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Okay, No Problem... Can I Help You?

Activate The 10-Day Affiliate Accelerator In Your Members Dashboard Immediately With Two Easy Instalments

Just One Payment Of Just $73.50 Today And Another In 30 Days Time*

(*Saves $350 Off The Regular Price Of $497)

You just passed up my offer for the done-for-you 10-Day Affiliate Accelerator :-|

I totally get it, and whatever your reasoning that’s totally fine.

However, the 10-Day Affiliate Accelerator is incredibly powerful, and the done-for-you elements is a real game changer for you.

So I’d like to do everything I possibly can to help you make the decision to secure access now.

So, here’s what I propose to you:

Simply click the button at the bottom of this page for immediate access to the 10-Day Affiliate Accelerator for just $73.50 today, and one further payment of $73.50 in 30 days time.

To recap, here are the full details again...

It’s Rob Cornish and I’d like to sincerely say…

Thank You And Congratulations On Securing Your Copy Of Evergreen Passive Income

A very wise and timely move!

Your book is packed with secrets and insights together with a proven blueprint for evergreen passive online income.

After completing your order, you'll receive confirmation details in a few minutes, where you should find everything in order.

But if you need anything at any time, please email support@gainhigherground.com or just reply to any email you receive.

Customers and clients are my top priority and I'm here to help you.

Secondly, and this is critical, I want you to get the absolute maximum from your book.

And that means…

Bankable results - affiliate commissions and sales into your account as quickly as possible.


Because getting tangible results builds your confidence and self belief like nothing else.

And it's the first step to financial independence and being able to live the lifestyle you really want…

I want you to have experiences similar to my customers and clients.

Clients like Sue, who's "made so much money in such a short amount of time" with my advice:

Or Tabatha who went from zero sales to $3,000 in revenue:

And Graham, who says, “I continue to be amazed by how much you give to your customers and clients.”

Lloyd has brought in over $100,000 working with me:

And Dave, who says he wouldn't have done it without me and the course and has retired from the day job:

Then there’s Maxine who has her first paying client:

And Chris who made over $15,000 and says "I cannot recommend Rob highly enough":

I could go on... but I won't.

The point is:

That's what I want for you

To get results and the lifestyle you want, there are three steps to success

Step 1: Order The Book, Which You've Already Done!

So congratulations again on that wise move :-)

Step 2: Read The Book.

Now this sounds incredibly simple yet, it's a fact that some people will not do this.

They’ll get busy with life, distracted by shiny objects or start the book but not finish it.

Hopefully, they won't be like this guy who has over 30 unread books on his shelf, yet wants to buy even more...(!):

In truth, we've all got unread books on our shelves.

And that's why I want you to make a promise to yourself right now that you will read your copy of Evergreen Passive Income.

Step 3: Take Action And Implement The Information

As you know, it's another sad fact that a good number of people never get around to this either.

In fact, lack of action is your number one risk just as it is for me in my business or anybody else.

That's because it means no results, no commissions in your account and no positive changes in your life.

So I want to help you kill this risk proactively and immediately before it even has a chance to stand in your way. 

I want to give you ALL the marketing materials you need to get set up and be able to start bringing in affiliate commission in the next 10 days

In fact, you'll be in a position to do this even after five days with what I'm about to share with you.

This is a huge shortcut, which enables you to bypass a lot of work and also get that great feeling of confidence right now that you're already ahead of the game before you even get started.

So here's exactly what I'd like to give you right here on this page…

Marketing Asset #1:
4 x Digital Nano Product Licenses 

These are high quality, high desire and easily consumable digital products that give you an incredible boost in starting and scaling your business.

Now of course you can create products yourself, but you don't have to because here I've already done the work for you.

I've created these products personally myself, and I'm giving you full private label license rights to use them in any way you wish, just as if you created them yourself.

That means you can use them as…

  • Bonuses to boost your affiliate commissions
  • Free gifts to build trust with email subscribers
  • Bonuses for paid products
  • Paid products, for example as checkout bump offers

…and anything else you like now or in the future.

These products are ready to use out of the box but I'm also giving you the raw files so that you can edit and rebrand them if you wish.

So if you'd like to put your own logo, personal, business or pen name on them, that's fine - quick and easy to do.

I'm also going to show you how to monetize these products with your affiliate links.

