10 websites to get more traffic fromIf you ask anyone with a website what their biggest challenge is they will usually say, “Getting more traffic.”

Getting traffic is a big topic and we’ve covered this many times both on this blog and also in the members area.

But here’s the basic problem in 90% of cases:

People are trying to force traffic to come to them rather than going where the traffic already is.

A useful way of thinking about this perhaps is to imagine you run a local art gallery and you are putting on a special exhibition in 3 weeks time.

How are you going to get people to your event?

You could place ads in the local paper on Facebook or maybe on online art forums.

Or how about this…

Publish your event on Groupon and offer discounted tickets for a certain number of people.

This is a classic example of going where the traffic already is. Instead of spending money on ads in the local paper, on Facebook or even on online art forums, you simple put your offer in a place where there are already stacks of hungry buyers.

The art exhibition is obviously just an example, but you get the idea.

What if you have physical products to sell?

EBay immediately springs to mind. Again not a business model I personally favour as there are logistical and low profit margin issues. But many others like it, make money and that’s all good. The point is, the principle is the same – go where the buyers already are!

How about if you have an information/training product to sell or have hooked up with an expert who has skills worth sharing?

In this case a platform like Udemy.com (see recent post here on that) or something like skillshare.com may be suitable.

There are others like AppSumo.com and Startupsplays.com as well.

If you have the knowledge or want to learn it yourself then great, publish your own product. If not, then source the information you need from existing experts, repackage it and again, publish.

What about if you have a bit of software? Maybe a WordPress plugin, theme or phone app. Myself and my clients have done extremely well out of sites like Mightydeals.com and DealFuel.com with this.

How about if audio is your thing? iTunes springs to mind.

Fiction or non-fiction Books? Kindle…?!

There are many many sites and resources like these, they all vary and all have intricacies to learn in order to maximize your sales. But again I’m sure you get the idea from these few examples.

The key of course, is having something valuable to sell – that’s what really makes your money. Product creation/sourcing is a whole other topic which we have covered before and if you are up to speed on that you’ll know there are several ways you can approach it.

But right now, just think about the channels of distribution (a.k.a traffic) that are available to you.

10 years ago many of these resources simply weren’t available. Now more and more are springing up. Another reason why now is a great time to “get involved” and build your web-business.

Plus these things open other doors for you as well. For example, it’s a lot easier to get affiliates and joint venture partners to promote your stuff when you’ve already sold some copies on these marketplace, deals and product library websites. So now, you’re moving into the realm of affiliate network sites like Clickbank, JVZoo, Nanacast and so on…

In summary, just think about what pig farmers do. When the pigs are ready to be sold, they don’t put a sign up on the road outside the farm saying “pigs for sale” hoping buyers will come to them.

Instead, they go to market where they know, for certain, that hungry buyers await….

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