created a “Wild West” scenario where a few high-quality experts are swamped by fly-by-night, self-appointed gurus peddling bad advice.

At worst, a lot of the training is just plain wrong or inaccurate.

And perhaps most worryingly, much more is simply overcomplicated.

Many coaches have desperately tried to differentiate themselves by adding extra steps and methods that are unnecessary and ineffective to grab attention.

Now, of course, it’s not all bad, and there are certainly genuine experts who are well worth listening to.

But the truth is, those are the minority.

For anybody starting out in coaching and course creation - or looking to grow their existing business - it’s very difficult to know who to trust or what to believe.

When you’re overwhelmed, it’s like “driving with the handbrake on”

After 10+ years running my own coaching, consulting and course creation business, and helping thousands of customers and clients it’s clear that the #1 success-preventer is overwhelm.

Bad, conflicting, and overly-complex advice creates internal confusion, frustration, and the feeling that it’s a massive struggle to get anything done.

I’m sure you’ve experienced this directly yourself?

If so, you’re not alone. We all have, including me: after I began online in 2010, it was six whole months before my business earned any revenue at all.

Sadly, for many people, it’s even longer before they start to see meaningful income.

And if you’re already in business but stuck at, say, $5K - 10K per month then you know growing your business can be just as painful.

You know the feeling of time slipping through your fingers like sand - like you’ve achieved nothing over the last 6-12 months

My mission is to turn this situation on its head by pushing back on the rising tide of bad advice, overly complex systems and overwhelm.

I want to give you clarity, confidence, and momentum - the three key factors from which success flows.

And it all starts right here on this page.

Before I explain the details, it’s time for a little reality check.

The truth is, doing this is no easy task.

So before writing this letter to you, I knew I had a real challenge on my hands and after a lot of consideration two things became very clear.

First, I needed to do something truly radical.

Something that most coaches would be too afraid to do and something that my competitors wouldn’t like at all.

Only by truly breaking the mold is it possible to elevate you, and as many other people as possible up to the level of clarity, confidence, and momentum that is required to stop the vicious cycle of overwhelm.

Second, I knew I needed to have a very low barrier to entry - something that is instantly accessible and affordable.

Now, I could try and “convince” you by showing off...

I could boast about my online success, “what a great coach I am”, how many $1,000+ courses and high ticket programs I’ve sold, my monthly subscription memberships, the software products I’ve designed and sold and, countless other examples.

But you’ve seen that all before, haven’t you?

There’s nothing new in “look how great my results are” type marketing.

And because you’ve probably arrived on this page by clicking on one of my paid ads, you are - quite rightly - skeptical.

In the end, the only thing that matters is how this will accelerate your financial and life success.

That’s why I decided to make this truly outrageous offer to you

Because this is a marketing test, I can’t guarantee it’ll be available for very long, but right now, since you can still read these words, the invitation that follows still stands for you.

As you know, most coaches and marketers get new clients is by giving away a small “lead magnet”.

Something that can be useful but (deliberately) leaves out other key elements.

It’s a bit like getting one piece of the jigsaw: at least you’ve got something, but it doesn’t provide the whole picture.

Of course, this is done so that you’ll go on to purchase other parts of the coach’s system at higher prices.

Instead of this...

I want to offer you my entire flagship 1K+ training on how to craft and sell your own $1,000+ priced online coaching course

By taking action on this page you get everything in 1K+, including all 5 modules and 5 x “After Hours” Q&A sessions.

Here's a brief overview of what you get instant access to....

1K+ Main Program Content 

PLUS to boost your Clarity, Momentum & Confidence even further...

5 x Q&A "After Hours" Debrief Sessions

Now I'm sure you're wondering, why on earth would I do this?

Let's tackle that head-on...

The 3 reasons I’m "giving away the farm" with this outrageous offer...

1. Disruption: Replacing overwhelm with clarity, confidence, and momentum
If you scanned this page without reading everything above (don’t worry I do that too!), then my motivation for this is fully explained in the previous section.

To recap, I believe the current state of overwhelm and confusion has got to change, and I’m making it my personal mission to make the biggest impact I can.