So you can make money passively, just by giving them away for free, even if you choose never to sell them directly.

You could even use them as lead magnets to build an email list, although you don't have to.

Because the second item I'm giving you is…

Marketing Asset #2:
Done-For-You, High-Converting, Email Opt-In Page And Lead Magnet

This allows you to retain as much traffic as possible, create long-term income and semi-automate your affiliate business.

Again, you could create all of these yourself from scratch, or just use this package which is professionally designed by yours truly.

It's ready to go straight away, saving you even more time to get up and running as quickly as possible.

Now, after people enter their email address to opt in to your list, they are taken to a “thank you” page. 

I'm sure you've seen these and unfortunately many of them just have simple message like this:

“Thank you for signing up, please check your email.”

But that's such a waste because you have the opportunity here to make immediate commissions.

So the next thing I'm including in your 10-Day Affiliate Accelerator package is a prebuilt thank you page monetized for affiliate commissions. 

Marketing Asset #3:
Pre-Built Thank You Page, Monetized For Affiliate Commissions

This allows you to make money immediately when someone signs up at your opt-in page (which also has been built for you as I just mentioned).

As you probably know, email marketing is one of several powerful ways of making commissions and sales online.

And you may also know that email subscribers are often the most responsive and spend the most during the first 5-7 days after joining your email list.

That's why it's important to have a great series of emails that automatically get sent out to every subscriber on autopilot without you having to do anything.

Trouble is, it's time consuming and a pain to write all your emails from scratch.

And if you're starting out, it can be tricky to get them opened and converting well to make affiliate commissions. 

So again, I've done the work for you because the fourth item I'd like to give you now is my personal 7-Day Cash Campaign email follow-up sequence.

Marketing Asset #4:
My Personal 7-Day Cash Campaign Email Follow-Up Sequence

This allows you to make more affiliate commissions in the first seven days after subscribers join your email list.

It includes fully split-tested email subject lines, proven to get your emails opened, and click throughs to paid affiliate offers that you can earn commission on.

Plus, pre-written trust building emails to make your list even more responsive, so you can earn more in the longer term.

It's a one time setup for a long-term commission generating benefit, which is a big part of what Evergreen Passive Income is all about.

This alone will save you hours of work on top of everything else you're getting.

Now of course, you need to know what affiliate offers to actually promote.

And you could do this research yourself - you'll find terrific insight on how to do it in your Evergreen Passive Income book.

But you still have to do the work.

So to shortcut this for you, I'm giving you my High-Converting & Recurring Affiliate Offers Database.

Marketing Asset #5:
High-Converting & Recurring Affiliate Offers Database

This is yours and it's a resource of the best types of affiliate offers including specific recommended programs that offer high-converting evergreen affiliate commission.

So it's easy for you to select offers that can give you long-term passive income.

This "lubricates the wheels" on your affiliate system even more, together with everything else that I've researched, designed and built for you.

At this point, you may be thinking...

“Rob, this is all amazing... But what about getting it set up? And what about getting traffic?”

These are great questions. And that's why item six is start up and traffic coaching from me personally.

Marketing Asset #6:
Start Up And Traffic Coaching From Me, Personally

In your 10-Day Affiliate Accelerator members area you'll receive daily video coaching from me personally where I'll cover every step of the setup with you.

So you can deploy all of the marketing assets you're getting quickly and painlessly.

If you're concerned about the technical side of making money online, this is perfect because rather than "telling" you what to do, I'll actually be doing it with you.

So you'll be able to see my computer screen as I show you exactly where to click to get your affiliate commission system set up and working.

Not only that, but...

You'll also receive my 7-Day Traffic Secrets eCourse

This shows you the exact strategies and tactics that have enabled myself and my clients to generate hundreds of thousands of targeted visitors which convert into affiliate commissions and sales on a daily basis.

It's yours today as part of this package.

By the way, you'll have permanent access to all of this so you can come back and recap on the coaching anytime you like in the future.

So here's what you get so far... but don't click away yet, because there's some special bonuses coming too. 

10-Day Affiliate Accelerator

4 Digital Nano Product Licenses

(Value $497)
High-Converting, Email Opt-In Page And Lead Magnet 

(Value $497)
Thank You Page, Monetized For Affiliate Commissions

(Value $147)
7-Day Cash Campaign Email Follow Up Sequence

(Value $297)
High-Converting & Recurring Affiliate Offers Database

(Value $97)
10 Days Of Start Up Coaching From Me, Personally

(Value $697)
7-Day Traffic Secrets eCourse 

(Value $197)


Which is fantastic value.

Of course, you could hire freelance copywriters, researchers and web page designers to get this done which would cost you around $2,000-$2,500.

But that wouldn’t include the personal set up and traffic coaching.

Or you could build all these marketing assets yourself.

...taking a month or so working 2-3 hours per day, depending upon your productivity.

In contrast, the investment for the 10-Day Affiliate Accelerator is just $497.

Fantastic value for all the done-for-you marketing assets and coaching… not to mention the bonuses which we're about to talk about!

However, as a new customer, I want to massively over-deliver for you by going even further

And as I said earlier, get you started down the road to commissions and sales as quickly as possible.

So instead on this page below, you can get everything for just two payments of $73.50 - one today and another in 30 days.

That’s right, just two payments….no further payments, and you own everything forever, just as if you created it all yourself.

My 30-day guarantee gives you complete peace of mind and if you aren't 100% satisfied and can see this has saved you countless hours of research design and copywriting, you'll get every penny back and keep all of the marketing assets anyway.

Simply put, if you don't like it, you get it free!

So quite literally, you cannot lose… but only if you take action on this very special offer right now on this page.

Now, as I hinted earlier, there are also some wonderful bonuses that come with your 10-Day Affiliate Accelerator.

FREE 45-Minute Consulting Call

The first bonus is a free 45-minute Consulting Call with me, or one of my team.

This allows you to personalize your roadmap to your specific income goals and circumstances.

My private clients pay me $450 per hour.

And that's not a notional value, that's exactly what clients pay right now.

Here's an example where someone booked two hours with me, which is $900 (2 x $450):

But you get 45-minutes completely free when you take action to get your 10-Day Affiliate Accelerator Package below.

The only “catch” is that there's a six month expiry.

So you can book it as soon as you like or you can wait a little bit, whatever you want to do... but before 6-months from today!

It's yours included as part of this package. 

Challenge And Myth Busting, What's Not Holding You Back

This is for you if you've ever struggled or felt overwhelmed like this internet marketing thing is just "too much of a hill to climb."

It’s a live recording of an exclusive presentation I gave to my high-end coaching group.

One by one we break down challenge after challenge allowing you to unlock your true potential and rid yourself of the mental baggage which is holding you back right now. 

If that sounds "airy-fairy" or a bit “woo-woo” please be assured you, you won't have to meditate, practice body poses at sunrise, or become a monk!

Instead, this is all practical stuff that will help you eliminate perceived challenges and build your self belief.

The belief that you can do this and that you can change your life with independent online income.

If you're struggling right now or have in the past, this high-impact coaching will help you unlock success in the real world.

With this next bonus, we're going to smash through the self-limiting beliefs of selling digital products online.

5 Types Of Products To Sell If You Have Zero Knowledge Or Expertise

In this coaching session, previously only available to my top level clients, I show you multiple case studies that have made hundreds of thousands of dollars in online sales.

These case studies have one thing in common: none of them require any subject matter knowledge or prior expertise.

I know that might sound almost unbelievable, but you'll see in this jaw dropping session of how selling online can become so much easier than you probably ever imagined before.

I've received truly amazing feedback on this material and I'm confidently predicting you'll love it too.

(Remember, I'm putting my money where my mouth is with my unconditional 30-day guarantee).

So you quite literally have zero risk and everything to gain by taking action right now.

Okay, that's enough from me already!

It's over to you.

Here's everything you're getting: 

10-Day Affiliate Accelerator

4 Digital Nano Product Licenses

(Value $497)
High-Converting, Email Opt-In Page And Lead Magnet 

(Value $497)
Thank You Page, Monetized For Affiliate Commissions

(Value $147)
7-Day Cash Campaign Email Follow Up Sequence

(Value $297)
High-Converting & Recurring Affiliate Offers Database

(Value $97)
10 Days Of Start Up Coaching From Me, Personally

(Value $697)
7-Day Traffic Secrets eCourse 

(Value $197)



FREE 45-Minute Strategy Call




(And this value doesn't even include the 3 bonuses you're getting too.)