2. Marketing Test
I’ve always found testing offers to be a hugely valuable (and profitable) exercise.

So this is a brilliant opportunity to see the quality of customers and return on ad spend that this “radical and outrageous” offer generates compared to more typical “ordinary” offers.

3. More Clients
Many people who purchase my low-priced offers, love what they see and go on to become coaching clients so they can get help to accelerate their financial and life success.

10+ years of coaching, consulting, and course creating have taught me that the most powerful way to build trust is by proving you can help by actually helping upfront.

And that is the essence of this offer.

You might be wondering at such an incredibly low price, why charge anything at all?

The answer is that charging something, as opposed to nothing, helps to weed out “tire-kickers” and attract people who are committed and motivated to succeed.

So, what exactly will you learn from 1K+? Let's take a look...

When you get instant access to the 1K+ Passion-to-Profits program today, here are just some of the new skills, tools and “super-powers” you’ll acquire...

As you’ll see when you arrive inside the 1K+ portal, the following is really just the tip of the iceberg:

  • Inside knowledge from the real-life case studies of $1,000+ priced courses that have generated multiple 6-figures in online sales
  • How to generate online income from your existing knowledge, skills and expertise
  • How to “earn while you learn” when you’re building new skills and expertise
  • Rapidly identify the most in-demand and profitable course topics for your market
  • The 3 methods to build “Pricing Confidence” so you know how much your course and coaching is really worth and what to charge
  • Use The Premium Pricing Formula to unlock $1,000+ pricing power
  • How to use “Pricing Sweet Spots” to maximize traffic, conversion and client flow
  • How to map out a path for yourself from mid-price courses to $3,000+ high ticket offers
  • How to automate your marketing to increase sales on an evergreen basis
  • How to use the “Passion-To-Profit Match” method to know in advance whether a given topic will be profitable
  • Deploy Content Fragmentation techniques to build your course rapidly
  • Maximize customer attraction using marketing hooks, content hooks and unique positioning
  • How to add massive leverage to 1:1 coaching to boost your income and help more clients
  • How to avoid the “Expert’s Error” which wastes so much time and effort for many coaches and course creators, and exactly what to do instead
  • Accelerate sales using the 7-Core Client Desires
  • How to transform almost simple ideas into $1,000+ online courses
  • Use the 45-Minute Crash Course method to excite prospects and build their confidence
  • Automate sales using the 1K+ 3-Step Webinar Formula
  • How to download, take and deploy the 1K+ email marketing swipe files from proven winning campaigns
  • How to decide whether to keep your course open all the time, or whether to open registrations periodically
  • How to leverage paid traffic (e.g., Google, Facebook Ads, YouTube), joint venture traffic, affiliate traffic and any existing audience you may already have (optional)
  • How to tie everything together and move forward rapidly with the 1K+ Debrief Session and Mind Map

Please remember that this is not just “theory-based training” - it’s all drawn from 10+ years in the trenches actually doing this stuff and generating income.

As well as real-life case studies you’ll also receive the Q&A sessions (5 in total) for each of the modules in the training. Past students have reported these more informal sessions are invaluable in digesting and acquiring the skillset for success.

At just $97 and a “No-Questions-Asked” Lifetime Money Back Guarantee, can you really afford to pass up this offer?

Let me be 100% clear: you have absolutely zero risk in taking action on this offer today.

If you aren’t completely satisfied, at any time, you can get a full refund of your $97.

As I said, this offer is truly outrageous, and that includes the no-risk guarantee.

Don’t miss this! Get your 1K+ package now by clicking the button below...

Here’s how you could lose by NOT taking action today…

As I mentioned, above this is a marketing test and I reserve the right to change anything at any time, including the pricing and completely closing down the offer.

I have done exactly this with many of my past offers and I’m constantly using data to make adjustments to many parts of the process.

In short, if you come back tomorrow, this could be gone.

Remember, it’s 100% risk-free, so there’s literally no way you can lose by taking action.

The only way to lose is to bookmark this page and come back later, only to find the price has risen, or it’s closed.