You get it all, plus the discount.

But only if you take action.

Maybe you’ve heard the phrase “Money Loves Speed”.

And that's exactly why I put in a huge amount of work to build this for you.

The 10-Day Affiliate Accelerator is rocket fuel that will allow you to implement fast, bypassing many hours of hard work and get ahead of the game from this moment onwards

It's risk free with a guarantee, and you get the massive discount applied instantly below on this very page.

I'm delivering so much value here because that's the best way to build long term relationships with future clients.

It's a win-win situation.

Don't miss this.

Click the button below to add the 10-Day Affiliate Accelerator Package to your order to fast track your progress and I'll see you in a few moments time, inside…


Q: When will I get access and how?

A: Once you’ve completed your order you’ll receive your login details via email within 5-10 minutes.

Then you can log in to the members area at any time where you’ll see the 10-Day Affiliate Accelerator set up for you.

You’ll receive a short email notification when each of the 10 days goes live, again with your members area link.

Q: Do I have to commit for the next 10 days, every day?

A: No.

Simply put, the program fits around you and your schedule, not the other way around.

Although the course rolls out daily, that’s really because it’s the simplest way to establish momentum and consistency.

But everyone moves along at different speeds and you should go at your own pace - whatever feels comfortable and enjoyable to you.

So if you can’t start right away, or you’ll be off on vacation during the next 10 days, want to take the weekends off, or any other reason…

That’s absolutely fine because you should enjoy the program and go at your own pace - this is FAR more important than rushing.

Remember, you have permanent access to all the tutorials and assets in the members area, plus email support.

So if you want to keep pace with the daily roll out that’s fine, but know that you absolutely don’t need to.


Q: Is this best for the online business / internet marketing niche or other niches as well?

A: First, the 10-Day Affiliate Accelerator training and set up tutorials can be applied to any profitable online niche.

They'll enable you to get set up rapidly in the best way by applying the proven framework to build your subscriber list and start earning commission by promoting affiliate products.

The same goes for the bonus 7-Day Traffic Secrets training which also works in any profitable online niche.

The Done-For You assets that come with the 10-Day Affiliate Accelerator (including the opt-in page, thank you page, Nano Product licenses, affiliate offers database etc) are focused on the online business or internet marketing niche.

This is because:

1. If you don't have a niche right now, the internet marketing (IM) niche is an excellent choice because you already have an interest in it (otherwise you wouldn't be viewing this page in the first place!).

2. The 10-Day Affiliate Accelerator will show you how to get started in a 100% ethical way, providing genuine value to subscribers and with the complete absence of “shady” tactics such as "fake it until you make it".

In the course you'll learn how to make high-quality, genuine recommendations to earn affiliate commission while simultaneously helping people with free valuable and trust-building content (many of the Done-For-You assets are specifically designed to do this).

3. The IM niche is extremely profitable.

4. The IM niche is a great place to learn skills quickly which you can then apply to any other niche you like: I've made money in the Stock Market niche and the Photography niche as well as helping clients and customers generate millions in revenue across a host of different online markets - so you're in good hands.

5. While it's impossible for me to create Done-For-You assets in every possible niche, you can use them as templates and to recreate similar versions in any other niche. This will act as a valuable guide in terms of the scope and quality of content that works best.

The bottom line is that if you don't currently have your heart set on a specific niche, the 10-Day Affiliate Accelerator is an absolute no-brainer… especially at the hugely discounted price available on this page.

And if you ultimately have ambitions for another niche then it still has great value because the training is applicable to any market and you can use the Done-For-You assets as templates which can be applied to whatever market you're looking to go after.


Q: Do I need to read the Evergreen Passive Income book before doing the 10-Day Affiliate Accelerator?

A: No, you don't need to have read your book before starting the 10-Day Affiliate Accelerator. Here's why...

First, your EPI book will give you the roadmap, strategies, tactics, examples and case studies.

In contrast, the 10-Day Affiliate Accelerator gives you a bundle of high-quality, done-for-you business assets, plus onscreen, step-by-step "point and click" training from Rob personally, to help you put things into action.

Simply put, it's NEVER too early to start implementing, and that's what the 10-Day Affiliate Accelerator is specifically designed to do for you.

So, by starting the 10-Day program now you'll be ahead of the game already.

Then, once your book arrives at your home, all the knowledge and skills you learn in the 10-Day program will be reinforced and complemented as you read through the pages and chapters.

Together, this creates a powerful synergy and saves you a ton of work, hassle and time.

Most of all, it gives you positive momentum from the start, so you can hit the ground running in building evergreen, passive income.

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Just email support@gainhigherground.com to receive a courteous, timely refund — no questions asked.

Please note, as you’d expect, a refund removes your rights to use the Done-For-You assets so you’d be politely reminded to delete these from your system.

Q: How long does each module take?

A: The training tutorials take around 20-30 minutes per day, on average.

Implementation times are approximately the same (20-30 minutes) although this naturally varies from person to person.

So a reasonable guide is up to 60 minutes per day, on average (some days less, others more).

So while I can predict exactly how long it'll take you each and every day, it's important to say this is not an "all-consuming" 8-hour per day program.

It’s designed to be completed in small and manageable action steps.

Overall, the most important thing is to go at your own pace: sometimes it’s nice to come back and recap on a day to let the information sink in, or take a day’s break, or spend longer with some aspects of the program to deepen your learning.

Q: How will I actually know what to do each day?

A: At the end of the program, the main goal is for you to be really proud of the business you’ve built from scratch.

To achieve this, each day unfolds as follows…

First, you’ll see me on my webcam (along with my computer screen) where I share with you what we’re going to do and why we’re doing it.

Then we get stuck into the implementation.

You’ll see me complete each step on the screen, showing you where to click and explaining every step as we go along.

At the end of each day we do a wrap up and Action Steps video where we summarize each of the exact steps of implementation.

So you’ll know exactly what to do and how to implement every step at all times.


Q: I'm a bit of a “technophobe” - can I still do this?

A: If you aren’t confident technically then this is the perfect opportunity for you - here’s why…

First, remember that I’ll be doing the set up along with you, holding your hand each step of the way and you’ll see me do everything you need to do on the screen in front of you.

All you have to do is copy the steps.

And if you get stuck or have questions, get in touch and we’ll get you “unstuck” and moving again.

I'm not technical and the vast majority of my successful customers and clients aren't either.

It is understandable that if you’ve never done it before, the prospect of, for example, setting up a web page can feel like a terrifying task!

But in reality, it’s only a series of steps requiring you to point and click to complete each one.

No coding or similar skills are required - you need only an open mind to learn new skills.

Q: How long do I get access to the training and materials?

A: You get permanent access and can return to the members area and all the materials at any time - today, tomorrow, next week, next month, two years from now…

So if you’re tied up right now meaning you can’t start for a few days that’s fine.

It’s all there for you to fit into your schedule at your convenience.

Q: What if I get stuck or have questions while I'm going through the program?

A: Just get in touch using the support information (support@gainhigherground.com) in the members area for detailed answers and help.

You’ll hear back within 24 hours and often just 1-3 hours during weekdays.

If you follow the program and use the support, you will be successful in setting up your business (guaranteed or your money back).

Q: Can I buy this at a later time?

A: You can, but it'll cost you $350 more because the regular price is $497, as explained in the video presentation above.

Whereas here, for the special offer on this page, it’s just $147.

So you save $350 by adding this to your order now (the discount is deliberately large to attract fast action takers which are the customers and clients who get the best results and I like to work with the most).

Plus, on top of everything you get, it’s 100% backed by my personal 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Save $350 and have complete peace of mind that you can’t possibly lose in any way - just add this to your order on this page.

Q: I'm STILL not sure - what should I do?!

A: Okay, here’s something to consider…

If you ALREADY have:

  • A high performing email opt-in funnel
  • A monetized thank you page
  • A follow up email series, automatically generating affiliate commission from high-quality offers
  • Trust-building PDF reports that are sent out automatically to your subscribers, and…
  • A solid understanding of how to generate traffic that actually converts

Or, you want to learn, research, creat and set up online ALL of the items above from scratch yourself...

…then maybe you don’t need the 10-Day Affiliate Accelerator.

On the other hand you have nothing to lose because you’ll get all of the above, and more, plus it’s all backed by the money-back guarantee.

And at a big discount on this page!

You can’t lose.