Just One $1,000 Course Sale Will Pay For This 1K+ Training 50x Times Over

I can never predict your results, those are up to you, your work ethic and tenacity.

But at $97, zero risk and nothing to lose you have a proven blueprint for shortcutting a huge amount of trial and error.

Remember, inside your 1K+ training, you’ll see real-life profitable case studies so you can see exactly how these strategies work in the real world.

To take action, please click the button below to go to the secure checkout page:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why only $97 - is there a catch or hidden charge?

First, absolutely no “catches” or hidden charges whatsoever - $7 is exactly what you’ll pay for the entire 5-module 1K+ training plus 5 x “After Hours” Q&A sessions.

Please see the section above entitled “The 3 reasons I’m doing this…” for the full explanation of why I’m doing this.

The short answer is that I’m fed up with the level of overwhelm in coaching and making this “radical and outrageous” offer is part of my action plan to push back on it.

I'm just starting out, why would anyone listen to me as a coach or course creator?

If you’re unsure or nervous about teaching and coaching this is completely natural and actually an excellent personal quality because it shows you’re conscientious.

Inside 1K+ you’ll find training that will help you to develop the exact skills you need and, importantly, build your inner confidence to move forward and be the best you can be.

A toolbox is no good without the confidence to use the tools which is exactly why we cover both aspects in your 1K+ package.

Do I have to charge $1,000+ for my online course?

No, absolutely not.

You can charge whatever you wish and if you’re a little nervous about pricing up to $1,000 that’s completely natural (we cover “Pricing Confidence” and a whole section on this in the 1K+ training, which should really help you).

Here’s a slightly more detailed answer…

As a general guide, the pricing range for online courses ranges from roughly $100 to $2,000.

Through a lot of testing with my own offers and those of my clients in different markets, the “sweet spot” often comes out around $1,000 which is why we focus on this pricing point and also why the program is called “1K+”.

But, as you’ll see in the training, this doesn’t mean it’s compulsory to charge $1,000, far from it.

For example, you could start off in a very simple way and go for (say) $297 with the intention of increasing the price over time.

We call this “Pricing Aspiration” which again, is something you’ll learn in the 1K+ program.

The bottom line is that if you have the knowledge and skillset to charge $1,000 (which is what you’ll get from the 1K+ training), you’ll definitely know how to sell at $295, $395, $697 etc.

I’m not sure I’m passionate about anything that I could put into a course?

If you’re not sure of your topic or market niche then that’s absolutely fine.

We’ve all been in this situation at least once and often it takes a little time and exploration to discover the right path for yourself.

You’ll see we cover this in detail inside your 1K+ package and you’ll learn exactly what to do to get on the right track fast!

Will I see real-life case studies in the 1K+ training?

Yes, absolutely! I love to include real-life examples and case studies in all my training and coaching. You’ll see many examples including an offer of my own that had made multiple 6-figures in online sales.

I've got a lot going on right now. Is this really worth it?

I actually think you can't afford not to get this. At just $7 and backed by a lifetime guarantee, you have zero risk, everything to gain, and nothing to lose.

How do you pronounce "1K+"?

1K+ is pronounced "One - K - Plus".

As mentioned in more detail above, the name comes from the pricing "sweet spot" in many (but not all) profitable coaching and course markets of around $1,000.

But this does not mean you have to charge $1,000 or more.

For more insight on this please see the question above titled, "Do I have to charge $1,000+ for my online course?"

Graham Bray

"I continue to be amazed by how much you give to your customers and clients. If you ever decide to create a Mastermind Group then count me in!"

Laura Thomas

"Rob’s advice is clear, grounded and practical. I trust his opinion on everything and very much appreciate the depth and detail of content he produces. Thanks Rob!”

Kellie Edwards

"Thanks so much Rob, I found our coaching conversation to be really good value. I now have an actionable plan. I know I can take it forward and really make my business successful. How exciting!"

Greig Martin

"You have been such a great teacher and I have learned a huge amount from you about mindset, psychology, product creation, landing pages, email, and advertising.”

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